8 Best Cameras For Uber Drivers | 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top Including dash Cam, Car Camera And More

Best camera for Uber drivers

best camera for uber drivers

Are you an uber driver or planning to become one? if you are looking for a dash cam for uber what don't know what to look for in one? This article is all about choosing the best camera for uber.





1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam


4K UHD 2160p

2. Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam


FHD 1080p

3. Nexar Beam


FHD 1080p

4. Vantrue N1 Pro

Yes, Optional

FHD 1080p

5. VIOFO A119


2560 x 1440P

6. Rexing V2


FHD 1080p

7. Rexing V1

Yes, Optional

4K UHD 2160p

8. Pathinglek Dual Dash Cam


FHD 1080p

Uber drivers are professional drivers that are employed by the relevant company. Customer satisfaction with the service is the foremost priority of the company. So the company has rules which uber driver has to follow regarding customer satisfaction. They are expected to show etiquettes while dealing with customers. Another top priority is that their behavior should be highly professional. Uber drivers have to be answerable to the company in case of any mishap or any accident. So most of the Uber drivers need a dashcam for protection and evidence. Uber cameras record everything inside the cabin. Some Dashboard cameras have both front and interior cameras.

Reviews of top 8 best cameras for uber drivers

Are you the one who is planning to do the side hustling with joining a rideshare company or planning to do it as a full-time job as Uber and Lyft drivers? If yes, then installing a dashcam would be the most important thing for you.

But wait, what are the best dash cams available in the market? That’s what we are going to talk about in this article for you.

1. Rove R2-4K: The best Dash Cam for uber drivers

The first product in the list of Best Dashcam for uber drivers starts with Rove R2-4K Dash Cam. It’s one of the reliable companies in the world whose products are used by many people due to its successful design and outstanding capabilities to record everything precisely for the uber drivers. Here, this one would be easier in terms of color because you will get only one color, black.

The R2-4K Dashcam comes with a 4K Ultra HD Recording feature. It lets you easily record on 2160P resolution that provides a better video quality. Compared to other cameras, this one will bring you more quality and clarity differences in the recording. So, anything that is happening in the car will remain solid proof for you.

The company provides you with a 1-year warranty on their products. Therefore, buying this camera will give you a complete edge over changing it whenever an issue occurs in the camera within the same period. It will be beneficial for you because you don’t have to worry about the money you have to spend on this camera. It's easily replaceable for you whenever required. Alongside, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee based on your likes and dislikes.

The customer support of this dash cam provider is another reason you should opt for this product. If you feel any issues, the support team will instantly resolve them for you.

In the past, issues have occurred regarding the speed and driving location from the passenger’s side. However, the taxi drivers were found innocent in most cases due to the built-in GPS installed on the camera that can provide the right car speed and location information. Luckily, this camera also contains a similar feature that can help you in the same way. Apart from that, it comes with a Built-in WiFi feature as well. The WiFi feature enables you to manage and view the recording on your Android and iOS devices for various reasons.

The other brilliant features in this dash cam include Slow-mo Videos, Time-Lapse videos, Emergency Video Lock, Loop Cycle recording, G-sensor, Wide Angle Lens, Motion Detection, and Parking mode. So, considering them would also benefit you in different ways. Long story short, Rove R2-4K is the best dash cam for Uber drivers.


  • 4K Video.
  • Three Minutes Clips.
  • Reliable.
  • Quality Construction.


Difficult angle adjustments.

2. Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam 4.0

Z-Edge cameras are pretty good in terms of reliability and performance in the whole world. Therefore, it has covered a considerable market gap that makes them the best camera option for anyone. Furthermore, starting from the color options, it also comes with the Black color, just like the above camera. Therefore, you will not have any issues regarding the color selection in this camera.

The fantastic feature of this camera is the touch Lcd screen panel screen. You can set up anything on the screen by considering your fingertips. It’s a fantastic feature that can help you do whatever you want quickly without wasting any time. Meanwhile, the Front and rear cameras feature to provide you with a view of both interior and the front part of the car. It helps you if any accidental issue has occurred, and it's not your mistake. You can record the moment and show it to the concerned department as evidence, which will keep you safe from any wrong charges or claims.

