Where To Mount The Camera For Uber?

Where to mount the camera for uber?

Uber is a multi-national taxi service that helps people in the whole world to travel from one place to another by booking a car from their home, office, or any other place. In general, this service has brought up effortless and comfortable experiences for everyone in the world.

Where to mount the camera for uber

However, both the passengers and Uber drivers have to face many risks. In the past, several robberies or accidents happen in different countries that remains clueless throughout the time. Since then, the idea of mounting cameras becomes a mandatory option for online taxi service providers like Uber to understand what has happened quickly.

If you are a uber driver or want to become one in the future, then mounting the camera would also be essential for you to in the Vehicle. For that reason, you need to know about the ideal locations where you would easily mount it without any hurdle. Due to these reasons, we have created this article to quickly understand the most critical areas of your car where you can easily mount the camera for any inconvenience. You can also read about how to view dashcam footage here.

Areas to Mount the camera

1. Mount Camera to the Windshield

You would always need to bear the dashboard area for whatever purpose as an Uber driver. Therefore, it’s an excellent option to consider the windshield and mount your camera over there. Why? Because it would be a suitable option for anyone.

The research found that many car drivers prefer to use the front windshield to mount their cameras. Their reasons behind it are that the view remains clear and provides an appropriate recording. At the same time, it also helps the Car driver never get obstructed or distracted at the time of driving.

If you want to find better mounting places in the windshield area, it would be a preferable option to go with the center area. Yes, we are talking about the headliner, where you have to skip at least a few inches down. Meanwhile, you have to skip some space to mount the camera quickly when you have a suction cup also available with the camera.

Another important vehicle area is the rearview mirror, which would block the view due to the windshields. For anyone who prefers to install the camera just behind that area, things will get perfect for them due to no prevention in the additional view area.

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2. Trunk Area

The second important place where you would easily mount the Camera is the Car Trunk side. Sometimes, the accidental or robbery issues would be easily captured from the back area of the car.

In research, most of the time, people would have caught up with the camera that is put on the trunk side. The reason is still mysterious, but it would help out better to anyone who is considering using it on the car's backside.

Luckily, the majority of the cars do come with a camera installed on the trunk side. However, only a few of them come up with a recording feature. Why? Because it’s primarily used to reverse the car and easily see anything coming behind. But, an Uber driver would use any camera that can also record the things happening on the backside.

3. Dashboard

The dashboard is another common and most important area in the car where a camera would be mount by an uber driver for accidental, robbery, or any other purposes. Although it might easily see by anyone sitting behind, and they would raise questions for why you mount it over there, you have the option to clarify to them about the reasons you consider mount it over there.

Also, it’s an accurate angle that can easily capture whatever is happening inside the car. Therefore, the uber driver would remain safe from his/her side if the passenger claimed anything wrong in the post-issues.

4. Roof Area

You have to mount the camera to capture anything that is happening inside the car. At the same time, you would also need to capture other activities that are going on outside the car. For a front view, you would have the option to mount the camera on the roof side.

When we talk about the roof area, it doesn’t mean that you need to mount it on the outer side. Instead of that, try to use the adequate roof angle that would not make it a hassles situation for you to drive the car for the sake of recording. Also, it would quickly fulfill the reason for recording the front angle if any accidental issues happen while driving the car.

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I put a camera in my uber car?

If you are starting your journey as an uber driver, you should consider the official website help section. There, it’s mentioned that any uber driver can use the camera in the car for the sake of recording for safety concerns. However, the help section also tells to read out the local regulations regarding the cameras for using the equipment inside the car.

Where is the best place to mount a dashcam?

In the rearview mirror, most people prefer to use the Dash Cams for whatever reasons. Why? Because it never obstructs the view of a driver. Apart from that, several countries have also imposed laws related to camera mounting that needs to be mounted to the driver’s side windscreen wiper. Therefore, the area needs to be set appropriately, never to disturb the view.

Do you ride in the front or back of an uber?

As a passenger, it’s dependent upon you to sit anywhere you want. Many people suggest sitting behind at the time or riding alone from a security perspective. Why? Because it would quickly help out the passenger to make an instant exit to save his/her life and essential belongings.

Do you need a dashcam for uber?

Yes, the use of Dashcam is a must for an uber driver. Why? Because it would easily capture the car accidents and identify whose faults it is and who is accountable to face jail or fine charges. Also, it’s used to identify any robbery-related issues.