Digital Camera With Bluetooth | 2022 (Buying Guide): Top 6 Including Point And Shoot, Instant And More

Digital camera with Bluetooth

Expert choice
Canon EOS
  • 4K Video Recording.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Offers Wi-Fi and performs well in low light.
  • Integrated EVF.
  • Fully Articulating Screen.
  •  It can autofocus accurately and effortlessly for the user.
budget camera
PowerShot sx420
  • 1008mm Good Tele lens.
  • Image Stabilization.
  • 1/4000s High Shutter speed.
  • Face Detection focusing.
  • Built-in Wireless (Wi-Fi).
  • Performs well in low light.

Whether you go on a vacation party or holidays, taking a good picture is what everybody wants. But nowadays, smartphones have been so common that every 2 out of 3 people or 81 percent of the world population have smartphones. Many smart phones like iPhone and Huawei are offering very good camera quality. But for photography purposes digital cameras still have upper hands. 

If you want to do photography just for fun and not take it as a profession or you do photography as a hobby. Then buying an expensive digital camera with Bluetooth like a DSLR or bridge camera is not good if you have a good smartphone with a flagship camera. You can still buy some digital cameras like point and shoot and compact cameras. But if you want to start your career in photography then mirrorless digital cameras and other cameras like bridge cameras are also good options. There are still so many things to see if you want to buy a good digital camera.





1. Canon EOS 90D


4K UHD 2160p

2. Canon PowerShot SX740 


4K UHD 2160p

3. Canon PowerShot SX730


FHD 1080p

4. Nikon COOLPIX B500


FHD 1080p

5. KODAK Smile



6. Kodak PIXPRO AZ252-RD 


HD 720p

1. Canon EOS RP: Best Digital with bluetooth

First of all, Canon EOS RP comes with a brilliant Autofocus feature, which is slightly faster compared to other cameras we have discussed here.

The feature available in the Canon EOS RP is easy for anyone to understand. In other words, the developers have designed it so that no one would get issues using it.

The image quality of Canon EOS RP is impressive due to its DIGIC 8 Image processor and a full-frame CMOS Sensor. Meanwhile, it comes with 26.2-megapixel capabilities. Moreover, it only comes in Black color.

The Recording quality of this camera gives you a unique experience of shooting. Yes, it comes with a 4K video recording that could help you shoot Vlogs or for another purpose. Meanwhile, the screen operates entirely on your fingertips due to its brilliant touch capabilities. You don’t need to do the White balance settings with this camera as it comes with the automatic balancing feature. Also, it has the EF/EF-S and RF Lenses with RF Mounting capabilities.

2. Canon PowerShot G9

Canon is a proven worldwide brand that has amazed the customers with its unique and sensational features. The Canon PowerShot G9 gives you the same perspective with its usage.

It comes with a DIGIC 7 Image processor, which is lower than the previous product we have talked about. However, you will have the best quality shooting results. It takes detailed and sharp images on high ISO settings. Meanwhile, the lighting remains ideal for the pictures and videos.

The Power Shot G9 has four different shooting options: Potrail, Monochrome, Fine details, and auto. All of them have unique capabilities that you can experience after using them for the first time. Moreover, it has an ultra-slim design, which you can easily carry in your bag or hands without any hurdles. Furthermore, it's compatible with both Android and iOS versions.

3. Canon PowerShot SX420

Our final product in the list is another canon camera with the same PowerShot variation. However, this time we have chosen the SX420. It’s another fantastic Digital camera with Bluetooth capabilities that you should consider.

First of all, it comes with the intelligent auto feature. It manages the best settings for the camera depending upon the situations you have set for shooting. Meanwhile, it has the capability of shooting videos on 720p HD. Along with that, it comes with an LCD screen of 3.0 inches. Therefore, you will see a fantastic vision on the screen when shooting videos or pictures.

Compared to the previous two cameras, the Canon PowerShot SX420 comes with DIGIC 4 Plus image processor and 20.0 Megapixel sensor. Meanwhile, it can support the memory card up to 16GB.

The camera also provides excellent optical performance due to its optical image stabilizer and 42x powerful optical zoom.

what to look for in a digital camera with Bluetooth 

There are also many other options for good digital cameras and those are a digital camera with Bluetooth. You see, transferring images from cameras into the laptop and other devices are still hard. There is a time when we don’t have a data cable for transferring images or some cameras have different data cables than other cameras. So, there are digital cameras in the market that comes with good Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth WIFI connectivity options in digital cameras have also become available in the market. So, you can directly transfer images from the digital camera into any smart device. And with WIFI and internet connectivity other options like GPS, maps, etc. also has become available in digital cameras.