The camera comes with another advanced feature that is the Automatic Safeguards. Here, the camera will automatically turn on/off depending upon the vehicle ignition. So if you forget to set up the camera recording, nothing will cause any issues because everything will happen automatically for you.

You can set up 24/7 recording mode in full HD format with this camera. Even if the ignition is not on, the replaceable batteries can provide you with a parking mode watchdog recording feature in the camera. Also, it supports up to 256GB of SD card that can ensure you to record whatever you want. In many cases, it would help you a lot for various reasons.

The majority of the time, the Uber drivers would have issues recording in the nighttime. Not anymore, you can record in the same way at night time with this camera as it comes with the night vision where you can easily record anything in the low light, and it will come in good quality for you.

The Mounting type of this dash cam for uber comes with the suction manner. Alongside, you will get JPEG and MP4 support and 1080P Video capture. So, all these things matter the most when you install the camera on your Dashboard.


  • Touchscreen panel.
  • Brilliant Battery life.
  • Comes with a Parking mode.
  • 1440P Front and 1080P rear camera view.
  • Advanced Designing.
  • One of the best Dash cams for uber drivers.


Comes without GPS Capabilities.

 3. Nexar Beam GPS dash cam

The Nexar cameras are famous in the market for their compact and sleek design. Therefore, a lot of people would consider them in their dashboard. With this camera, you will get the same functionality that will provide you the same essence to use it.

If we talk about the standard features, you will get it in 6.26 x 3.74 x 3.31 inches of dimensions, 1080P video capture resolution, and Suction Mount type. However, there will be no batteries included and if you want it with batteries, consider the z-edge dual dash camera for yourself.

You can quickly lookout for the recordings when the car is in parking mode. If you have connected the camera with the smart device, it will provide you with the recordings onto the device 24/7 for protection purposes. The camera comes with a sensor that will start recording whenever anything goes along to it when the car is in the parking. So, you will get the notification and can quickly look at everything happening near the vehicle, even when you are sitting in the home. But, you need to ensure the range of the camera as it can’t record in a more extended range.

The Nexar Beam comes with Cloud storage functionality for the users. The beneficial aspect of this feature is that the recordings will automatically save for you into the cloud account. So, the risks of losing the recordings will never happen with you. Not only that but, it will record everything for you unlimitedly without worrying about the storage capabilities.

The AI detection feature discussed above will automatically turn on and record everything for you whenever a moving object goes closer to the camera. In simple words, it has a detector that will save everything for you.

The Installation of this dash cam is never a troubling thing for you. The company has provided the suction mounting feature where you can easily install it to the dashboard in just 5 minutes. Therefore, you won’t have to consider any professional for that and pay them the installation fees.

In the last, the camera comes as a lifesaver for every type of driver because it’s the most compatible and compact designed camera to use. In addition, you can record in Full HD quality on 1080P resolution at a 135-degree wide video angle. If you are looking for the best dash cam for uber that is priced right and has all the features, you should consider buying this dash cam.


  • Removable MicroSD Card.
  • Easy Setup.
  • 135 Degree capturing with 1080P resolution.
  • Free Cloud Storage support (Unlimited).


For GPS info, the camera depends upon the phone.

4. Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam

Venture cameras are famous in the market for providing the ultimate support in harsh situations. The same capabilities are included in this camera as well for you. So, it would be an excellent option for you if you choose this camera over the same functionalities and features.

First of all, the quality construction of this camera that we discussed earlier is the primary factor for buying it. ABS and PC materials are in the making, which keeps this camera against every type of temperature between -20 to +70 Degree centigrade. It shows that the heat resistance along with the cold resistance of this camera is superb.

The majority of the states have made it clear that mounting the camera on the Windshield is prohibited. Therefore, you can't use the same camera type for personal purposes if you live in the same state. With this camera, you have the option of an LCD rotate function where you can install it quickly onto the dashboard and flip the video side. However, make sure to purchase an adhesive chip individually because the camera doesn’t come with one.

