How To Check Shutter Count?

How to check shutter count? A Step-By-Step Guide

How to check shutter count

For an enthusiastic photographer, the term Shutter count would be a normal or familiar thing. However, the one who has just purchased a camera might not know pretty much about it. And while the question here is to check the Shutter count, it’s essential first to understand the shutter itself.

In Simple Words, the number of times you have taken an image from a DSLR or professional camera is the Camera's Shutter count. The more shutter count a camera has, the less its value will be in the market. Hence, the prices of the Camera decrease or increase with the number of pictures taken on to the camera.

If you have been using the Camera for a long time, you may know about the  website. If not, you should check out this website and upload the most recent photo you have taken from the camera.

Most cameras store an EXIF Data of Image that can quickly help you know about the camera's shutter count, which the website also uses to tell you about the Shutter count. If you have a camera that doesn’t provide the EXIF image data onto the picture, then it would be hard for you to get the idea of shutter count.

The issue might also arise when you have a different brand of a camera with different settings or setups. In that circumstances, you need to look for the camera brand shutter count details by considering the website available on the internet for the same brand. Else, you would have to find other ways to know about the camera shutter count.

You can about reseting a ring camera here.

Why is it essential for you to check the Shutter Count of the Camera?

The shutter is a mechanism that opens and closes for the number of times you click a photo. Therefore, you need to understand that knowing about the Shutter count is mandatory.

Like you are purchasing a Camera from the market and wants it in a good condition to use for a more extended period, in that circumstances, it’s essential to understand that Shutter count plays a vital role throughout the time.

The efficiency of the Camera and its performance relies upon the shutter count. Also, you need to know that the market value for the camera is also based upon the Camera's Shutter count. Therefore, you should come up with a Camera that has fewer shutter count numbers. Buying a camera with more counts will be a very daunting situation as it will provide you with a good reselling amount.

Apart from that, you have to understand that the Camera working stage directly corresponds to the Shutter count. So if you want the camera to not stop in the middle of the Photoshoot, you have to understand that the camera's Shutter count has to be less in numbers.

Finding Shutter count on Pentax and Nikon Cameras

With the same EXIF Data, you can easily learn about the Shutter Count of a Nikon or Pentax Camera. The procedure of finding the information is simple by just uploading the latest camera picture onto From there, you will easily get the details about the Shutter count.

Finding the Shutter Count of Olympus Cameras

  • First of all, Turn-on the Camera and open the Memory card slot.
  • After that, press the Play + OK button at the same time.
  • You will see the Dial button on the Camera body
  • Press them in the form of up, down, left, and right.
  • Now, all you need is to release the shutter button.In the end, again press the Dial button.

With this method, the Menu option will let you know about the shutter count of the Olympus camera. Hence, you don’t need any tool or website to know about the shutter speed. Everything is pretty much easy to perform with the help of your fingertips.

What Shutter count of Cameras should you not buy?

For an entry-level camera, the ideal shots or maximum shots are around 50,000. 100,000 shots are for the Mid-Range Cameras and 200,000 shots are for the Professional Camera. If you are considering any of them for yourself, make sure that the shots do not exceed the mentioned threshold.

If the shots are above the mentioned data, you would have to face a considerable loss. Also, the purchasing perspective of these cameras is not worth it for you. In simple words, putting money on these types of cameras would never give you enough support or benefits. Therefore, you should need to care about it first before making the order.

Let say you are purchasing an entry-level camera that has a shutter count of 25,000; in that case, you can buy the camera without thinking a lot about anything. Why? Because you still have 25,000 shutter counts left to take photos of the same quality. So, it would not be a bad investment on a used camera.


1. How do I find the shutter count on my Canon camera?

Photo EXIF data is one of the best ways to know about the Camera shutter count quickly. You only need to upload the last photo taken on the camera to the website. With the help of EXIF Data, you can easily understand the shutter count of the camera.

2. What is a good shutter count?

Anything that is below 50,000 is a good shutter count for Entry level camera. For mid-range, anything below 100,000 is good, and the professional camera with less than 200,000 is a good shutter count.

3. Is 1000 shutter count good?

A camera with a 1000 shutter count is nothing to worry about. It’s indeed a good count, and it’s best for all types of cameras such as entry-level, mid-range, or professional.

4. How long does it take to reach 100000 shutter count?

On an average shutter speed of 1/125 sec with 100,000 exposures, it would take almost 13.33 minutes. But that’s only when you have the camera that comes with 125 Frames per second shooting speed.