How To Clean Camera Mirror?

Get Tips On How To Clean Camera Mirror For A Better Experience

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A camera is a device used for recording visible images in the form of photographs, film, or videos. Some people use dashboard cameras while others use high-speed cameras. Cameras have various mechanisms that control the light coming onto the light-sensitive surface. A camera is a square box with a small hole through which light enters, and the camera captures images and videos. Cameras are used for scuba diving, podcasting, filming hunts, and many other purposes.

The still image camera is the device in the art of photography, and it captures images that may be represented later as a part of the process of photography, digital imaging, or photographic printing. The word camera comes from camera obscura, which means a dark chamber, and it is the Latin name for the original device. Cameras are so common these days even tweens use cameras.

Whether you have bought a normal Camera or a professional camera, you need to take good care of the product. Why? Because it’s one of the essential things that can help you use it for more extended periods.
If you don’t take care of the camera's mirror, you will get into a lot of trouble. So yes, you may not use it for more extended periods as the dust will negatively impact the performance of the cameras.

Although it’s an excellent option to clean the camera mirror to make the product's performance longer, it remains essential to understand that it becomes relatively riskier if you don’t know the right way to clean the camera mirrors. In simple words, it can make a poor impact on the performance and would also destroy the camera for the rest of its life.
Today, we will talk about the right steps that you sho

Cleaning Process of a Camera

Cleaning the cameras is an essential process for maintaining a clean camera. If one bought an expensive camera, but due to dust, the cameras often disturb, so one needs to clean the cameras on a daily routine. You can capture amazing shots of concerts and makeup artists with a cleaned camera. Here are some tips on how to clean the camera mirror, lenses, and aperture. For cleaning a camera, one must need these tools

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  • Dry, lint-free microfiber cloth or lens tissue.
  • Lens cleaner.
  • Air bulb blower.
  • Lenspen or camera brush.
  • Lense blower.
  • Cleaning fluid and tissue paper or a clean cloth.

Most of these items can be purchased separately, or one can get a good lens cleaning kit for themselves.

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Why is cleaning necessary for cameras?

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Like other machines or devices, cameras also need cleaning regularly. First of all, by cleaning the camera, one ensures that the mirror and sensor are free of dust, dirt, and other rubble.

When a photographer takes a picture of any landscape or a person, if the image appears blurry, that means the camera is dirty. This ultimately affects the image quality.

Routine maintenance of a camera will ensure continuous top work for the camera. Never clean the mirror with anything but air. The surface coating of the mirror is remarkably fragile and can get scratch much milder than the surface of a lens.

This process is very important if you are into bird photography or family photography.

Steps of cleaning a camera

Using a blower is recommended by professionals. Using a blower should always be the first option for cleaning dust off a camera lens since it is the least likely to make the problem worse. A photographer should know the steps of how to clean camera mirrors by themselves. The steps are-

  1. 1
    One should use a blower before any other cleaning method.
  2. 2
    Clean the blower of any possible dust first by squeezing a few whiffs away from the lens.
  3. 3
    Hold the blower close to the lens without touching to stop blowing airborne particles into the glass.
  4. 4
    Blow a few winds across the lens surface.
  5. 5
    Use a brush with soft fine bristles to avoid scratches.
  6. 6
    Gently brush the lens surface to remove dust particles.
  7. 7
    Cap the wipe after use to prevent pollution.

Cleaning is necessary for every type of camera (Compact camera, kids camera, etc) for its proper maintenance. One should use wipes and sprays for cleaning their cameras. The cleaning tools are readily available in the market. Cleansing the camera allows the best photography experience and helps to take clear pictures of any objects.

How do you clean the mirror on a film camera?

The procedure of Film Camera Mirror cleaning is quite similar to other types of cameras. Make sure you have all of the tools available at the time of cleaning. The rest, you will have to follow the same ways that are considered for other types of cameras mirror cleaning.

Do I need to clean my camera mirror?

Cleaning the Camera mirror is very important when you want to have dirt, debris, or dust-free sensor and mirrors of the Cameras. In general, it makes a strong impact on the performance of the Camera quality results.

