How To Clean Camera Sensor

A step-by- step guide on how to clean a camera sensor

It doesn’t matter how much you take care of your DSLR. A time will come that dust and dirt will accumulate on its sensor. So, you have to clean this dust. But on the other hand, it’s a challenging responsibility. So, you’ll learn how to clean the camera sensor safely in this article.

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how to clean camera sensor

A step-by-step process has discussed in this article. The camera sensor has covered with a filter all the time. You aren’t making contact with the sensor at all with this filter. But it is still essential to take great care of the sensor. This care will ultimately lower the risk of sensor damage. You can clean your camera sensor at home with proper guidance and the right tools.

Why clean the camera sensor?

When you swap your lenses, the dust particles find a way to stay over the camera lens. It will occur no matter how much you take care of your sensor. This dust will affect the image result as a result. So, it is necessary to clean the camera sensor for the best results. Sensor dust has shown as small black squiggles in the images. Moreover, textures and colors will also not noticeable due to these dust particles.

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black camera with sensor

Camera sensor cleaning method 1 :  Dry sensor cleaning

Dry sensor cleaning requires the following tools for its process.

  • Sensor scope for checking unclear spots
  • Manual air blower for eliminating the dust particles. You don’t need to touch anything until the cleaning the process has done.

Steps to clean camera sensor 

  1. 1
    Lay the camera down on the table.
  2. 2
    Remove the lens to expose the sensor.
  3. 3
    Rotate the camera and give a few squeezes of the blower to the camera.

Precautions While camera sensor 

Remember that you have to avoid the blower tip to touch the camera from inside. It is because it is risky for the sensor. Take a look and repeat this process if needed. If any spot remains, then final wet sensor cleaning has required.

Camera Sensor Cleaning Method 2 :  wet Sensor Cleaning

Following tools are required for this process:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Sensor cleaning solution
  • Smear away solvents
  • Cleaning Swab

It is the most challenging process. But it is quite useful too. You have to wet the cleaning swab and not the sensor. It is because putting the solution directly to the sensor can damage the camera. After this, your sensor will give you a new look and proper cleaning.

Use of auto clean function 

Many powerful DSLRs have the option of sensor cleaning automatically. You have to look into the Tools menu for this option. The camera will give the micro-vibrations to the sensor after using this option. These vibrations shake the dust that removes it. You may need to repeat this process many times for total dust removal. You’ll get the dust-free sensor in few minutes in this way. You don’t need to worry if your camera doesn’t have this option. It is because it has done manually. After that, you wash the camera with the help of cleaning solvents. This process has required even you have the auto cleaning option in your camera.

use of eclipse fluid and sensor Swab

Sensor swabs are like cleaning pads. These have made to clean the camera sensor especially. These pads require A few drops of the Eclipse cleaning fluid. This fluid and swabs will clean your camera sensor. You can think it a tiny Swiffer for the camera sensor. Swabs of different sizes have available in the market. So, it is possible to use the swab of your need. You can use one swab for all your cleaning. The process of using swabs and this cleaning fluid is easy. Firstly, put a few drops of the fluid on the pad. And the wide the pad in one direction gently. Then swap the pad in another direction. Repeat these steps until the sensor have cleaned. You can change the pad according to the need. Throw the swab away after that.

Mirror Up

You need to access the camera sensor for following this swab and fluid process. You can have this access by keeping your mirror up. This step demands your full attention. It is because the mirror should not come down when the cleaning swab is inside the camera. So, it is not wrong to say that it is the most tricky step of the sensor cleaning. You should have the setting of Lock Mirror Up for the cleaning. But in case if you don’t have this setting, you have to make the camera fully charged. Also, set the camera exposure on the bulb.This bulb setting allows the camera to keep the mirror up until you have released the shutter. In this way, you can have the sensor access. Then swipe the sensor quickly in the left and right direction. Now you can clean the camera sensor.

In short, the sensor cleaning process is not challenging. But it requires proper care and some effort to do so. You’ll love your photos after this.

Some tips for cleaning the camera sensor 

It has a well-known proverb that prevention is better than cure. So, you need to take proper care of your camera sensor to stay away from any sensor problem.

  • If you’re changing your camera lens, make sure that the place is clean.
  • Pointing the camera towards the ground can protect your sensor from dust particles during the changing of the lens.
  • Lens cap should clean before covering.
  • Your camera bag should clean also. It will also avoid the dirt and dust particles to damage the camera sensor.

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