How To Hide Trail Cameras From Humans?

How to hide trail cameras from humans? A step-by-step guide

You are a passionate person who tends to record the activities of Wild animals in stranded places like Jungles. Hence, you don’t want to face any interruption throughout the time you record a video.

While trail cameras are set for recording the view throughout the night or day without physically available there, chances come in that you want the camera to be as safe as possible from animals and humans.

You can’t stop them right away as everything is happening around in the stranded place, and you may go on the other day to pick up the camera and see the recording. What if someone would come in your absence and see your camera. It will raise several issues for you, else, you would have to lose your camera as well, or it gets damaged.

Therefore, it’s important to find unique ways that can help you to mount the trail camera properly so that an anonymous person might not see it in any case. In this article, we will tell you about how you can consider hiding your trail camera from not only animals but also humans.

Ways to Hide Trail Cameras from Humans

1. Mount it Higher

When walking into the stranded places, any human always tries to walk by looking down and not up. Therefore, it can become a good option for you to choose a location where you can easily mount the camera to a higher point.

In this way, nobody who will pass near to the camera would see it. Most of the time, hikers tend to make their way in the stranded places. Therefore, they try to take the help of low debris or woods to travel to the destination. In that case, holding the camera higher will make it a better thing for any trail camera owner to keep it hidden from the eyes of humans.

However, make sure to set up the lens position properly, where the ground area would not miss out in any case. If you selected the higher position for the camera and its lens pointing above, then the camera would only capture the moments happening in the air compared to the ground level. You can also read about how to program a trail camera here.

2. Pick Right Tree Type

Selecting the adequate Tree type is another important thing when hiding the trail camera from humans. Even if you expect to select a higher location to mount the camera, it’s similarly essential for you to choose the tree type that can bring positive results.

Thin Trees with less weight tend to be the downfall for you as they would never bring adequate results for you. The air is pretty much heavy in speed; therefore, it will bring a sense of shakiness in the video. Meanwhile, the camera mounted on the wrong tree will point out every human nearby, and they will easily see it. For that reason, you need to find a thick tree with a considerable amount of weight so that the camera will remain steady at a single place, and nobody would easily see it at all. Meanwhile, it will bring better results for you.

3. Choose Quite Areas

You are mounting the camera into a jungle; therefore, you expect that there will be no one who comes to the place where you mounted it. In general, you are expecting it wrong. Like you are an enthusiast of capturing memorable animal shots in the camera, many others have the same passion.

In that case, you need to find out any location where it’s possible that no one would come out for any reason. That’s the place where you can even mount the camera to a much lower height. Hence, no human interference will keep the camera safe. Also, you would have the greatest shot of your life as animals choose to stay in that locations where the interference of humans is limited.

But, it would help if you made sure that the camera has been at a height where an animal might not easily come close. Else, the camera would destroy or face other issues.

4. Use Of Additional Camera

Another way you can tackle the humans from seeing the camera is to use two cameras in the Stranded location. The first camera should be the one that is not in a working space. That’s the camera you should try to mount on the location where you believe the thieves will easily see it. Meanwhile, try to mount the trail camera in the working stage to another location where it’s hard to find by anyone else.

When the thieve finds the wrong camera, they will automatically believe that the camera is destroyed and no other camera is available in the location. At the same time, you would have captured the thieves who destroy the camera to complain about them to the higher authorities.

 5. Use of Bushes and Low Debris

Wherever you are mounting the Trail Camera, try to use Bushes or Low debris near to it. The idea is to fill up the location so nobody would easily recognize it. In this way, the camera will remain hidden from the Humans.


How Can I Hide my Trail Camera For Home Security?

Usually, cameras tend to show Red light or flash in the nighttime, which a thief would easily catch. In that case, finding out the best way to hide a trail camera will become a good reason to use it for home security.

How Do I stop someone from stealing my trail camera?

The only way to stop someone from stealing the trail camera easily is by selecting the location where it’s harder for anonymous to see where the camera is placed. The use of bushes or low debris around the trail camera will also help in the stranded locations.

How Do I hide my Game camera for security?

You have to mount it at the location where a Thieve might not see it when he/she enters inside the home. Use The Location where the access of the entire home is evident; however, nobody usually goes that side.

How do I Lock My Trail Camera?

Use rounded corners on the mounting points where it will be harder for another person to remove the camera. On Stranded places, you would use a steel bar where the camera will mount, and then the steel bar has to be mount firmly with the tree.