5 Best Instant Cameras For Kids | 2022 (Reviews & Guide) : Top 5 Polaroid Instant Print For Children

best instant camera for kids

If you want to find the best instant print camera for kids, you need to know what to look for in one. That way, you can buy one that you know you're going to be happy with. Here are some tips that will help you to find an instant print camera your kid will enjoy using.

best instant camera for kids



Image Size


0.68 Pounds

62 x 46mm

0.84 Pounds

2 x  3 inches

7.05 ounces

2 x  3 inches

1.0 Pounds

2 x  3 inches

1.1 Pounds

2 x  3 inches

The instant cameras are a perfect way to experience photography in its simplest sense, producing a moment in time despite thinking about adjustments or brightness. Instant cameras have something of a return in the latest days, and it's not difficult to see why. Although they're not going to work in precisely the same way as the top DSLRs or the better camera lenses, the best instant cameras are well fitted to marriages, celebrations, and other social engagements.

Today's kids enjoy posting pics, particularly selfies. They also enjoy taking images with instant cameras, such as camera systems that automatically print out photos. This creates the ideal treats, maybe camping out with their best friends or going on summer vacation. And, like other cameras, not that all instant cameras are built alike. It because we've pulled together a selection of the best instant cameras for kids.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9: the best instant camera for kids

The latest Instax Mini 9 camera maintains the Instax Mini 8's simplicity of use and appealing design features while introducing five innovative new shades and a few additional features. This beautiful device includes a selfie mirror at all times for the ultimate selfie shot. One of the best features of this device is a close-up lens that enables you to concentrate on objects as close as 35-50 cm, close-up macro images are now more transparent. Many of the other excellent features found in the Mini 8 are preserved by the Instax Mini 9, such as Automated exposure calculation. The only con of this camera is flash on the camera can't be switched off. According to experts, It's the best camera instant camera for kids.

  • It is really quick to use the camera.
  • Getting selfies is simple, thanks to the mirror.
  • You will shoot your objects from up close with your close-up lens.
  • With the four illumination modes, you can change the lighting.
  • In comparison to the camera, the picture paper is worthy.

2. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital

At the click of a button, you can quickly print and share physical photographs while storing all your files for a quick upload. The striking sleek style is an excellent addition to the current range of the brand. The Polaroid Snap camera comes with an elegant design and includes a revised look that combines a variety of technologies of classic instant Polaroid cameras. This beautiful camera also offers a classic Polaroid Color Spectrum. This Pocket-Friendly device fits into the pocket and budget of your dress. The Polaroid Snap is a simple-to-use item at a price point that you can afford to receive an instant camera, considering its many digital technology innovations. If you are looking for the best instant camera for kids that is priced right then you should consider buying this camera.

  • An easily interpretable instant camera
  • A microSD can be used for backup (32GB)
  • 15-25 images are printed per fee
  • lighted keys on top

3. KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera 

Another one of the best instant print cameras for kids is KODAK Digital instant print camera. With the help of this camera, you can Ignore bulky printers, just aim, click and print with Kodak Instant Camera. This device automatically prints up to 5 MP of smudge-proof, spray- and tear-resistant images. Great to carry on the go, the Kodak Printomatic is the simplest, wittiest way to share pictures with friends. Even your prints are epoxy glue, so you can get artistic and customize using the images, much as you would any stamp. The pace of the camera also helps you to keep shooting when printing a frame. The Zero Ink technology of the camera ensures that you don't have to think about sticky print packs, film, or toner.

  • Sixteen megapixels.
  • Up to 256GB MicroSD Cards.
  • Shooting in 3 color formats, frame choice in prints.
  • Up to 50 prints of the battery last.
  • Selfie mirror
  • Memory Built-in Fails.
  • Can't print digital versions of previous ones.
  • Don't have choices for scene lighting.

4. KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera

With KODAK's latest Smile Digital Camera, you can take, modify and post images anytime, at any place, and in a completely discreet way. This lightweight camera/printer involves interactions from its portable type for the first time to expose a solid 8mm lens. To zoom in, You can use the LCD eyepiece. Let the static focus work its wonders, and catch the scene with fantastic color and HD visibility. Until printing, editing features will let you add attractive filters and other changes. The cheerful nature of The Grin involves a sturdy case in several cool variations of colors.

