How To Clean The Camera Body?

How to clean the camera body?

Are you the one who is into Photography or Video making and is used to making content daily? If yes, then the Camera must get a lot of dust. Because you to take them on different spots. However, did you ever take the time and clean the camera as well as possible to get better performance and results? If not, then you should need to clean the camera body in the right way.

How to clean camera body

Wait, you are not sure how to clean the camera body. There is nothing to worry about as we are here to let you know about the entire procedure of cleaning the camera body. It's tricky, but you can easily understand the entire procedure by following the simple tips mentioned below.

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Things that are required for the Cleaning of Camera Body

Whenever you clean something, it’s important to use the right tools or objects that would not make damage or decrease the quality of the product. As you are cleaning the camera, so you would need the following things that we have mentioned below.

  1. 1
    Microfiber Cloth.
  2. 2
    Cleaning Gel.
  3. 3
    Small Brush.

Cleaning the Camera Body

If you have ever cleaned the Point-and-shoot or other types of Camera, you have to consider the same procedure for the DSLR or Professional camera. With the help of the right products, just like the Microfiber Cloth, Cleaning Gel, and brush, you can easily clean the camera body.

One important thing that you need to consider throughout the time is never trying to implement the procedure harshly. For example, the camera Body tends to come with solid construction; however, it’s not that solid that you can clean it without any care. So remember to clean it quite gently. Otherwise, the camera might get damaged.

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1. The Lens

Starting from the Lens, which is not the direct part of the Camera as you have to mount it at the time of Usage. However, some cameras come with Fixed Lenses as well.
First of all, you would need to remove the sand or dust from the Lens. For that, you can use Soft Brush and Blower Bulb. Try not to use the Cloth for cleaning purposes as it can make Scratches over the lens, which would make a poor impact on the result of the camera. Always clean the Lens in a circulation motion for wiping the Dust adequately.

2. The Lens mount

You have probably un-mounted the lens from the Camera. Now, the next step for you is to clean the Mount Area. It’s possible that the mounting area would have caught a lot of dust due to various reasons. Hence, it would help if you properly cleaned them.
Take a Brush and Clean the Dirt that is onto the Mounting ends. Try to do the procedure carefully as these ends are delicate and can damage if you clean them without much care. One mistake can ruin everything for you; therefore, you need to be careful about that.

3. The Image Sensor

Most of the time, you would see the Image offers a blur effect. Have you ever realized why is this happening to you? Well, the answer to this question is the dirty image sensor. Yes, it would help if you cleaned the image sensor.
Some cameras come with a built-in Cleaning system for the image sensor. If you have such type of camera, then you don’t have to clean it manually. All you need is to buy an image sensor cleaning kit to clean the image sensor. Also, never try to use cloth or anything else for cleaning purposes. It will never bring you a better result at all. Plus, you would also damage the image sensor of the Camera.

4. Clean the LCD Screen

Regardless of the Size of the LCD Screen, the cleaning procedure for all of the Camera LCD’s screens is pretty similar. You can use a Microfiber cleaning Cloth along with the Cleaning-Gel to clean the LCD Screen. Make sure to use the right ones that are supposed to be good for cleaning the LCD Screen. Otherwise, the LCD Screen might damage or lose its quality.

Things that you should avoid at the time of Cleaning the Camera body:

The use of Paint Thinner or Alcohol is strictly prohibited for you to clean the Camera. These solvents are harsh and can provide damage to the camera components.

The use of Paper-based products, Tissue, or towels is prohibited for you to use for cleaning purposes. It can make scratches to the Camera mirror or lens.

Try not to use the canned air for the cleaning purpose of the DSLR Camera. The pressure could damage the interior components of the camera.

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How do I clean the outside of my camera?

Use a Microfiber Cloth along with a cleaning Gel to clean the Outer part of the Camera. However, you need to remove all of the mounted objects from the Camera body before starting the Cleaning procedure. In this way, everything will remain good and damage-free.

How do I clean my Canon body?

You need to first gather the right set of things that are important for the cleaning purpose. After that, you have to remove all camera objects one by one and start the cleaning procedure. For example, clean the lens and mounted space thoroughly with care and the right object if you have a mounted lens. After that, clean the LCD screen, in the end, the outer part of the camera.

How can I clean my body lens?

You need to use a soft brush and a Small blower bulb to clean the Camera Body. In this way, you can easily clean the lens without letting any scratches on it. Try not to use the cloth as it can make scratches on the lens.

How do you clean a camera?

You can clean the camera by using the right set of cleaning objects along with Solvents. Try to clean the Camera carefully, and the cleaning posture needs to be circular. Try to remove all of the mounted components out of the camera as well.