Hidden Camera For Child To Wear | 2022 (Buying Guide) : Top 5 Including Nanny, Mini And More

hidden camera for child to wear

Best nany cam child can wear
Qouya Hidden Cam
  • Offers Full HD 1080 Video recording
  •  One of the best spy camera that is user friendly
  • It's a perfect nanny cam child can wear.
  • It offers 2.5 battery life that is incredible for a nanny cam.

Technology has become so advanced and so does society. Our children are very precious to us. And for their safety, you have to take any measures.




1. Qouya Hidden Cam

FHD 1080p

2. Hereta Spy Glasses

FHD 1080p

3. MECO WiFi IP Camera

FHD 1080p

4. Honbo Wireless camera

FHD 1080p

5. Body Cop Hidden Spy Camera

FHD 1080p

There are times when you are not at home or you are at the office and there is no one to take care of your child. So, for their sake you hire a nanny that takes care of your child. But quite often, people cannot afford to hire a nanny. Or when your child is sick and you can’t be there to look after him but you got to make sure everything is OK and good. So, to keep an eye on the child, for his safety, or to see what kind of activity he is involved in there is a solution and this solution is hidden camera.

These hidden cameras can be of many types. A type of small one which you could hide in your child's room. And there is also a camera which your child could wear. These cameras collect many types of data including the location of the child, where he is going, live stream video of child safety. With this camera you are no longer worried about your child's safety and go freely to your office and work. These cameras can also be used to track physical activity and how many steps your child had taken in a day.

hidden camera for child

Things to look for in a hidden camera for a child to wear

Hidden camera for a child to wear is most often called nanny cameras or wearable cameras. These cameras are used to keep an eye on the child or track their activity throughout the day. These cameras are very lightweight and go with the dresses your child wears. Either the child can wear it as a badge or it can go like a clip on the belt. So, to buy a good hidden camera you must know the purpose you are using it for. When buying a smart device, you must know about its feature so while buying it you can know which one you can opt for. 

There are many options for hidden cameras and no guide to know where to buy the right one for a child to wear. So, buying the right hidden camera for a child to wear here is a guide to look on. Let’s read on!

1. know the purpose and budget of spy cameras 

A hidden camera can be used for different purposes and every camera varies according to the purpose of its use. Even with the child they have many purposes. Like what are you buying it for? Is it to keep an eye on the child and watching where he goes? You can buy the one which comes with the technology of live streaming. But if you also want to know about his/her physical activities you can buy the one which comes with good sensors and send you data about it. Knowing before buying is very important.

These cameras are not very expensive. So, they are better than hiring the nanny for your child. The prices of these cameras can be from $20 to $200 depending upon the feature you require in your hidden camera.

2. 2-way talk system

This feature is cool and one important for a hidden camera. If your child is going where he/she is not supposed to go or when an intruder comes home and your child is home alone then this feature could be very handy. This feature lets you listen and talk to your child any time you want. Most hidden cameras have this feature built-in.

3. Video quality of hidden camera for child to wear 

Another important feature to look while buying hidden camera is video quality. Many cameras with lower prices do not offer good video quality. But good hidden camera comes with the video quality of up to 1080P. 

You should go for a camera that has full HD video quality or at least HD video quality. 

4. battery timing of hidden cameras

Battery life is extremely important for a surveillance camera. Your child is wearing a hidden camera and sometimes you do not want him to know that he is wearing it. So, you must buy a surveillance camera which has good battery power and can be running for up to 8 hours. The more the battery life of the camera the better.

5. Night vision of spy cameras 

Many hidden wearable cameras come with night vision so you can watch live streaming even at night. But this feature does not come in a low priced camera. So, you should consider this feature while buying the hidden wearable camera.

6. Good design 

You do not want to buy a camera that is big enough that it attracts others to itself. So, you must choose a camera which comes with good and sleek designs like a badge or camera in glass, etc.

7. SD card is important for hidden camera for child to wear

Sometimes you want to store the whole day activity of your child or you want to analyze something. Many cameras come with an SD card option for storing the data.

