Ring Camera With Solar Panel | 2021 (Buying Guide) : Top 3 Including Spotlight, Outdoor And More

ring camera with solar panel 

The ring is the company that provides home security solutions with advanced cameras. Ring introduce cameras that work with solar panel and provide you with security. Or, if you want to keep an eye on your child then these cameras can also be installed indoors. But When buying a product, you must know about the product to buy the right one.


Night Vision 

2-Way Talk


1. Ring Stick Up Cam



2. Reolink Outdoor Security Camera



3. Zumimall Solar Powered 



ring camera with solar panel

So, here what you need to know when buying a Ring camera with the solar panel. So, Let’s read on!

Mostly, traditional cameras used to plug and cords to work using electricity. But there are cameras in the market which use solar energy. These cameras convert solar energy into electrical energy and store that energy in batteries. And those batteries keep the camera running. 

What to look for in a ring camera with solar panel 

In this world of innovation and crisis, everyone needs the best and modern product. Our needs are growing day by day and expenses are getting bigger. In such a way, the world is on the brink of facing an electrical supply shortage. We also need to have security in our home. Even when we are outside security is always a big concern to us. The cameras we use for indoors or outdoors are always running and consuming energy which is not renewable. That increases our expenses. So, solar energy is a way to conserve the electrical energy that is used for our cameras. So, as tech becomes advance, we invent new things and solar energy is a solution for us.

The ring is the company that makes solutions for home security. Ring cameras are used mainly to protect your house indoors or outdoors to keep an eye on your child and to secure it. These cameras are mainly coming in the form of a ring inside. Cameras are circular and have a ring outside of them. These cameras are very easy to deploy. They come with very smart features. 

Ring introduce solar panel feature which lets you save electricity. Cameras use batteries that are being charged by solar panels and use the battery to keep running all the time. Ring introduced its app (Ring – Always Home) which is on play store. You can use this app to control all the cameras in your home. This app can connect all the ring devices in your home at the same time. More importantly, you can use this app even if you are not home and can use it to see the live streaming of the cameras.


The budget is always a problem for us. Whether we go on shopping or on a date it is always stressful. But security is one of the reasons where you cannot be unconscious about it. Because if you want to survive then you have to be safe. Ring camera with solar panel comes in 2 prices and its quite affordable if you have concern over security. The prices are $199 and $299 for cameras and solar panels are included in it. But as they say spend the money now to save later. This money spent on Ring camera with the solar panel is not waste. That is because you will save more costs after reducing your electricity bills.

Before diving into knowing about which Ring camera is best for you to buy. Let’s take a look at the solar panel its feature and how to use it.

Solar Panel for Ring Camera

The solar panel is probably one of the best inventions of humans. It saves a lot of energy. It let us use sunlight to keep the energy. Ring camera also comes with a solar panel and this solar panel has many features.

Ring camera comes with two types of solar panels

  1. 1
    Original Solar Panel for Ring cameras
  2. 2
    2. Super Solar Panel for Ring cameras (This solar panel was introduced later and with much more advancement)

Original Solar Panels for Ring Cameras

These cameras were built for their sole purpose of charging the batteries of the Ring Camera. These cameras were the first built product of Ring to charge up the cameras with sunlight. These solar panels are used to charge Ring cameras batteries. And within a few hours of being in sunlight they will charge the batteries of the cameras. Which means that they are really fast. These are more feature of an original solar panel for ring cameras given below:

  • Their power connection is 13 feet (which can become lengthier after some customization)
  • The dimension of Original Solar panel for Ring cameras are 7.75 x 5.50 x 0.5 inch
  • The power supply of one Solar panel is 6 volts or 2 watts
  • They provide 0.33 amperes of current
  • These Solar Panels are weatherproof.

These were some of the main features of the Solar panel originally designed for Ring Cameras. Later,  Ring designed another Solar panel called Super Solar Panel for Ring Cameras. These Solar panels were more advanced than their previous versions. And they have more advanced features.

Super Solar Panels for Ring Cameras:

These Solar Panels were built later by Ring. They were more advanced than the last version of Solar Panels. Following are the features of Super Solar Panels which are given below:

  • They provide 5W of power (previous versions provided 2W of power)
  • These Solar panels are 2 times faster than the previous version of themselves. This means even in cloudy areas or in the days when there is no sunlight these Solar Panels perform well.
  • They have a dimension of 11.75 x 7.75 x 0.5 inches (bigger than the previous version)
  • They can work at -5 degrees to 120 degrees F.
  • These Solar Panels are weather resistant
  • They have 13 ft of power connection (just like last one)
  • This solar panel comes with micro USB cable (you can even charge your phone) Cool!

installation of solar panel 

The installation of these Solar panels is just like any other traditional solar panels. Following are the ideal guide to install these solar panels provided by Ring:

  1. 1
    Mark the holes on the wall or on the roof where you want to install them.
  2. 2
    Drill the holes for anchors with drill
  3. 3
    Insert the anchors
  4. 4
    User the screws to secure the solar panel

This was the installation guide to mount your Solar Panel for Ring Cameras. Now, these solar panels are used to charge up the batteries for the cameras. These cameras also come in two different types. And each one is different from the other one.