If you want to buy a digital camera with Bluetooth here a guide that will help you in finding a good digital camera with Bluetooth technology.

know the purpose 

Digital cameras are of many types. And finding the right one for you is still difficult. But if you know for which purpose you are going to use your digital camera for than it will be easy to find the right one for you.

If you just want to do photography as a hobby or you want to go on vacation and take some memorable pictures than a compact digital camera and point shoot cameras are the options for you. These cameras are small to fit in hand and very lightweight. A compact digital camera has more advanced features than a smartphone camera. Many compact and point and shoot cameras come with Bluetooth technology making them more fun and easier to use.

But if you are an experienced photographer or you want to horn your photographic skills than DSLR and mirrorless digital cameras are the best options for you. These are the professional cameras and have many features that simple and small digital cameras don’t have. They are more professional and have manual control over the setting and lenses of the camera. The Bluetooth technology is also available in these digital cameras.

There are also 2 more other digital cameras on which you can opt. These cameras are bridge digital cameras and instant cameras. Bridge cameras are more advance than a Compact camera and less advance than DSLR cameras. If you want more zoom power in your camera than you can choose a Bridge camera. With advanced Bluetooth technology you can transfer your image instantly after capturing. But the instant camera does not usually come with Bluetooth features.

know the budget 

Before diving into which camera is best and what technology do they have. First of all, before buying any camera you must know about the expenses. You have to have knowledge about how much you can spend on a camera. If you are doing photography just for fun or you have to click pictures on vacations. Then there is no need to spend a thousand dollars on a camera.

Prices of digital camera start form $100 (the price of simple compact and point and shoot camera) and can go up to thousands of dollars (prices of very good professional cameras i.e. DSLR). So, before buying any digital camera you have to think carefully about how much you want to spend. It depends upon your use of the camera.

Many types of digital cameras that come with Bluetooth technology are in the market. I will explain all of them with their feature and will recommend some good cameras depending upon your use.

1. Compact digital camera

These cameras are also called point and shoot cameras. If you are a beginner at photography or just want to do photography for fun then this is the right camera for you. The compact camera comes with the fixed lens technology it means you cannot change your lens.


  • Their weight is very light
  • They are compact and easy to carry (small enough to fit in the pocket)
  • It comes with advanced Bluetooth technology.
  • Their prices are very low.
  • They have automatic shoot mode which means no manual setting is required before clicking (which makes it ideal for beginners)

These compact cameras often have 10x of optical zoom in the lens and have a larger sensor in the camera. This brings clarity to the images. And they have battery big enough to capture more than 400 images. And Bluetooth technology in compact cameras makes them more efficient because you can transfer your image as you click. Because of this problem of the data cable is removed.

In some advanced digital cameras, blue tooth technology has been improved rapidly.

There is also an advanced form of these compact cameras. These cameras are called Waterproof compact digital cameras. These cameras are waterproof cameras and are very durable which makes them good for traveling purposes. This camera is best for only outdoor purposes.

  • They are very easy to use
  • Very durable
  • Can be used underwater (in every outdoor environment)


  • Buttons of these cameras are very small and difficult to use
  • These cameras lack viewfinder feature.

2. Bridge digital cameras 

These cameras are advanced than the compact camera but less advanced than DSLRs. Like compact cameras, Digital Bridge cameras come with fixed lenses but they offer more zoom like DSLR cameras. Their body shape is similar to DSLR cameras and they have more manual control making it a professional camera. Their price lies between DSLR digital camera, mirrorless camera, and compact camera. This camera is perfect for beginners who like to start their career in photography.

Moreover, these cameras come with Bluetooth technology and WIFI technology. You can send/ transfer your picture to any device you want. Due to more advancement in blue tooth technology, you can also control your digital camera with your mobile device. For example, if you are on vacation and want a group that has everyone in it including you. You can set the camera and control it with your mobile device and can see the view with the viewfinder feature of the camera and click whenever you want.


  • Better zoom than most digital cameras
  • More manual controls (making it profession like DSLR)
  • It has built-in viewfinder technology (Also used with blue tooth tech as mentioned above)
  • Easy to use and good for beginners


  • The price of this camera is higher than the digital compact cameras
  • Fixed lenses makes them less good than DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

3. Mirrorless digital camera

Mirrorless cameras are much more advanced than Bridge cameras. Mostly, these Digital cameras are used only for professional photography. Unlike Bridge digital camera, this camera does not come with fixed lenses. They are a great option for use on an Ultra zoom or bridge camera, as they have the same sensor size as the DSLRs but in a much smaller camera body.

If You are a professional photographer or want to become one then this digital camera is a great option for you. This camera has a great quality of images a camera can offer. And with the facility of interchangeable lenses, you can change lenses anytime you want and can improve your picture quality more. This camera is also called a compact system camera. That is because this camera is not that huge like a DSLR camera. And can provide you with many great features like 4k quality and speed shooting. This camera comes with Blue tooth technology making them more advance and a good camera.