8. Sensors 

Are you worried about the physical activity of your child that he does not partake in the good sports activity? Then accelerometer sensor hidden cams are a good option for you. This sensor collects data about how many steps your child had taken in a day his walking speed etc.

9. Spy Cameras should offer Live location

This option is very important to look at a hidden wearable camera. Let’s say, your child is in some kind of emergency and you are watching it on the live stream. But you are not able to find his location. Then this feature is very important. Look for the camera that comes with GPS support. So, you can always track the live location of your child.

10. Smartphone compatibility

There is also a thing to look for while buying a hidden camera for a child to wear. And that is the smartphone compatibility of the camera. You must ensure that your camera is compatible with every smartphone so you can track all the data without any disruptions.

hidden wearable camera options

There are many types of hidden wearable camera options in the market which you can buy. And these are the following:

Hidden camera badge 

Now badges are always cool and every child wants to wear them. If your child is a scout or doing the fun activity than giving a badge to him gives him/her some sense of achievement. This can be a solution for you. Wearable cameras also come in the design of badges. You can fix that badge in front of your child's shirt and monitor his activities. These cameras have many types like movies badge camera Elite ETSPY badge camera.

design of hidden camera for child to wear

The design of this camera is circular. Mostly it comes in smiley picture design but you can change it with any sticker you want.The badge has a hidden camera in the eye of the smiley. The color of the camera is black and it is very difficult to find.

Video quality of security camera

This camera comes with real-time video streaming. The video resolution of its camera is 480P so your video quality is clear. These cameras are also capable of capturing images. A security camera should offer both image capturing and video recording.

SD card support 

This hidden cam comes with the feature of SD card support. If you want to record all the activity of your child you can store in SD card storage. You should go for a spy camera that offers SD card support for storage.

other features of hidden camera for child to wear

  • Moreover this camera is battery operated and the battery time of the camera is quite good. It will keep running for 6-7 hours.
  • The weight of this camera is 18 grams which are very light for a child.
  • It is supported by Bluetooth and WIFI
  • There is one more feature of this camera which you will find interesting. It comes with a safe protection measure. Let’s say if the battery of the camera dies than it does not mean all the video its been recording will be lost. Instead, the video will be saved automatically. This camera is good for your child to wear because of its good and sleek design.

Google clips hidden wearable camera

The tech giant Google is everywhere. And everyone knows the product of google is always reliable. Google introduced is clip camera. The wearing option for this camera is very versatile. You can’t attach it to your child’s belt, shirt, or any piece of clothing. The picture it captures is sent straight to your smart device.

Following are the main technical feature of google clips hidden camera:

  • The weight of this camera is 28g (little heavier than Badge camera)
  • The size and dimension of this camera is 10.8 x 10.8 x 6.3
  • It is battery operated (battery time on stand by mode is many weeks and it can be up to 4-5 hours in running mode)
  • It has a zoom power of up to 10x.
  • It has 6-megapixel camera and resolution of this hidden wearable camera is 1080P
  • It has 16gb of memory (no SD card required)
  • Its lens field of view is 130 degrees.

This hidden wearable camera is very advanced and can be very ideal for your child to wear. But it is quite expensive than any other hidden cameras. The price of google clips hidden camera is $249.

Hidden glasses camera for a child to wear

This wearable hidden camera is ideal for the situation if the eyesight of your child is weak and he/she wear glasses. These are very good and cool cameras. These cameras can be built on order or you can adjust the lens according to the eyesight of your child in the camera. Most commonly, the camera is located in between both lenses of the glasses. These camera offers good quality of the video quality and can be operated both with WIFI or with Bluetooth.

These are the following feature these hidden cameras include:

  • It offers 720P / 1080P of video quality (also having loop video recording feature)
  • They also have SD card support (32 GB mostly, in many cases SD card slot is on the side of the glasses)
  • They have very good battery quality (can work very long)
  • Like badge cameras these hidden wearable cameras also come with safe protection measure features. It means if the battery were to shut down or if memory is full then the video recorded on the camera is saved automatically.
  • They also come with Bluetooth and WIFI features
  • The camera resolution of these devices is mostly 1920 x 1080P.
  • They are very lightweight and a weight of 8 grams.
  • Size / dimension of this product is 7.12 x 5.05 x 1.76 inches
  • The batteries are charged with a USB cable

This device can only be workable in situations where the eyesight of the child and also this device is not that durable. But the price of the product is low and it is around $50.

