How To Hide A Camera In Plain Sight?

Let us know How to hide a camera in plain sight?

Black Canon Dslr Camera hidden in plain sight

A camera is an optical device that is used to click photos. A lens present in the camera captures all rays of light bouncing around and uses glass to redirect the light rays to a particular point. It creates a sharp image.

Cameras are mainly used by many video makers and photographers to improve the quality of their work.

Benefits of using a camera...

Nowadays, many people are using cameras for many different purposes or reasons. The camera teaches us many new things and skills. Some people buy scuba diving cameras while others buy an instant camera for kids. Here are some of the common reasons for using cameras-

1. Photography as  a skill

Learning new things is a good habit. So, using a camera can help you to learn or improve your photography skills. This would also increase your market value. If you want to start a career in photography then you can read our best starter camera for photography Guide.

2. Important moments of life

By using a camera, you can easily capture important moments that you experienced with your family and friends. It is difficult to find the best camera for family photos these days as there are a lot of them in the market.

3. Learn new things

If you make a beautiful video or film by using a movie shooting camera, your satisfaction level will get increased, and it will also give you much happiness. This would also increase your confidence.

4. Discover yourself

Photography is one of the best art forms. If you can master this art form, your creativity and intelligence level would get increased simultaneously. Professional photographers are making quite a fortune in this era.

5. Find the beauty

If you can easily notice an object's beautiful things, you can develop your interest in nature. If you are a bird lover then you can read our guide on what to look for in a birding camera.

Reasons for hiding a camera in plain sight

Many reasons lead people to hide a camera in plain sight, especially to monitor their house or apartment. Most of them use a good quality 4k camera for this purpose. Here are some of the reasons-

Camera in front of feet
  • One needs to hide it to prevent your camera from getting disabled.
  • If you entirely hide the camera, you can't get a closer look at the things. You can read more about the best wireless hidden camera here.
  • At the time of monitoring, if you find someone suspicious, catch him. This could be a promising preventive step.

Where to hide cameras in plain sight?

Many people are not able to hide cameras entirely. If you are one of them, here are some places where you can hide your camera. They are-
Some places for Outdoor areas

  • Trees are some of the best areas to hide your camera. It is a right area as thieves would be able to spot your camera easily. Make sure that you make it weatherproof and waterproof.
  • Doorbell is one of the most commonplace for hiding cameras. But this place gives you the right angle to keep an eye on all your things. You can also use ring cameras.
  • Window is one of the best places to hide the cameras. Make sure that your camera night vision is not negatively impacted otherwise; you will need extra cameras.

Some places inside the house are

  • You can hide a camera inside a fruit by using its skin and decorate it as a fake fruit.
  • You can fit it in household items such as tissue boxes or fake rocks etc.

Tips to hide the camera in plain sight

There are lots of people who are unable to hide cameras in plain sight in a proper manner. If you are one of them, you need to follow some steps to hide your camera correctly. Here are the steps-

Camera On Chair
  • Putting your camera inside, something could be a good option. Make sure that your camera view is not obstructed because of the object.
  • Please keep it in a secure place, where it is weather-proof and does not get knocked away and fails to record.
  • You can use some similar colors or shapes to camouflage your camera. 
  • Look for a place where you can easily hide your camera, such as a roof or shelf indoors.

Is it legal to hide a camera in plain sight?

Yes, you can use it to record anything of the property that you own. But it's illegal to hide cameras in one's bathroom. You can hide a camera in public places only. If you have any doubt regarding it, you can consult an attorney to make sure that what you are doing is legal and safe.
If you want to make your house secured from illegal activities, you can use cameras by hiding it trees or bushes in plain sights to monitor your house.