  • They are lightweight
  • They have a small body as compare to DSLR
  • These cameras provide faster shutter speed (making speed shooting possible)
  • Can provide 4k video quality result
  • Better Bluetooth tech


  • They have very fewer lens choices and very fewer accessories as compared to a DSLR camera.

4. DSLR camera 

In the photography world, DSLR is the most professional camera. There is no comparison between the picture quality of a DSLR camera. These cameras have an interchangeable lens and a very wide range of features and control. Shutter speed is of this digital camera is very better than a Mirrorless camera.

The main difference between a mirrorless digital camera and DSLR camera is that the mirrorless camera lets light pass through the sensor and show you a preview of the image on its viewfinder. But the DSLR camera lets the light pass through the mirror of the lens and preview exactly the scene which is camera seeing. This difference makes it more professional than all other cameras. These cameras are very huge and also comes with blue tooth technology and WIFI technology. You can transfer your image, use GPS or control camera through mobile (in advance DSLRs) for clicking pictures.


  • Their big image sensors provide you with the best image quality
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Best at taking action shots and tracking objects
  • More control than other cameras (making it more professional)
  • Best image stabilization
  • Good Bluetooth technology (Can control your camera through a smartphone)


  • DSLRs are the most expensive camera and can range up to thousands of dollars.
  • These are big in size and difficult to control for beginners.

5. Instant digital camera 

Well this is not a professional camera but more like a fun camera. If you are at a party and want to have fun. Its someone's birthday and you want to gift a kid some good camera then this might be an option. This camera does not have a viewfinder or an LCD to let you preview the image you capture. But it has a feature to print the picture after you capture in just a couple of minutes. It's like having a capture and print feature.

Advance instant cameras ha SD slot too. In this way you can also have a digital copy of the photos and printed photo. This camera is a fun way to go!

New versions also come with Bluetooth technology. In this way you can click your photo and save them on your phone. There is also one more feature that with Bluetooth you can connect your phone with a camera and print the photo from your phone just by sending it to the camera. Cool!

This camera can cost more expensive. It is because the cost of this camera is never ender. Every picture you click can cost you up to 50p (cost of paper and ink).

Is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth better for the camera?

In General, Wireless communication between the devices is possible through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Therefore, we would state that the use of both features is pretty similar if considering it in the camera you select.

If we talk about Bluetooth technology, it can become a fantastic option when looking to transfer some data from one device to another under a specified range. Also, Bluetooth technology is adequate for you whenever you are trying to transfer a low-bandwidth type of data.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi technology is used on a higher level. In simple words, you can use the technology when working upon Full-scale networks. On Wi-Fi, you don’t need to worry about the specified range as it can work on high-bandwidth data transferring from one place to another. Also, the security level is relatively better with Wi-Fi Technology.

Now, the reasons for selecting any one out of them are dependent upon you. If you are dealing with Low-bandwidth data transfer under a specified range, the use of Bluetooth supported camera would be a good option. On the other hand, when you are looking for Higher-bandwidth data transfer without considering the range, it would be a great option to consider the Wi-Fi-supported camera.

Is there a camera that can send pictures to the phone?

Usually, there are numerous types of cameras available in the market that you can use to send pictures directly to the phone. Therefore, you can automatically get them depending upon the budget and needs.

The Canon PowerShot N100 is one of the best cameras that people would use for the same purpose. We have also talked about the Wi-Fi-supported cameras in this article. You can use them and quickly Transfer the images to the phone directly with the help of using its Wi-Fi functionalities.

The Wi-Fi-supported Cameras connect with smartphones to make a gateway for sending pictures or videos directly. Therefore, you can consider the same approach to send it to the phone.

Which Canon camera has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

If you are looking for a Canon Camera that provides both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, you should go with Canon EOS RP. Luckily, we have also talked about this camera at the start of the article. So, you could get a lot of the details about it by reading that portion of the article.

The best thing about Canon EOS RP is that it can provide you with seamless connectivity for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. Therefore, using this camera to send images to the smartphones you directly shoot is slightly more accessible. You have the option of auto-syncing the devices for sending the photos and videos instantly to the device whenever it's needed.

Moreover, its Image processing capabilities and the better quality image results are also outstanding. You can get all the details after reading about the camera in-depth on the internet.


Finding a good digital camera is never easy but you can only find one depending upon its use. If you just a photographer for fun than buying a compact camera is good. But if you are a photographer or beginner than a bridge camera, mirrorless camera and DSLR is also a good option for you. I hope this article has helped you finding the right digital camera with Bluetooth for you.

Good luck!