Ring Cameras

Ring cameras are used mainly for security purposes. But there are only two cameras that are compatible with Solar Panels. These two are the most advanced ones. Following are the cameras that go compatible with Ring Solar Panels:

  1. 1
    Stick up Cam Solar
  2. 2
    Spotlight Cam Solar

Stick up Cam Solar

This was the first camera that goes compatible with solar panels introduced by Ring. These cameras are very advanced and have very flexible options.

Let’s say there is a whole week with clouds on the sky and solar panel did not charge up the batteries then what would you do? This camera has the answer. This camera has both a dual power source. It means if that they can work both on batteries charged by solar panels or by from direct power source. This is all in a motion-activated camera. It means that you can install it where ever you want. Just pick it up and mount on a wall. Through this app you can see the live view of the scene and can even record it. One of the main features of this camera is that it can be controlled through a mobile app (Ring-Always Home) which is available on google play store for free.


  • It provides HD video quality.
  • It can be installed indoors and even in outdoors
  • Works with Battery power and direct power supply
  • This camera has Motion-Activated notification (Provide push up notification on your mobile)
  • This camera provides you with night vision (which means even in the night you can see the video clearly)

technical features

  • It comes in a dimension of 3.82 in. x 2.36 in. x 2.36 inches.
  • Its video quality is 1080P
  • It has advance motion detection and adjustable motion zone
  • It has 130-degree diagonal, 110-degree horizontal, 57-degree vertical field of view
  • It has two-way audio with noise cancellation
  • Solar Panel provides 2.2W or 5.2V of DC

Installation of stick Up Cam Solar

  1. 1
    Open Set up and device option from Ring app.
  2. 2
    Then tap security Cams options
  3. 3
    Scan the bar code behind the camera
  4. 4
    Plug-in Solar Panel cable
  5. 5
    Now mount the camera wherever you want or keep it freestanding

Spotlight Cam Solar

This is the more advanced type of Ring Camera with a solar panel. Like Stick up camera, this camera also has a dual power source. Spotlight Cam solar has an HD camera through which you watch the live stream with the excellent video quality. One of the features of this camera is that it offers a two-way talk mechanism. Which means this camera will be able to transmit the audio to you and also receive the audio from the Ring app and play it on speakers. This is a feature that differs from most cameras. With this camera security becomes better because it lets you see hear and talk to people from the camera.


  • It has advanced motion detection.
  • It has an adjustable motion zone and instant motion alerts. (It means every time someone is in front of the camera it gives you push notification)
  • It has infrared night vision
  • It has built-in microphone and speaker (enables two-way talk)
  • It also has a 110-decibel siren alarm (making security better)

technical features 

  • This camera has dimensions of 4.96 x 2.72 x 2.99 inch
  • Video quality of the camera is 1080P
  • It has a 140-degree field of view.
  • It has two-way audio noise cancellation
  • Solar panel supply is 2V and 6W
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery pack.
  • It can work at a temperature of -20-degree F to 120-degree F.

These were some technical features of Spotlight Cam Solar. It also has one additional feature than Stick Up Cam Solar. It can work with Google Alexa. It highlights and sends an announcement to the Echo device anytime motion is detected by the camera. And it lets you hear and speak to the camera with people. If there is some suspicious activity around your home then you can bell the siren. And the siren is also remotely activated. It is controlled by Ring app.

Final verdict 

Both stick Up Solar Cam and spotlight solar Cam provide solutions for energy and security problems. Both cameras work efficiently but Spotlight Solar Cam works way better and has more functionality than Stick Up Camera. If you can afford a Spotlight camera then this camera would be the best solution for you. Otherwise, stick up cam is also good as far as it is functional and provides you with good security.


Security is always a concern for us. Security cameras provide us with better security but it comes with a cost. And Solar energy let us conserve energy better. So, there are 2 cameras that you can use with solar panels. And any of the two is good for you as it can tighten up the security for your house. I hope this article has helped you with what to look for when buying Ring Camera with Solar Panel and gave you knowledge about it.