How To Fix A Cracked Camera?

How to fix a cracked camera? Complete Guide

Do you own a professional camera or a Smartphone and found out that the camera is cracked from one side? If so, you might be looking for tips or information that can help you fix it. And for that, we have created this article where you will get proper guidance to fix the cracked camera in no time quickly. So, without further ado, let’s talk about it in the section below.

How to Fix Cracked Smartphone Cameras?

If your smartphone camera is intensely cracked, you don’t have an option to repair it other than replacing it with a newer one. If you have the idea to remove the cracked one and replace it with a newer one, then you can do it by yourself. However, if you have no idea about removing the camera, you should bring it to the expert shop and replace it. You are looking for the best camera for artists, make sure you read our article.

Apart from that, most of the time, the Smartphone camera gets scratched, and the user believes that it's cracked. If that is something with your camera, you should need to make sure that it’s only the scratches but not the cracked issues in the camera.

In such cases, you can quickly fix the Smartphone camera by erasing the scratches. For that, you need to use a soft cloth along with alcohol. Here, we are not talking about any alcohol but the one used to fix scratches. You can get the alcohol from the market, and all you need is to dip the soft cloth in the alcohol and clean the camera with it. After performing the procedure more than once, you will automatically see the scratches erased from the smartphone camera.

Apart from that, you can visit the online mobile stores to get the scratch remover toolkit. If scratches are a constant issue in your smartphone camera, you can use the scratch remover toolkit to remove the scratches from the camera.

At last, sometimes the camera glass tends to get broken or contain issues. In that case, you should only remove the camera glass and get a newer one to fix the issue.

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How to Fix Cracked Professional Camera?

The professional camera doesn’t contain only a lens but different other components. So, any one of them could be cracked without any reason. In that case, you need to tackle every issue individually. So, let’s talk about them in detail.

LCD Screen: If the Camera's LCD screen is cracked, there are some essential steps to fix it. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

1. keep all the essential gadgets used to fix the cracked camera

First of all, you need to keep all the essential gadgets used to fix the cracked camera. You may need a small suction cup, blow dryer, and new glass for the professional camera LCD. Few online e-commerce platforms offer the cheapest and good quality glass for professional cameras.

2. remove the broken glass To fix the cracked camera 

After getting all of the essential things for fixing the LCD screen, the next step is to remove the broken glass. Generally, the LCD glass is fixed with the LCD screen through double-sided tape, so you need to soften the tape to remove the LCD glass. You can use the blow dryer for at least 1 minute. If you realize that the LCD glass tape is softened, use the suction up to lift the LCD glass out of it easily. Meanwhile, clean the LCD screen if it contains any leftover LCD glass particles.

3. Put The new LCD

Now, put the new LCD glass onto the screen by ensuring its sides are equally fixed. And then, gently press the LCD glass to fit perfectly to the LCD screen without any hurdles.


If the Lens of the Professional Camera is cracked, you should consider replacing the Lens with a newer one or get the consideration of a professional to fix the issues. Usually, the lens part is very technical, and a normal person without any expertise can’t fix it. Especially when it’s cracked, things will never be that easier for you. 

However, you can fix the scratches on the Lens by using the scratch remover toolkit. Else, you can use a soft cloth dipped inside the Alcohol to remove the scratches.

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Body of the cracked camera

The Third important part of the professional camera is the Body. If your Professional camera is cracked from the bodyside, then it met a dangerous accident or at least drops from a higher place. You need to remove the body and replace it with a newer one in such a case. 

If the body side is working perfectly, you can use an alternative to use it for a more extended period. Otherwise, you need to replace the entire body. You should bring the Camera to an expert, and they will give you the best decisions for its body crack issue. Most importantly, you should bring the Camera to its repair center other than a local expert. Otherwise, things will get scarier for you.

Can you fix a cracked phone camera?

Fixing the mobile phone camera isn’t as easier for anyone who has never repaired a gadget in their life. Therefore, you shouldn’t fix it when you haven’t done it in the past. The only option left for you is to take the phone to the repair center to get a better fixing option. However, if your phone camera has a minor problem and can be fixed at home, you can watch any tutorial and fix the phone camera.

How do you fix a cracked camera screen?

If the camera screen Glass is cracked, you can easily fix it by replacing it with a newer one. Otherwise, you may need to take it to an expert who can easily fix the camera screen for you. Usually, the whole Screen panel is replaced when it contains major cracking issues.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked camera?

Depending upon the Camera you own, the prices for fixing the cameras vary accordingly. Apart from that, the cost of the cracked camera depends upon the minor or major issues it contains, so you can also initiate the prices accordingly. Meanwhile, you can check out the internet prices or visit the local market.

Can Apple fix the cracked camera?

If you live at a location where the Apple repair center is available, the Cracked camera is fixable. Otherwise, you have to ship the item to its repair center to fix the cracked camera.