How to clean camera lens

A step by step guide on how to clean the camera lens.

Clean sensors and lenses will assist in capturing high-quality images. Dust particles in the lenses can kill the details of the images. So, this article will let you know how to clean lenses.

how to clean camera lens

But before that, it is also essential that why should we clean the camera’s lens. Here are two reasons for doing so.

  1. 1
    For saving time for Post Production.
  2. 2
    For avoiding Amplified dust and dirt.

For saving time for Post Production.

It is nature that dust will occur on your lenses and sensors. So, it is essential to remove these dust particles from your camera for better results. Cleaning sensors and lenses will save your time for post-production. It takes 20 minutes to edit the dust chips of the images. Dust and dirt particles will reduce the image quality of your final HDR image.

For avoiding Amplified dust and dirt.

Dust particles can cause problems during shooting. However, Dust chips are a bigger problem. You may not notice it in your initial images. But the dust chips will amplify in the final image. It will lead to a decrease in the quality of your image.

Methods to clean a camera lens

method to clean the camera lens

Some Methods have discussed below. It will guide you in cleaning your camera lens.

  1. 1
    Using blower for removing dust particles.
  2. 2
    Use of lens brush.
  3. 3
    Use lens cleaning fluid.
  4. 4
    Use of lens cleaning paper tissue.

Method 1: Using blower for removing dust particles

Different collections have available from the market. These blowers have considered the best method for cleaning the camera outside. Squeeze the blower for few times before using it. It is because it will remove the dust inside it. 

You should avoid blowing with your mouth to clean lenses. It is because your breath and saliva can increase the condensation. It doesn’t matter how careful you were. Also, you may not use freon-powered air cans and air compressors. It is because air compressors can cause condensation. And air cans can drip oil. So, it is a safe method to use for cleaning any residue and dust particles. Cleaning camera lenses with blowers should be your priority. It is because one quick puff of the blower can clean your camera in minutes.

  • You should squeeze the blower before using it.
  • Hold the camera firmly without touching it. It will prevent the airborne particles from sticking on the lens.
  • Puff the blower to the surface of the lens

Method 2: Use of lens brush

Lens brushes are a powerful tool for cleanings if you have a lot of dust particles. Many types of lens brushes are available. But you may choose brushes with soft and smooth hair. Moreover, these soft hairs will also prevent you from damage. On the other hand, a lens cleaning pen has also used. This pen has a cleaning pad on one side and a retractable brush on the other side. Brushes should be your second option if blower doesn’t satisfy you.

It is necessary to know that brushes are riskier than the blowers. The reason behind this is that they can take away the camera substances if you’re not careful. You should also make sure that you’re not touching these brushes with your fingers. It is because it can transfer oil from your fingers to the lenses. Oils are difficult to remove from the lenses. But these are more difficult from brushes. Brush the camera lenses gently. It will prevent your lens from scratches. Always cap your brushes after using it to prevent contamination. Brushes should also stay bagged or capped.

man cleaning camera lens

Method 3: Use lens cleaning fluid

Spray bottle of cleaning fluids is another option for cleaning the camera lenses. Cleaning fluids are also available for cleaning the camera lenses. Some stores also provide an alcohol-based cleaning lens that is more worth able. These fluids remove smudges and fingerprints from the camera filters and lenses. Moreover, this fluid evaporates quickly to clean the gear. You don’t need to use too much fluid to clean the lens. Put one to two drops of this fluid. And wipe it in circular motion gently with the cleaning tissues. Also, you can use microfiber cloths. Any cloth you use should be dust-free. You may avoid facial tissues for this purpose. It is because they cause scratches on the lens.

It is most necessary to know that you have to apply the fluid on a tissue or cloth. Avoid using the fluid directly on the lens. These cleaning fluid bottles come in 1 oz, 2 oz and 8 oz sizes typically. Some people think that this method can cause streaks on the surface. Moreover, clothes can also cause problems for you. It is informative to know that if any streak occurs, you will deal it with reapplying this fluid. Also, you can re-wipe the surface in this case. The fluids that use water or detergents mostly should have avoided. It can cause a worse problem for you.

Method 4: Use of lens cleaning paper tissue

Using paper tissues for cleaning lens is an inexpensive and a safe option. Cleaning tissues have made with thin paper. These will help you to clean the camera lens without any scratch. Typical facial tissues should have avoided. It is because they can cause a scratch to your lens.

In place, microfiber cloths have recommended. They can clean the lenses effectively. But microfiber clothes are usable for a long time before discarding. That’s why these clothes are pricier. Moreover, they are trickier to maintain than lens tissues. It is because if any oil drops or grim remained to the clothing, then it can cause a problem. For this purpose, you should keep these clothes in any plastic bag after using them. It helps to prevent any further contamination.

tissue paper camera lens cleaning method

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