6 Best High Speed Cameras | 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top Slow Motion and FPS Video Cameras To Consider

best high speed camera

best high speed camera
sONY A7R III Slow motion
  • Crisp slow-motion Videos at 10 frames per second(FPS)
  • 42.4 Megapixels for capturing fantastic photos
  • 4k Video recording
  •  One of the best high-speed cameras for experts
Blackmagic cinema camera
  • UHD 4k slow motion video Recording 
  • 5 Inch Touch Screen for easy navigation.
  • 60 frames per second 4K slow motion videos.
  • One of the best slow-motion camera 

Are you looking for the ideal high-speed camera for yourself? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We understand that taking pictures of moving objects in the right way would be your passion; therefore, you need something that brings you the desired support for the same purpose.

That's where the use of a high-speed camera is the best choice for anyone. These cameras have an excess of around 250 frames within a second; therefore, recording and photography of moving objects become easier.

Let's check out the top 6 best slow-motion cameras.


Sensor Type



1. Sony a7R III

Full frame 

4K UHD 2160p

2. Sony a7R II

Full frame 

4K UHD 2160p

3. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema

Full-size 4/3

4K UHD 2160p

4. Sony Alpha a7IIK


FHD 1080p

5. Sony RX100 VII Premium


4K UHD 2160p

6. Sony RX100 III


FHD 1080p

Finding the best high speed camera would be a daunting task as you have to undergo a huge amount of research process. Based on that, you can find the right one for yourself. However, we have made everything easier by did the entire research and narrow down the list of four different high-speed cameras for you. Now, Lets jump to List of best high speed cameras.

1. Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera: Best High speed camera

  • EYE AF mode with improved autofocus.
  • Lower-noise and faster image processing.
  • BSI CMOS Sensor with 42-megapixel functionalities.
  • Eight fps for live shots and 10 FPs for standard shooting rate.
  • Two SD card slots.
  • Phase Detection with image stabilization.
  • 4k Video footage.
  • One of the best high-speed cameras

Among the top full-frame latest high-resolution mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7r Mark III is one of many photographers' best considerations. This slow-motion camera comes with an exceptional combination of autofocus and high-speed capabilities.
If we talk about its camera sensors, it comes in a CMOS BSI version with 42 Megapixels of additional support. Therefore, you will get ten frames per second’s results from this camera. Also, this camera's quality is co-related with this same feature to gain the perfect amount of image stabilization.

The company has learned so many lessons from the previous models and tried to resolve them in this camera. In the a7r III, you will get better ergonomics and handling, autofocus, faster processing, larger batteries, and many more things.
If we talk about the close-ups, then the camera works pretty much well with its photographic capabilities. You will experience the right amount of detailing for pretty much different scenes at the time of considering it.

The body design of this slow-motion camera is best to provide resistance against splashes and dust. Moreover, bodyweight is around 1.5 pounds, which makes the camera better in terms of handling. Meanwhile, the buttons are available in the right manner, which allows the camera owner to perform everything at their fingertips. Due to these features, it's on the #1 spot on the list of best slow-motion cameras.

2. Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

  • 5-axis image stabilization.
  • Alloy Construction with full magnesium.
  • 399 Phase-detection points on the sensors.
  • BSI CMOS sensor with 42-megapixel capabilities (Full Frame).
  • Full sensor internal 4k video recording.
  • Non-native lenses with good speed AF.
  • Better picture profile system.
  • OLED viewfinder with 2.36m dot feature
  • One of the best slow-motion video cameras

Suppose we talk about its handling and build, so the company has provided a better gripping feature in this camera after identifying the previous models' mistakes. Therefore, the use of this camera will be much secure and comfortable for anyone. To adjust the settings, the camera shutter release button was also installed in a convenient area. The alloy construction also has made it much solid to make it more damage-free for the customer.

The performance perspective of this camera is another fantastic thing that you never ignore. Even on the lowest sensitivity settings, you will get the perfect amount of detailing in the camera, which is a fantastic thing. Moreover, you can also increase its sensitivity to make the on-screen effect 100% for yourself. If you are shooting raw, then the camera would provide better control on its image rendition. It offers Cmos Sensor and excellent image stabilization.
If we compare it with other same-level cameras like Nikon Z 7 and Canon EOS 5DS DSLR, the camera is way cheaper than the other ones. However, A7R Mark II provides a much lower imager quality.

Apart from that, you also have NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity option that allows you to send 4k videos or images directly on your smartphone or computer. Therefore, everything is pretty much under-controlled and convenient for you.
Last but not least, it’s one of the best high speed cameras for professional or personal purposes due to the tremendous amount of features.

3. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

  • 60 fps(Frames per second) / 13 stop dynamic range.
  • 4k DKI video recording.
  • Touch screen LCD.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Full black interior and exterior.
  • Carbon fiber body construction.
  • 4/3 sensor.
  • 4K 4096 x 2160 resolution.

Another one of the best slow-motion cameras is Blackmagic design. With its looks, you might confuse the fact that it doesn't provide you with a better feel. However, appearance is not the only thing that you need to consider from this cinema camera.
Whether you believe it or not, black magic has all of the essential features that make it a professional camera for the people looking at Hollywood films like results in the high-speed camera.

The three powerful combinations of RAW, low light performance, and dynamic range helps you to get organic colors and better skin tones for the videography and photo shooting on this camera.
The camera comes with an MFT lens mount, 4096 x 2160 resolution, 4/3 image sensor, and 4k features. It helps you out to capture amazing videos and photos in Hollywood quality and dynamic range.

Moreover, the entire body of this slow-motion camera is carbon fiber, which is also lightweight. Therefore the handling of the camera is much in your control. Meanwhile, the fingertips shooting controls are another unforgettable feature of this camera, which allows you to get all the buttons pretty much conveniently?
Naming it black magic cinema camera is because of the entire design and display of this camera in the black color. Due to these reasons, the camera makes a vibrant and robust appearance when holding into the hands.
Last but not least, lens compatibility is another incredible thing you would expect from this slow motion camera. You can expect a considerable amount of lenses available in the world to easily mount with this camera, which is the best thing about it.

4. Sony Alpha a7 IIK High speed camera

  • 5-axis Body image stabilization.
  • Full Frame slow-motion Camera.
  • Lens compensation.
  • Lenses compatibility.
  • Adaptors compatibility.
  • Phase detection.
  • Fast hybrid AF.
  • Full HD Video quality.
  • One of the best entry-level slow-motion cameras

Our 4th pick for the best slow motion camera is Sony alpha a7IIk camera. It’s considered the best slow-motion camera due to better shoots, focus, and fast rates per second. The camera is pretty much convenient to take photos or videos better for every category of lighting.

The slow motion camera comes with the highest amount of ISO performance. Therefore, you will experience better progress in the results when you tune into the brighter format. Even in the dark circumstances, you will never face any issues regarding the environment.
The A7IIk also provided you with better technical results and made the camera much better in terms of ergonomics. The focus of this camera is pretty much support for all types of ground experiences. However, you may not get better results in more adventurous or sports type circumstances.

You have the option to transfer videos or images to android or IOS devices with the help of a built-in Wi-Fi feature in the camera. All you need is to download the Sony mobile app and perform file transfers.
Apart from that, you can mount different adaptors and lenses on this camera due to its compatibility so that you will have a convenient and high-quality experience wherever you use it.

Here our list of best slow-motion cameras come to end.

What to look for in a high speed camera

Are you looking for a best high-speed camera but don't know what to look for in one? if yes, Then we got you covered. This section is all about  what to look for when buying a high-speed camera. Here we’ll discuss the leading feature of the best high-speed camera that you should know. Working on these features has also discussed.

Buying a slow motion camera is an important process and you owe it to yourself to give it the time and consideration it deserves. Without a good high speed camera, you could pay a hefty price each day, but with the right one, you're going to capture amazing shots.

Two main factors you should know before buying anything.

  • Your need
  • The budget

1. Frame rate of the best high speed camera

speed camera

Frame rate should be your first consideration before buying a slow-motion camera. Frame rate is described as the individual frames that a camera can capture per second. Cameras with a high frame rate will help you to capture more seamless and smoother videos. Frame rate has different standards such as 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 60fps, or 120fps. Some high-speed cameras can also capture around 1000fps. Three main factors are related to the frame rate.

  • Object velocity : The image rate will increase with the increase in object velocity
  • Time resolution : The smallest time required to capture any event is time resolution.
  • Image size : The image size has a considerable impact on frame rate.

Most high-speed cameras claim that they will provide higher frame rates. Frame rates are correlated to resolution tightly. High-speed cameras reduce the resolution to gain higher speed. But you should be clear that resolution reduction is not proportional to the increased frame rate. There are many options for high-speed cameras related to different frame rates. So, you first decide about your requirement according to the frame rate. In this way, you will save your money too.

2. Resolution of high speed camera

Several pixels for a given field view has known as image resolution. Pixel resolution is another important consideration for buying a high-speed camera. Different varieties of resolutions have present in the market. But mostly these resolutions are between 1 megapixel and 4 megapixels.  Image quality will higher if the image resolution is higher. It has discussed that resolution will low if the frame rate is higher. It shows that these two are inverse proportional relation among them. So, it is impossible to get a higher frame rate with the desired resolution. 