The Camera Comes with a Microphone and GPS Functionality. Here, you have the voice control capabilities with its microphone that can easily do the audio recording of the conversation happening during the Ride. So, if, in any instance, you become a victim of wrong allegations, the recordings would help you out. Meanwhile, the GPS can easily help track the Speed, Time, Date, Direction, and location for you. So, it's worth using depending upon various reasons that might happen with you while riding along with a passenger.

Another amazing feature of this dash cam for uber drivers is its automatic LCD off functionality. Here, the camera will take images and videos automatically for you. When it’s not required, the camera will automatically shut down. Meaningfully, it can save up as much memory to the SD card as possible.

Some other major features of this uber Dashcam include 24hrs motion detection parking mode, Brilliant night vision, and 160-degree wide-angle recording on Full HD 1920*1080p. Besides that, you can record in Time Lapse, motion detection, Loop recording, collision detection, etc.


  • Compact Design uber dash cam.
  • Long Power Cable.
  • Comes with Unlimited Storage(Cloud).
  • Crisp Footage Quality.


Phone battery strain issue.

5. VIOFO A119 V3 Dash Cam for uber drivers

The final product in the best dash cams for uber drivers ends with the VIOFO A119 V3 Dashcam. The Camera comes with some basic features like Adhesive mount type, LCD, MP4 support, 2 Screen Size, and 2.1x1.91x3.25 inches of dimensions.

The other fantastic feature that needs to be talked about in one place is the one-year warranty, 256GB supported SD card, Loop Recording, motion detection, G-Sensor, and easy to install mounting.

The camera comes with an image sensor of Sony Starvis 5MP. In the nighttime, you will get clear image capturing capabilities from this camera, which is quite rare to expect from the others in the market. It becomes possible with the automatic balance of lighting that makes it ideal for recording in the day and night time.

The GPS tracking of this dash cam uber Camera is another brilliant option of this camera. As mentioned earlier, you will easily record the time, date, speed, and other aspects directly connected to the Google map and provide real-time and recorded information.

You will get three different solutions in the advanced parking mode of this Camera. The reasons for including it in the camera will allow you to attain various needs from the camera. Yes, we are talking about Low Bitrate Recording, Time Lapse, and Event Detection.

The G-Sensor Emergency Recording mentioned in the above portion is suitable for recording emergencies such as a collision or sudden shaking. It locks the moment for you and tries to protect it from the Loop recording being overwritten.


  • Buffered Parking Mode.
  • Brilliant Video quality.
  • Discreet Wedge Shape.



Here our list of the best dash cams for Uber comes to an end. Let's read buying guide on dashcam for uber drivers.

What to look for in a camera for Uber driver?

We all have used cameras one way or another in our lives. Cameras are not something new in today’s world. Various types of cameras are available which serve various purposes. Except for the professional, non-professional, and smartphone cameras available which are quite popular another type of camera is dashcams. Dashcams are cameras that are specially designed for cars. Many varieties of these cameras available can be bought according to one's priorities. As the name shows dashcams are mounted in the dashboard part of a car. The mounting positions vary according to camera type and other requirements. However they are generally fixed to the dashboard or they hang down from the windshield.

As we all know ride lift companies have been around for quite a while. These companies are quite popular around the world these days. People book a ride to the station of their choices using an app and a car comes at their home. Popular ride lift companies are Uber and Careem.

Dashcams are cameras that are on at all times and they record a video all the time. These videos are stored in a memory card that is present inside the camera. The videos that are recorded in the dashcam are deleted from the rear end once the memory card is full. This is how dashcams operate. Generally a dashcam consists of a camera, on/off button, mic support, a simple interface for basic operations, a charging port, and a USB port. Let's read the guide to find the best camera for uber drivers.

1. single vs dual operation of dashcams

Dashcams shall help the uber drivers by keeping a view of what’s going on around. Dashcams come in both single and dual operation. Single operation dashcams mostly take a view of the front outside of the car. These dashcams help the driver to have records in the form of video in case of an external impact or accident. Another type of dashcam is the one with the dual operation which records the front external and the rear internal of the car. The rear internal part of the dashcam records all the activities of the passengers lodging inside the vehicle. These operations are highly beneficial for uber drivers. Dual operation dashcams come in different styles and designs. Some dual operation cameras support both front and rear recording in a single gadget. However there are other dashcams that have separate bodies for the rear and front recordings.

