What Is A Viewfinder On A Camera?

Improve Your Camera Knowledge Knowing What Is A Viewfinder On A Camera

Today the whole world is captured by cameras. With the up-gradation of technology, virtualization is also widely expanding. To connect virtually, photos and videos are quintessential. Again, each individual prefers to capture every single moment with a camera. The camera varies according to its usage, features, lens, brands, etc. For personal and professional uses, people buy cameras, but many of them except professional photographers do not know what is a viewfinder on a camera. The viewfinder plays a crucial role to click pictures.

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Understand the viewfinder 

A small little display on top of the camera screen is the viewfinder of the camera. The photographers see the picture range and visually area through the viewfinder. What is seen through the viewfinder, is the whole sight that will be produced in the photograph once it is taken. While shooting, the viewfinder also helps the photographer to place the focus accurately.

In the single-lens reflex camera, the camera lens itself works as the viewfinder. Through a mirror, the focused range is reflected on the camera ground glass screen. 

In a twin-lens reflex camera, the viewfinder is separately placed on the top of the camera having its own display lens. 

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Types of the viewfinder

The viewfinder is of mainly two types, optical viewfinder, and electronic viewfinder. Both viewfinders are used in different brands of cameras. Both have different significances.

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1. Optical viewfinder

This type of viewfinder shows the image that will be shot. The scene hits the inside mirror through the photographic lens, then gets reflected, and then going through a prism, it reaches the photographer’s eye by the viewfinder.

  • The optical viewfinder reflects the exact image of what the photographic lens is seeing. That is why the viewfinder shows a sharp and clear image, as the same light is reflected as the lens.
  •  The optical viewfinder functions accurately and well in daylight and bright light.
  •  This viewfinder does not drain the camera battery. Actually, the optical viewfinder works without power naturally as the normal mirror.
  •  The optical finder has no picture resolution limit or does not occur at any time lag.
  • This viewfinder also does not cause the parallax when the object is near or far from the camera.
  •  Optical viewfinders work even when the camera is off. That means you can see the photographic range through the viewfinders.

2. Electronic viewfinder

This is a digital viewfinder. Here, the light comes through the lens and passes directly to the sensor. Then after processing, the image is displayed on the digital electronic viewfinder.

What is a Viewfinder on a camera
  • This viewfinder shows the final image preview including the effect of all the customized camera settings.
  •  The electronic viewfinder has a vast coverage and allows the photographer to see the whole 100% of the photographic lens’s frame. Also does not create any parallax.
  •  As the viewfinder is digital, in the low light also the viewfinder produces a bright, clear image display. Also provides a clear, sharp display in harsh lights.
  •  This viewfinder works also with video mode, high powered zooming lenses. The electronic viewfinder is overlaid with camera histogram, shutter speed, battery charge, aperture, meter mode, etc.

The answer to what is a viewfinder on a camera is easy to learn, but the selection of your camera entirely depends on the purpose and the requirement of your photography. 

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