  • Simple to make use of
  • Smart design
  • Good value

5. Dragon Touch

This camera is for children aged 4-11. It comes with a 2-inch larger display, primary five keys, and a sturdy lanyard that helps children take it everywhere and enjoy everyday life filming.
Instant printing helps kids get their images in moments after clicking the print button and sharing their photos. With print rolls provided, kids will print over 750 photographs.
With both the built-in impact filters, backgrounds, stickers, and sketches, children can do more than primary picture shooting to extend their creation. And with the decorations and colored pencils available, they will customize and paint the printed images.

  • Portable
  • shockproof
  • Average Print quality

Important considerations before you buy instant camera

camera for kids

Photography is an art which is almost very popular among people. Well! Generally, photographs once get captured then later they get washed in a dark room on luminous paper. This all happens with traditional old sort of cameras which consumes reels of film which get printed they were called as “negatives’’, they later get used to reprint pictures.

In modern technology this all substituted by SD cards which keep the memory of all pictures and instantly get printed when want. It’s convenient when instant camera which also called Polaroid cameras. They eject picture in a quick service which means one will not suffer the wait of pictures developing and printing. Especially when we talk about educational projects for students and kids these Polaroid instant cameras are very helpful.

What look for when buying best instant camera for kids

An instant film camera has two different kinds of prints. First process is chemically dependent where many other secondary. Tertiary process happen to a photograph which later heads out form the slit by moving through rollers and develops into a life like real image form a packet of inside chemicals.There are many check points that should keep in mind before buying an instant photo camera for kids like;

  • Required size and shape of photos.
  • Good external internal features of camera.
  • Durability of camera.
  • Funky casing.
  • Best time to purchase cameras
  • Easy film refills.
  • Rechargeable batteries with USB portal
  • Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.
  • Easy functions.
  • Handy maintenance.

Instant cameras are size specific once we choose, we happen to lock with the same portrait. There are couple of films available that variants the size and frame of the picture. This all depends on your selection choice that where you require to spent the reel per picture, also the display you want for captured images. Last of it your fondness for the conventional square Polaroid print shape.

Price of best instant camera for kids

First, You have to find an instant print camera that you know is a good price. To find out what you should be paying for this kind of a camera, you're going to want to look up what different companies are charging for what they have to offer. Don't just purchase the first one you find on the internet or in a store because there's no telling if it's being sold for a good price. Once you've done some research you will know what you should have to pay for this kind of a camera on average.

Appropriate sizes

Shallow Focus Photography of Girl Holding a Black and Silver Dslr Camera

They have a standard picture size in length and width from 2 .6* 1.8 inches. The reel size that contains the raw film includes 3.2 * 2.6 inches inclusive of side frames dark borders. These sizes can be variate by certain points. It would be of the size of a business card which you might found somewhere in your family’s old photo albums.

Figure out what size of photographs come out of an instant print camera. You don't want to buy one that has tiny pictures that come out of it when you snap photos if you wanted to get a full-size picture from it. 

There are a lot of different cameras that print pictures of various sizes when you use them. Try to find something that will help you end up with a photo you'll be able to frame or enjoy in general. Look at the specifications for the camera and it should be easy to find out if it will work for you.

Personally, what I prefer that from a practical point of view the image should be large enough. So that it can be clear otherwise it’s not a sensible option to move for instant cameras. They are convenient from the occasional point of view you can click. Get and give it to someone who wants it at the moment. This is a time-saving thing and pictures look life-like. They have soft vintage looks that mostly use for educational purposes and school projects. If there is a science project based on flower species. Then this instant camera would be so helpful. Like when a student is in a botanical garden and he or she is assigned with different types of flowers it would be helpful to click and get the photo and save it on the notes book, by sticking it with glue ones assignment would be done.

Kid’s appeal

Kids are the crowd of the population that don’t have their own cellular phones. So that they can take pictures by using the camera of the smartphone. An instant camera is the best option for them. In this way, Children, particularly the really young ones, will be skilled and learn to operate these sorts of gadgets. Instant print cameras are the safest option because it’s not that delicate loaded with extra buttons to make them confuse what button should press what to not? Making them equipped is the best to polish their creativity.
Kids will surprise you by taking naturalistic candid pictures. So, the memories will be preserved perfectly and innocently. There are a lot of cameras in the market that are kids specific. Things that are prepared for kids’ point of view should be durable and strong because fragile things would not work. 

Camera should be strong and durable

Photo of Small Girl Holding Camera

For making a choice for a camera for kids it’s a big task of concern because kids are usually clumsy, tyrant, and somewhat careless in handling such stuff. The durability of the camera is a major concern. It should be strong inside out if in case of fall, may survive, plus external body matters a lot if it's hard and safe it would definitely save the inner delicate structure of this device after all the inner core is sensitive because this all photo making process is complex and sensitive at the same time.