To suggest the best camera for uber drivers the dual operation dashcam is most suitable. The uber driver will be able to keep records of stuff happening outside and inside. In case if a customer lodges a false complaint about the driver to the company then the uber driver has proper evidence to falsify the accusations. Similarly any customer misconduct like running away without paying the ride fare, abusive behavior, stealing, or any other inappropriate act will be recorded. The front outside dashcam recording provides video evidence of any external impact by other car drivers

2. Three camera Unit for ubers

picture of Car Interior

Three camera unit dashcams are also available in the market. They are relatively new and trending. They provide outstanding coverage and are one step ahead of the dual support dashcams. These types of dashcams record the cars surrounding from three different perspectives. They provide coverage to the front, rear, and interior perspectives of the car. They are recommended for professional use.

3. Capacitor based dashcams

The power source of the dash cam matters a lot. The most important thing after the operational features of the dashcam is whether the camera has a built-in battery, or it is capacitor-based. Capacitor based dashcams are more reliable and preferred.

4. high picture quality uber Dash cam

Dashcams come with a variety of different features and some of them have high picture quality and others have lower. The buyer can pick a dashcam for video quality according to his budget and requirements. Uber drivers are recommended to go for a high picture quality camera. If you want to buy the best camera for the Uber Driver then you Should consider this factor.

 5. time-lapse of car cam

The time-lapse feature is another common feature available in the uber dashcams but it is not supported by all dashcams. A time-lapse feature helps in extracting a specific feature in case any incident occurs like noting the number plate of a car.

6. G-sensors for uber dash cam

If you are an uber driver looking for best dashcam features before buying then you certainly must go for the dashcams that have g-sensors available in them. G-sensors are special sensors inside a dashcam that detect the moments when a vehicle impact occurs. In other words they activate at the moment of a minor and major accident. The part of the camera recording with the accident evidence is automatically stored in a secure file inside the memory card. This will prevent the accident evidence video part from a deletion in any case which generally occurs in a dashcam.

7. Go for the Loop recording uber dash cam

Another feature available in uber dashcams is of loop recording which simply eliminates the need for an expensive memory card. The recording is stored in the SD card over and over again in the form of a loop means that older data is deleted. You should buy a camera that has a loop recording feature if you are on a tight budget. Loop recording allows you to buy a cheaper SD card.

8. parking monitor must be present in uber camera

The parking monitor feature is an absolute package in itself for the cameras in which it is available. This feature can be enabled in a dashcam to monitor all activities 24/7 whenever the uber driver is away. You should buy a dashboard camera having Motion activated parking. The sensors associated with the parking monitor detect whenever someone approaches the car or enters it. More ever, dashboard cameras need to have an emergency lock and auto LCD feature.

9. Night Vision must be present in uber dash cam

Night vision feature embedded in the dashcams can assist in recording the faces of robbers or other criminals in the night-time. Night vision or low light feature works with the help of IR based Led lights. You should buy a camera having infrared night vision. Infrared night vision is an important feature to consider while buying a dash cam for Uber and Lyft.

10. 360-degree coverage 

If you are looking for a dashcam with the flexibility of rotating then many types of such are available in the market. The two cameras attached to these gadgets can be rotated to face the same side or adjusted in the opposite direction as usual. Most of the dashboard cameras can be rotated to 180 degrees. 360-degree coverage cameras are also available in the market. These cameras cover the front, rear, and sides of the car. These cameras generally don’t have high video quality and good video alignment. These types of dashcams are not that popular. However one can buy these types of cameras if 360-degree coverage is a cool feature in their perspective.

uber cam with GPS

11. Audio Recording of uber passengers 

Audio recording support is available in most of the Uber dash cams. This feature will help in recording the audio in case any verbal argument between the driver and the riders occurs. The driver has control over recording the audio and he can start and stop the recording of video with the click of a button. The best dash cams for uber have an audio recording feature.

