How To Shoot A Podcast With One Camera?

How to Shoot a Podcast with one camera? A step-by-step Guide

Video Podcasting has become one of the rapidly growing niches in the online world. If we talk only about the United States, its growth has risen to 132 Million. Else, the amount is enormous and better in other countries as well.
It has become one of the popular things in the market because everything that happens in the podcast tends to be informative, requires minimum editing, and brings direct communication between viewer and host.

how to shoot a podcast with one camera

What do you mean By Podcast?

Generally speaking, there would be many of you who might not know about the actual reason for the podcast, like why people would go for it? The podcast is a mixture of Audio and visual content based upon a specific theme.

Usually, the Podcast Content refers to a single thing where people would talk from different angles on a similar something to initiate a positive outcome out of it. Here, you would have a host who pretty much tells about everything related to it.

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Anyone would consider a podcast as an event where people have to subscribe to watch it in more easy words. Here, there would be no fees or tickets required to watch the event. It’s like you are turning to the favorite FM Show at a specific time.

Audio Podcast vs. Video Podcast:

In general, any podcast with a visual and audio effect tends to be considered the Video Podcast. On the other hand, a podcast with an audio effect but not video would be considered the Audio Podcast.
The question that arises here is that what's the best among them? The audio podcast is what we have been listening to for a long time in our life. Remember the old radios where everybody used to tune in to listen to any show, News, or something else. That idea refers to the Audio podcast type of situations.

However, time has changed now, and people are getting more into visual effects for entertainment. Due to these reasons, podcasts have now come into the Video formats.

Many people want to know about the value of both Audio and Video podcasts. In general, the value of both types of the podcast is pretty much the same in the market. There are still many people who prefer the audio podcast. However, the same amount of people want to watch Video one.

Let's discuss who’s the best in Sponsorships. Well, here the game is all about the Video Podcast. Why? Because sponsors have more interest in the video type of podcast than the audios.

Benefits of Podcasts

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  • Podcasting has become a new norm in the world. People are getting more engaged with the Podcasts as it provides them entertainment and information simultaneously.
  • The best thing about Podcast is that it never depends upon a single theme, you would say. Hence, it would be a portable option for anyone to shoot by sitting in any part of the world. However, the ambiance needs to be as calm as possible.
  • The excellent part about podcasts, whether audio or video, is that you can easily listen to them while working on something else.
  • The Podcast is one of the best ways to start an online career with less investment. However, making the content requires creativity and time.

Steps to Shoot a Podcast with One Camera

1. Choose a Camera

The first and essential tip is that you need to start with is to select a good camera for the podcast. Here, you need to understand that the camera needs to be super outstanding to fulfill the requirements for you.
On top of that, never try to go with the expensive ones in the market. Here, you need to understand that expensive products don’t make many differences. The only thing that matters here is the camera that can quickly fulfill your preferences. Based on that, you would easily select anyone.

If you want to get a better idea, you can narrow down your preferences in the camera and search with the exact requirements on Google or YouTube. There, you will get a hefty amount of search results that will pretty much show up the relevant content to fulfill your needs.

Beautiful podcasting camera

2. Buying Extra Gears

Buying extra gears would be essential for anyone who plans to start a podcast. Why? Often, people do need the extra gear for the sake of continuing their content. Therefore, it would be crucial for a person to have the additional gears.

Just like a tripod stand, which is good support for the podcast host to set up different positioning of a simple camera without any hurdle. When you plan to do all of the things on your own and don’t need anyone else to support, extra gear always remains a better option in the end.

Apart from that, when we talk about extra gear, you would have to buy the extra microphones as well. Because sometimes, you would have to invite others into the podcast, and that’s where the extra microphone would help you a lot.

3. Buy Brand Stuff for Podcast

The third and essential thing you need to do when shooting a podcast with a single camera is to use the belongings for decoration in the podcast. Here, it would help if you ensured that every belonging needs to have perfect branding. We want to tell you here that you should include your Podcast channel logo inside it

4. Use Editing Software

You are planning to shoot a podcast with the help of one camera. Therefore, it’s mandatory to use the Editing software for adding all of the videos that you shoot from a different angle at one place. Remember, you are not shooting with multiple cameras; therefore, the editing software is essential for you to use.

Here, it would help if you ensured that the software needs good quality. The one used mainly by the expert video podcasters for their content. Why? Because it will help you to edit the podcast in a better way.