So, we should evaluate the image resolution and identify the frame rate to select a camera with a suitable frame rate and considerable image resolution. There is an important thing to know that cameras with higher image resolution are less sensitive than a camera with lower sensitivity. The reason is that they have small pixels. The image resolution should high enough that the details of the images are viewable.

3. Vendor Support

It is considerable to know that vendor support is a valuable factor for purchasing a high-speed camera. It is because the sales guy should have proper knowledge of this product so that he can make you satisfied with his product. If you are not satisfied with the supplier, then you are not confident about purchasing the camera.

Slow-motion cameras are expensive. That's why you can't overlook this factor while buying a slow-motion camera.

4. Bit-Depth of best high speed camera

Bit depth is a strong factor to consider for buying best high-speed camera. The reason behind the importance of this factor is that bit depth increases the quality of your image. Moreover, bit depth can also apply image processing to enhance the usability of the image. Most of the bit depth of high-speed camera is 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, and 16-bit. The bit depth of 16-bit is perfect for any end-user. But 24-bit is better for any professional use. More bit depth images require more memory in your camera. And it can shorten the record time. The information of color in an image refers to bit depth.

high speed camera with lens and tripod

You can store more color if your depth is higher. But on the other hand, with the increase in color information, the image file size also increases. it is necessary to know that this is binary nature data. Moreover, this data has stored electronically. The available shades for each pixel are measurable. The camera can capture more information amount if it has more bit depth. Also, more bit depth image contains more information. It can allow you to see more details about the image. Additionally, it also provides flexibility for the functions of image processing.

5. Light sensitivity for capturing high speed photos

It is the most essential and expensive part of any slow motion camera. It is not wrong to say that light sensitivity is critical considering purchasing a high-speed camera. It is because light sensitivity strongly impacts the exposure time. This impact helps you in reducing the blur of motion when you capture any high-speed event. A high sensitive slow motion camera can capture high-quality images without the help of flash also. So, it is useful to use any additional source for illuminating the object. Light sensitivity has a considerable impact on the quality of your images and video. It is because your images and video will dark in low light. Moreover, it will hard to analyze. Typically, light sensitivity has presented as ISO value. These two have direct relations among them. There is an image sensor in the camera that can change this sensitivity.

If you are using a microscope or telescope lenses for the slow-motion camera, then light sensitivity impacts your focus ability. You must evaluate how much light sensitivity you require for your use. Because it also depends on your demands, and there are many more options regarding light sensitivity in the market. But the light sensitivity should minimize the supplemental lighting need.

Must pay attention to this factor if you want to buy the best slow-motion camera.

6. Internal Memory of slow motion cameras

You must consider this factor while purchasing a high-speed camera. It is a creative and superb factor in photography.

A large amount of data has generated in a short time with high-speed cameras. So, you need a sufficient amount of additional storage and internal memory for the image offloading. Initially, data has captured in the internal memory of the cameras. But you can store data in any location after the completion of the recording. 

The frame rate of the slow motion camera can help you to know about the requirement of your internal memory for your event.

7. Shutter Speed

Shutter speed or exposure time has defined as the time length when the digital sensor or film has exposed to light inside the camera .In digital cameras, the sensor is covered with the help of a thin curtain called the shutter. This sensor can control the light amount that passes through the lens. Most commonly shutter speeds are 1/125, 1/1000, 1/2000 to 1/4000. Shutter speed is an essential factor for considering to stop the motion of high-speed events. But this speed depends on two things.

  1. 1
    The camera’s sensor should capture enough photos to generate a high-quality video.
  2. 3
    The camera’s sensor should able to capture such short exposure. 

But if the result is dark, then this shutter speed is not good. Shutter speed can convey the motion of smooth water, isolate subjects, and freeze actions. Shutter speed will become fast-moving from left to right. The camera shutter opens in light for starting exposure and then closes for ending. While shooting any moving object using a slow-motion camera, the shutter speed of the camera can determine which part will blur and which will freeze. You can’t change it in isolation. You’ll require fast shutter speeds for capturing perfect photos without any blur. Also, it has been used to freeze moments and reducing time. The camera’s sensor should able to capture such short exposure.

8. Check Product warranty before buying high speed camera

You should also consider the camera warranty before buying it. All the professional companies provide a warranty for their product. It is because it helps them to satisfy their customer satisfied with their product. It can make you more confident about the camera. Moreover, it also assures that you are going to purchase a reliable product. Some companies also offer a money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction. These types of warranties and guarantees describe the value of the product. And these should be considered while buying slow-motion cameras.

For example, if you have provided a product warranty of 2-years, then you can repair your product in case of fault occurrence. This repair facility will be free of cost. And you can get back your product after the repair process has completed. Warranties can be of many types. These may be in the case of money back, free repairing, and anything else. You might ask for the warranty before buying your product. If the warranty is provided for the product, then the quality of the product will must high surely.