Funky casings

While talking about the casing of cameras, delicacy should be avoided. If this is the question of the kid’s sector, from the market then the kid’s color attraction should be kept in mind. It is because children like multi-color things. Cameras are made with funky casings with attractive color schemes so that they may catch the attention of little tiny users. Just keep it in mind kids are in the age of playing with toys. Black, white, or any mature sophisticated covering would never gather the attention of kids. They would easily get bored with it. So, the manufacturing companies keep children’s psyche in mind while making instant cameras for kids. They are packed in such a good kit, which is very supportable, contains all possible related accessories.
Furthermore, the photographic reel film is also in eye-catching packages, to grab the attention of little consumers the refill cartridges are also graphically made into fun things.

Worthy internal features of best instant camera for kids

Let’s come inside the hardcore funky fun body of the instant kid camera, as I have mentioned earlier that thing should be rock solid outside but inside is always delicate. This is because there are numbers of little circuits and chips that are fixed together for the photograph taking mechanism. Hence few parameters are listed regarding internal built-in features of an instant camera for kids,

colorful instant camera
  • Weight of the camera should not so much heavy that surpass the comfort level of the little photographer. Camera should be made like a toy with big but light outlooks holding but catchy protruding buttons. Avoid touch screen interface because it’s not the capacity of young kids to manage the appropriate pressure on finger touch screens
  • Second comes the battery life, kids are not aware to recharge their gadgets, because they are stray souls or you could say this is their span of life where can live a life of being a carefree human being, so an instant camera with long battery life is highly recommended. Furthermore, it’s not the safe thing to deal with electric sockets especially by kids because they don’t know what are the protocols to deal with electric switch boards and socket plugs. Safety is first, so guys!!!!!!!.......simply look for long life batteries.
  • Water resistance is such a demanded feature not only for instant cameras for kids but in every electrical technological device. The capacity to bear water is always at first priorities by the buyers.

Accuracy of choice 

snap camera

It doesn’t make any sense that we should buy a photo camera according to age group or all according to the family's versatility because it’s not always possible. This is not necessary that even everyone has today their cell phones then kids must have instant cameras. Usually people go for a safe one choice that would last long and suits everyone. Choosing the best instant camera for kids is a big task to do there are enormous choices in the market that are available on your demands. So prior to everything your needs must be fully supervised so that confusion would never happen on the buyer’s part. For instance, if a kid gets purchased a high tech, ultra-advanced DSLR camera, that would never make sense. So, while taking any decision few things always put forwards such as,

  • What is the choice?
  • What looks we want?
  • Up to which level of technology our kid can handle?
  • Is it safe to use?’ easy handling
  • Ultimate bright results
  • Could withstand falls  and accidents ( tough body)
  • The need for camera and purpose, because it would not be a genius thought to spend handsome money over a shorter period of timely thing. The purpose must be looked keenly. There are plenty of options if it’s just a time pass. however, if you think your kid is pretty much serious, then definitely help out his inner bug of creativity. Hand them a durable instant camera that would run long and limited dependent on maintenance

Handy refill reels

Camera print the picture over film, and this film sheet is called as reel, and there is enormous brand sin market that provide refills

Rechargeable batteries

Instant camera would run over batteries and batteries should be rechargeable and safe 


Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity is the need of time. So, better look for these two facilities before making any deal. Keep it in mind if your kid is making a picture by an instant camera it doesn’t mean that it has nothing to do with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Though instant cameras only follow the principle of click, print, and picture, modern technology also featured this connectivity in a few instant imaging cameras. So, that you run out by the film you may be able to save your picture and get it printed later.

When to buy an instant camera?

These instant cameras work in much light and give good results. They are not typically dark. Summer is the best time to make such shopping. Instant cameras have the technology to self print the pictures which it takes without any lengthy procedure to follow. We can say that before these high-tech digital cameras they were the first choice made by people due to its fast and quick results

Now you know how to find the best instant print camera. There are plenty of great options on the market, you just have to search for them. Make sure you keep the information you got here in mind when shopping so you know you're getting an instant print camera you know will meet your needs.

What is the best instant camera for kids?

It depends on several factors including the age of the child, the purpose of the camera, and the budget. Instant cameras are cheaper as compared to DSLRs and other high-end cameras. You would want to educate yourself before buying as they are thousands of cameras in the market.

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