6 Best Motion Detector Cameras| 2022(Buying Guide): Top Including Outdoor And Motion Sensor

best motion detector camera

best motion detector camera

Are You want to secure your house? Someone is stealing from your house and you just get their footprints as you woke up, right? You are in a need of security for sure and for this purpose there are motion detector cameras. if you are looking for a motion detector camera that detects criminalistic movements around it? Then you are in the right place because in this article we will discuss the main factors that you should consider before buying a motion detector camera.


Night Vision

2-Way Audio



1. Google Nest Cam



FHD 1080p

2. Arlo Pro 2



FHD 1080p

3. CANARY Indoor



FHD 1080p

4. Zmodo Outdoor



FHD 1080p

5. Wyze Cam Pan 



FHD 1080p

6. EZVIZ Indoor



FHD 1080p

A motion detector camera is a small-sized security camera that records whenever it detects any movement around it. These cameras are mostly used as outdoor cameras Why? Because you want to see the people that are silently entering your house from the front gate or backyard and stealing from you. You want the camera that detects motion and alerts the user that something weird is happening. You can read about how to clean a camera here.

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Types of motion detector camera 

There are two types of outdoor motion detection cameras

  1. 1
    PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) Based cameras
  2. 2
    Software-Based Cameras

PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) Based cameras

These cameras detect motion with the heat of the body using the infrared radiations. The PIR sensors have almost a range of 30 feet even in dark lightings. The procedure is when the warm body passes by these sensors and the person is in the range the sensor recognizes the movements and alerts the system. PIR Based cameras can record as they detect any motion or movement. These cameras provide the best security because they use infrared rays to detect the motion. Reolink Argus 2 is PIR Based outdoor motion detector camera.

Software Based Cameras

Software Based Cameras detects movement by comparing the pixel change in the different frames of the images. The procedure of detection is when the human or any animal passes by, pixels in different frame changes, and the software inside count the pixel changes and alerts the system. Software-Based cameras shoot continuously and have the mode of motion detection that can record 2-3 seconds before the event and you can also schedule this mode in these cameras. Reolink RLC-410 is a Software-Based outdoor motion detector camera.

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What to look for in a motion detector camera

There are various motion detector cameras in the market with various price tags and features. Simply speaking the more features requires more money. So, I have discussed some features below, you can decide the feature list that you want in your motion detector camera. So, Let’s dive into the feature set:

1. Motion sensing 

It is a primary and must-have feature for any motion detector camera. This feature allows recording videos, taking still pictures whenever it detects any movement, and immediately notify you by an SMS or email or some cameras have the option to upload the images and videos to the cloud and notify the user. So, that the user on the other side can immediately view the pictures and videos and take actions accordingly.

Some cameras alert you for no reason like if they see any cloud moving or even the shadow changes its position, they will alert you. It will be very annoying that the camera alerts you for no reason. To avoid this, you have to focus on/change your installation method.

In the case of PIR sensor-based cameras, if you put the sensor in the facing direction of intruder or movement then it will not work properly. It will work properly when you place the camera in the crosswise direction related to movement or intruder. Because infrared rays detect movement better in crosswise direction rather than facing or parallel direction to the intruder or movement.

In the case of Software-based cameras, you may set the camera settings that say reduce false alarms or you can specify which type of movement camera alerts you.

2. Wireless connection 

A motion detector camera is like a person who is watching and guarding your house against some corner or some wall. It needs some connection to perform these activities like sending you mail or SMS if something unusual has happened. So, these wireless cameras easily connect to your local area network (LAN) and start performing their work. As they are wireless, you don’t have to carry LAN cable along with a camera for connection. Some cameras perform without WIFI and store the videos on the SD card that you can watch it later on. Some wireless motion detector cameras have an ethernet port in it. You can also plug in an ethernet cable. The big advantage of plugging ethernet cable is that you get a stable and fast network over the wireless network.

3. Battery-Operated 

If you are planning to use this motion detector camera at a hidden place that no one could easily reach. Then probably you want the camera that hasn’t any type of wire associated with it WHY? Because it will give the clue to the burglar that something is watching him/her activities. Here comes the concept of wire-free motion detector cameras.

What are wire-free cameras? These cameras are already working on the wireless network like a 3G/4G network but wire-free means that they don’t need any type of wire for power supply. They work on batteries . These cameras cannot record continuously. They only record when they detect any movement. Thus, save battery life and can shoot or record more images and videos. This gives you the convenience that you can place this camera wherever you want as they are wireless.