Should I clean my camera sensor?

Yes, You should sensor cleaning methods on the camera if you want the best results But you need sensor cleaning tools to clean the camera sensor. You should look for sensor cleaning messages on the screen. Only a camera with a clean camera sensor can provide the best image quality.

How do I clean the mirror on my Canon DSLR?

You can use the Condensation liquid along with a Brush, Cloth, or anything soft and ideal for cleaning the DLSR mirror. After that, perform the whole procedure quite patiently and carefully. Any mistake would ruin the camera component, and you would have lost the quality.

Can you clean the camera mirror with alcohol?

You can clean the camera with Isopropyl Alcohol and Cotton Bud, and it’s also the safest way to clean the mirror. However, you need to know here that the cleaning of the Camera would make Scratches for you. Also, it would not clean that effectively, and there would be some marks or points on the lens area. Hence, it’s good to clean the camera mirror with the ideal mirror cleaning solvent or cleaning Solution. A proper sensor cleaning solution is required to clean the camera mirror properly.

What are the Things that are required to clean camera mirror?

  • Camera Brush.
  • Lens Cleaner.
  • Microfiber Cloth.
  • Air Bulb Blower.

These are some of the essential items that you would require when cleaning the camera mirror. It will be a good step if you buy all these items individually. Otherwise, you would get all of them together in a lens cleaning kit available in the market.

  • First of all, you have to remove the lens from the top of the DSLR. By doing that, you can easily see the camera mirror that is inside. Then, on the upside-down angle, hold the camera and use the Air bulb blower to blow the interior part of the camera. It will help you easily remove the dust from the camera body, which has been trapped for a long time.
  • After you remove the dust from the camera, the next important thing would be for you to brush out the dust from the mirror, which is possible with the help of a Camera brush, Microfiber cloth (Dry), or Lens Tissue. After doing that, put the camera back into the body.
  • The third step will be to clean out the camera's focusing screen, which is located below the mirror side of the camera. It’s important to understand that the focusing screen tends to be the most sensitive component of the camera. Hence, you have to use a camera brush, Lens brush, or cloth for the cleaning procedure. Now, you need to ensure that the dust is not going deeper inside the camera and successfully put the dust out of the camera. All of this is possible when you brush it in the inside edge towards the outside motion.
  • You will have to clean the Camera's Viewfinder if it does contain any dust in the Viewfinder area. Most of the time, your photos come out very clean, but the viewfinder tends to have dust on it.  You can easily clean the viewfinder by considering the Cotton Swab or Lint-free Cloth. It will help you to clean the corners of the Camera Viewfinder.
  • You will have to clean the Camera's Viewfinder if it does contain any dust in the Viewfinder area. Most of the time, your photos come out very clean, but the viewfinder tends to have dust on it.  You can easily clean the viewfinder by considering the Cotton Swab or Lint-free Cloth. It will help you to clean the corners of the Camera Viewfinder.
  • While you have been cleaning the Camera mirror and viewfinder, it would be a good option if you clean the lens as well. Since you have opened everything for the cleaning purpose, it would be quite easier and efficient for you to clean the lens side.

  • Remove the camera Lens and look out for the edges and smaller sides for Smudges and Dust. If there are any dust or dirt particles inside the lens, you need to first breathe on it and put the condensation. In the last, use anything to wipe out the material. In other words, using a microfiber cloth or lens tissue would be an effective option for you. When wiping the lens with a cloth, make sure to do it in a circular motion. First, start the motion for the middle and then slowly make it to the edges of the lens.

  • After you clean the Lens, make sure to give it some time and let it dry. After it perfectly dries, assembles the components again. Repeat the procedure again and again whenever you are planning to clean the camera.


Cleaning the camera Mirror is essential when you demand quality results for a longer period. However, the cleaning method of the Camera mirror is not easier for you to adapt. Hence, we are here with this article to get the details of cleaning the camera mirror efficiently. Also, you will get to know about the cleaning procedure of the viewfinder and the Lens of the camera.