How To Use Multiple Camera Sources In YouTube For Podcast?

How To Use Multiple camera Sources in YouTube for Podcast? A step-by-step Guide

When we talk about Podcasts, it comes out as the trendiest thing that most well-known personalities are getting into. If we talk about the Vloggers, entertainers, or anyone else on YouTube, they have turned towards the Video Podcasts trends.

You might be wondering that why is it so? Well, the simple answer is less competition and more opportunities. Yes, the Video podcasts tend to be the most watchable thing on the YouTube platform as it directly connects the host and viewers.

How to use multiple camera sources in YouTube for podcast

Therefore, considering getting into the Podcasts type of content must need to take the immediate decision. Many tend to work hard on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to generate viewership and monetize the audience to earn money.

In general, considering that way of getting viewers or fans would not be wrong. However, there are lots of competitions that tend to be faced by any individual. Things get pretty much a feasible option with the podcast system in the current time. On top of that, the podcasts require less editing as everything would be recorded in one go.

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Here, when we talk about the Podcast videos on YouTube, Setting up multiple camera sources on YouTube for Podcasts is essential. Chances are higher that you are a new person in the podcast system or you have already made it but didn’t get results. In this case, this article would help out every person perfect set up the multiple camera sources to bang an appealing podcast that would help out in the best way possible. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in detail.

Steps To Use Multiple Camera Sources in YouTube For Podcast

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Step 1: Selecting the Video Podcast Camera

First of all, you need to have multiple cameras to start using the multi-cam video podcast easily. It’s not possible that a single camera would set up different angles for you in the entire podcast. Else, it would be a dumb decision to take different shots by changing the angles of a single camera throughout the podcast. In general, it would come out as an unprofessional activity. Also, podcasts tend to record in one go; therefore, it would cut off the whole reasons. Therefore, selecting multiple cameras would be an essential thing.

Step 2: Considering the Camera Positions for the Video Podcast

It would be wrong to say that Video podcasts are done on a random camera placement basis. Hence, you need to be well-known with the camera positioning depending upon the show structure and the amount of space available to use in the video podcast.
In the meantime, several types of shots need to be considered at the time of the Video Podcast. Here, you would have the options of Remote Guest Shot, Overhead Shot, Main shot, and Wide Shot. Every shot mode has its reasons; therefore, you need to understand it better.

Step 3: Setting up the Video Podcasts Lights

Although you are using professional cameras for the Video Podcast, it doesn’t mean that you will get satisfactory results in the end. Hence, lighting plays an essential role throughout the process. Not only that, but adequate light placements are as crucial as anything else. Therefore, ensuring where and when to add the lights to reduce everything quickly is negative.

Step 4: Use of Microphones 

The 4th important thing after the visuals of Podcasts is the Audio. Therefore, a clear sound tends to come out in the video podcast. Otherwise, the user would bounce back, and there would be no reasons for you to make the video.
There are several ways to consider to tune in the adequate sound quality in the Podcast. Therefore, you would quickly go with the step that works out better in your case. You would also consider your creativity in setting up the voice recording or audio recording until or unless it needs to generate a pure sound at the end of the day.

You can read about how to connect a podcast mic to a dslr camera here.


Step 5: Setting up the Ambiance

The ambiance attracts the most to the Users whenever they watch Video Podcasts on YouTube. Starting from the Background, you would have to set up the theme depending upon the type of podcasts you tend to make for the YouTube channel. If you are struggling, you can consider various videos that would hint you an idea about setting up the ambiance depending on your Podcast content.

On the other hand, branding matters a lot at the time of Podcasting. Therefore, you would need a Displaying object like the TV screen where your Podcast Topic, Logo, Video, or image would show up throughout the time. When you got any sponsors, you would also use their logo to endorse the podcast and showcasing their brand or product.
Besides that, other artworks that need to be done would be to use the Flyers, Mugs, or anything else that brands your Podcasts directly to generate a professional look in the entire podcast.

Step 6: Select an Editing Software

Podcasts tend to be done in one go. However, the use of multiple cameras for a specific video podcast comes up with some general edits mandatory for you. Here, you would have to take the help of Software, which will quickly help outmatch the videos for you in a desirable order.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you Record a Podcast with Multiple People?

You would have to use multiple sets of Audio equipment whose ultimate task would be to record the voice adequately without any issue. Ensure that all of them are nicely set up with each other so there would be no hassles situation for you.

How Many Cameras do you need for a podcast?

One camera would be more than enough to capture the conversation in the podcast. However, many peoples demand better video creativity that always come with different angles to show in the video. Therefore, you would have the option to use three cameras for the same reasons.

How do I record Podcasts from different locations?

The simple and most common answer to this question is to use Multiple Cameras simultaneously. At the same time, make sure to place them in different locations to fulfill your podcast recording needs.

How do I connect multiple microphones to my camera?

You would quickly get the Splitter cables from the market whose primary task is to connect multiple cameras simultaneously with the camera. Depending upon your needs, you would go with the one that fulfills them.