9. size of high speed camera

We all know that we use a camera for photography and videography. They have used in many fields. So, it is not wrong to say that the size of the camera is not an ignorable factor before buying it. The cameras with a small size have highly recommended. It is because small size cameras are easy to carry and lightweight. Moreover, they are more sensitive because they have small sensors having small pixels. These types of cameras take a small space to be fit. You can also keep them anywhere easily due to their size. On the other hand, these small-sized cameras have less performance in the case of memory storage. Large-sized slow motion cameras can create difficulties during photography or making videos. Moreover, carrying large cameras can make you tired.

Due to the small-sized camera, you’ll feel free and light while capturing the pictures or making slow-motion videos. Advance small-sized cameras with desirable features have introduced in the market. You might prefer small-sized slow motion cameras for you. In this way, you can choose the best slow motion camera.

Man in Black Cap Holding Railings and recording high speed

10: Monochrome v/s color

You have to choose between monochrome and a color camera for purchasing a high-speed camera. But it is essential to understand that a monochrome camera is two to three times sensitive than a color camera. But color cameras are more critical for analysis that monochrome camera. In this way, the monochrome camera is a better choice. This choice also depends on your use. For example, if you want a camera for any marketing purposes, then the color video camera will better for you. It is because people want to see color videos than monochrome videos.

11. Data offload Speed of slow motion camera

When you capture any picture or made any video, it has saved at the internal memory of the cameras. But you have to transfer this data to the permanent storage of the device for more analysis. This transfer rate has known as the data offload speed.  For example, Gigabit Ethernet has a lot of overhead in its protocols, so it uses TCP/IP protocols for downloading large sequences of videos. And Gigabit Ethernet with UDP protocol can transfer data of 5GB per minute. Also, some Gigabit Ethernet provides connectors to double the transfer speed of the data.

Gray Scale Photography of camera with high shutter speed

Alternatively, you can improve this offload speed of the camera with the help of nonvolatile memory such as SSDs, SD cards, and CFast cards. These are more useful methods of downloading. Transferring data to the permanent location of the camera is an essential factor for high-speed cameras. So, it is also critical to keep this factor to look before buying. It is a convenient and fast mechanism for photography. You have to calculate the transfer time from nonvolatile memory to the PC and from internal camera memory to the PC to transfer your data from internal memory to the permanent location of the camera.

Working of a high-speed camera

High-speed cameras are used to capture video footage in slow motion. It means that they capture at higher frame rates and exposures. Their frame rates are above 250 FPS. High-speed cameras can capture 1/100th of a second and more. Slow-motion cameras create the illusion of a video. You can capture slow-motion videos by using slow-motion cameras. Newbies should go for entry-level video cameras as they are inexpensive. Professionals should opt for high-end slow-motion video cameras.


What is the fastest high-speed camera?

According to the experts, the T-Cup camera is the fastest in this world. Surprisingly, it can capture 10 trillion frames per second. The T-Cup camera is a really incredible high speed camera. The Video Footage of the T-Cup camera is legendry.

Which is better, 120fps or 240 fps?

If you are considering more information in a shot, it's possible with the help of FPS(Frames per second). Depending on your needs, you can select the FPS for your shots. So, there is no specific answer to that. 240 FPS means more detail in images.

What is the best high-speed camera?

According to experts, the best high-speed camera is sony A7 III. It's a full-frame mirrorless camera that offers breathtaking 4k video footage. It offers Cmos sensor and image stabilization for best image quality. This beautiful camera comes with large batteries and weighs 1.5 pounds. You would want to buy this camera if you want to record incredible slow-motion videos. Beginner photographers are encouraged to buy an entry-level camera. 

You can also check our list of best slow-motion cameras. These include 4k video cameras as well as Full HD Video cameras. Full Hd video cameras are cheaper as compared to ultra HD cameras.

What kind of camera do the Slow Mo guys use?

They are using Phantom Flex4k high-speed camera to capture everything with around 1000 FPS. This device is excellent in cinema shooting because the video footage of this device is unbeatable. It allows you to capture legendary slow-motion videos. If you are a beginner you would want to buy an action camera or a point-and-shoot camera as they are budget-friendly. Professional photographers should go for a High-end camera that offers super slow motion.

An Action camera is used to capture action shots. You would want to buy an action camera if you don't want to spend too much on the camera.

How much does a phantom high-speed camera cost?

The initial rates for the high-speed phantom camera is around $150,000. The price then goes up with the type of features and compatibilities you ask for. However, renting these cameras will also charge you around $2,500 for a single day.

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