The battery life depends on the usage of the camera like if you are placing the camera at a place where the camera can detect so much motion can reduce battery life, using the camera without scheduling should be placed in a position where it gets fewer movements can consume less battery life, Image quality set to high also consume more battery, sensor sensitivity sets to high also consumes more battery, etc. So, where there are so many benefits of wire-free cameras there are also drawbacks that we should keep in mind to use these sensors efficiently

4. Storage 

If you want your images and videos should be safe in some manner then you need some type of storage capacity. Here we will discuss mainly two types of storage:

Cloud storage 

It is the online platform services to store your images and videos using the internet. Some providers give you access to the free storage but with limited capacity and time. And after that you have to purchase the subscription, if you want more storage and for a longer period you have to go for a custom plan. This type of storage is more secure as there is no chance of stealing or loss of data because data is saved online and only you have access to the data.

Local storage

camera for motion detection

If your device has the option for memory card then you can store your images and videos directly to your memory card. Or If you are a person that uses these motion detector cameras using a mobile app and store the images and videos into the mobile’s storage etc. Then it will be very handy as you don’t have to pay for cloud subscription and you can store your images and videos locally. But this type of storage is less secure as your SD card, Motion Detector Camera or your mobile phone could be stolen. Or in another scenario your SD card or mobile phone memory can be affected due to some viruses in it.

5. Weather proof 

Motion detector cameras are mostly outdoor cameras. They have to face different weather conditions like raining, Snow falling, Heat, Sunlight, etc. So, buy a motion detector camera which has the feature of weatherproofing like some cameras provide IP68 certified weather resistance level.

6. resolution of best motion detector camera

If you want the clear and crystal quality of pictures then you have to consider the resolution of these cameras. But keep in mind that this parameter can cost you more price, storage as High-Resolution images and videos take more space and also it takes a lot more time to upload to a cloud or local storage.

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7. Two-way Audio 

If you are a person that stays out of their home for longer periods and you want to talk to your children, pets, guards or sometimes to intruders, etc.? Then this feature will prove amazing for you. This feature is provided in different motion detector cameras. In this feature, the camera uses its microphone and speaker to talk to the people who are creating an unusual environment for you and you can also give instructions to the guard if you see some abnormal activity. Or you can also talk to your children, your pets, etc. whenever you want.

8. motion detection in Night vision 

It is the must-have feature in every motion detector camera. Mostly this feature is useful at night and when the camera is used as an outdoor camera. This feature allows any camera to use infrared radiations to judge movements at night even in darkest conditions. Think of some intruders, burglars who try to steal at night? Then this feature will be very great. It detects Intruders using infrared radiations and sounds the alarm immediately. Some camera has their night vision very clear like PIR sensor cameras have very good night vision and light associated with it. It can shoot up to 1080p with its 4 MegaPixel camera. Reolink Go is a great night vision camera

9. Filed of view

The field of view in any camera is used to grasp more information from the surroundings. It allows any camera to get a wider view of the scene as compared to the normal one. Wide-angle cameras on our mobile phone today increases the field of view. This feature is really helpful and mostly used in outdoor cameras when you want to get the broader view at your front gate, your backyard, or even inside your home, etc.

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10. Remote access of spy camera

It is the most important feature you have to keep in mind. Do you want your camera access to your home only or you to want to see the images and videos in remote places? This means that if you are on holiday then you can easily see what’s happening in your house using the mobile app or web application provided by the vendor. This feature is very useful because you don’t have to go to your local PC network and see your important footages recorded by the camera.Some companies provide you the facility of a mobile app (Android and IOS) both, you just have to install it in your device and connect the camera and these are so easy to use and user friendly but first check if the user experience is good. Because if not then you will not get a better understanding of different functions properly.

11. Automatic zoom

It is also the must-have feature in your motion detector spy camera. This feature allows the camera to zoom and focus on the intruder, burglar, etc. and follow them along. But it depends on the resolution of the camera and the distance where the intruder or burglar stands.

12. Price of camera

Now you have seen all the feature set that should be in good motion detector spy camera. Its time to decide your budget. The budget decides which level of security you want in your house. If security is a must-have requirement in your property then you have to ignore the budget and straight forward go for the best system. But if some neighbor has advised you and you want a good motion detector spy camera for your house. Then you can consider these features and make a list of features on a paper that you want in your motion detector spy camera. And also make include those features that best fit your budget and go for it.

Last verdict

I have tried my best to include all the necessary and accurate information in an organized manner in this article. And I can expect that you have gone through every single detail that you need to know before buying a motion detector camera. Now you know completely what type of camera you want, what features you need, and what will be your budget Right? You can buy the best motion detector spy camera for you. But keep in mind to select the camera having the best user reviews. Good Luck!!!