Hidden camera watches

Probably, the most common types of hidden camera devices are wearable watches. Many types of smartwatches are already available in the market. Many tech giants like Apple are already building this product but many smartwatches do not come with a camera. But many companies like Vtech are building spy watches with hidden cameras. These watches offer many features including video gaming and other entertainment things for kids.

Following are the main feature of smartwatches with hidden cameras:

  • Like I mentioned above these watches have a feature of counting steps and keeping eye on physical activities of your child with an accelerometer.
  • Support SD card (use to store video selfies)
  • Location tracking feature always give you the live location of your kids using GPS
  • They have a touch screen for kids’ entertainment
  • The storage space in these watches is up to 256 GB.
  • The size and dimension of this watch with a hidden camera is 8.9 x 0.7 x 1.8 inches
  • The weight of this watch is almost 1 pound.
  • They have a good rechargeable battery and working time.

Can I send my child to school with a hidden camera?

Are you the one who is concerned to send your children to school because of the other students who bully every person? If yes, then you should come up with an idea to record everything that happens to the children, and you could use It as solid prove whenever visiting the school to complain.

In General, bullying is one of the common crimes that is happening around the world a lot. There is no doubt that nobody wants to give it importance or talk a lot about it. Many teachers in the school know about the students who bully others, but they don’t want to give it any importance and always try to ignore it.

Apart from that, sometimes it’s not about the staff members or teachers who don’t give importance to the accuser and victim. Why? Because some schools have loads of students, the teacher can't focus on every student. In other words, it becomes a hassles task for them.

As a parent, you can consider many things before planning to mount the SPY camera in your children while they were going to school. The first action you would take is to directly go to the school and meet the higher authority of the school and discuss all of the situations with them. If they don’t give it much importance by asking you to prove it, you can go with the Hidden camera technique.

Is it legal to use a spy Camera for School?

Many parents ignore the idea of mounting the camera in their children's clothes or bags just because they scare that the children have to face a lot of issues from the management side. First of all, you need to understand that there are some rules that you have to follow as a parent when you take admission of your children’s.

But, the bullying situation gets so worse that your children don’t want to go to school. Here, you can ask the Class teacher or discuss it with the management head to mount the spy Camera in your Children and record every proof. You can easily discuss the matter with the management and class teacher and insist them sweetly agree on this decision. After you did that, follow the below paragraph to mount the spy Camera.

In the end, you need to understand that spy camera usage by a student in the school never considers legal. If you have no option left, then you would easily consider it by using the latest technology that doesn’t seem that easy to others, and your children would remain safe as well.

How to mount a spy Camera?

You are planning to mount a spy camera in your Children's Bag or Clothes. For that, you need to come up with the small spy cams available in the market. They tend to come in tiny sizes, which is hard for others to identify quickly.

You can use it as a shirt button through embroidery work. It will capture the whole bullying situation by the front side. The face of the person who is creating the whole issue would also come out in front of the camera. Else, you can use it in the bags as well.
Apart from that, using a Body camera could be another important option for you when you want to capture everything for proof.

What is the best hidden camera for child to wear?

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on several factors. The purpose and age of the child play a vital role in the selection of the camera. You would want to educate yourself before buying the hidden camera for a child to wear.

Can you put a camera in a teddy bear?

Yes, You can put a spy camera in a teddy bear but it's a hectic task. The best approach would be to buy a hidden camera for kids. You can also buy a teddy bear with a built-in camera. Always buy a spy camera for kids that has a rechargeable battery and offers a one-button recording feature.

Final words about hidden cameras

Our children’s safety is always a big concern for us and we would like to keep an eye on our child without knowing them. Many products are in the market but each one varies according to its feature and capabilities and we always want to buy the product which is according to our use. I hope this article has helped you find the right product for you and you find your anyswer.

Good Luck!

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