12. Wi-Fi Support 

best dashcam to buy

Most of the data and recordings stored in the dashcam are retrieved from it remotely. The memory card is taken out manually and inserted inside a mobile phone to retrieve relevant recordings. However, some dashcams have wi-fi support available in them. The wi-fi support provides the feature of direct and instant sharing of video clips to smartphones through wi-fi. Mostly the videos are uploaded to a cloud from the gadget and downloaded from the cloud at the smartphone end.

13.  Cpl filter 

Another feature that comes with dashcams is of Cpl filter. The dashcams with have support for Cpl filter available in them help reduce reflections when the vehicle is moving the sun’s direction. In the same way the lock file button is also available in many dashcams. The lock file button saves the recording for which it is pressed. Critical or suspicious videos can be saved using the lock file button.

14. GPS in dash cam 

GPS support feature is not seen commonly in most dashcams. This feature is very beneficial for professional drivers because it performs many useful functions like recording the driving track, speed of the vehicle, and the data relevant to longitudes and latitudes

15. Angle coverage

Angle coverage is a important spec of the dashcams. The angle coverage feature describes the area that the dashcam will cover in the recording. Some dashcams have wide-angle coverage while others have not. The buyer may consider this feature while buying the dashcam to find one that best suits his needs.

Photo of  uber driver driving car

16. App Operated 

Many today dashcams are app operated. The dashcam can be operated through a mobile application to perform all the major actions. All camera controls are available inside the app. This feature makes the dashcam more accessible and easier to operate. Storage support of various dashcam varies. Some dashcams have high storage support like 256 Gb while others have lower.

If you are looking for the best dash cam for uber drivers, go for the one that is app operated dash cam.

17. Price of best camera for uber drivers

Dash cams have some limitations as well. For instance the portion of the video in which the pre-context of any incident was developed may not be recorded by many cameras. Dashcams come in a variety of prices and countless shapes. The cheaper dashcams have limited features and offer very limited and low-quality video recording. Dashcams are available in the market from the lowest price range of $25 to a high range of $3,989 in the market. The dashcams with low prices offer very limited functionality and the quality of the recorded video is not that good. However the dashcams with high price offer ultra-high-resolution, sleek design, perfect battery timing, g-sensors and so much more.

Note: We have updated our Guide on best camera for car photography.

camera for uber drivers

Professional uber drivers these days mostly want full coverage of their car. The full coverage is necessary for best protection, insurance claims in case of any mishap, proof of innocence, and tackle with rude customers. Uber cars are totally into public business so the activity tracking around the vehicle is an absolute necessity. Many uber drivers like to purchase a nice dashcam these days for protection. Compliance with company policies is another factor most people are buying these dashcams more. Dash cams with both the front camera and back cameras are a bit expensive.


According to my point of view, the uber drivers must purchase a dashcam with a three-unit package. The three-unit package will provide full coverage of the front, rear, and inside of the car. The image quality is not a big factor to consider when buying a dashcam. However, the latest dashcams have support for full HD coverage. One must go for a dashcam with the g-sensor feature. This will best for recording any strange activity or an accident. Finally the last factor I think is important in buying a dashcam is that it should be capacitor powered. Look for a product that incorporates these basic features. Other features can vary and you may go for the best when that appeals to you.

Cap on

If you want to buy a high-end dashcam then along with all these features mentioned above then go for wi-fi supported devices. Wi-fi supported dashcams make life easier because data can be directly imported in the phone. Wi-fi supported devices are highly accessible in case they can be operated via an app. An app can be used to control all aspects of the dashcam without interacting with the device itself. In my opinion the dashcam setup should be compact because too much area coverage by these cams in a car will look pretty messy. Many cams have separate bodies to incorporate each camera with large LCDs. These types of cameras are not feasible for the look of the car.

I have tried to describe all the major aspects of dashcams in this article. If you want to buy a dashcam that will ultimately be your choice. However some of the most important features to look for in a dashcam have been described. You can also check out best camera for videography.

Frequently Asked questions 

Can Uber drivers have a camera?

Yes, It is the right of an Uber driver to have a camera installed. Such cameras are installed inside the vehicle to record if something illegal happens. It is practiced to ensure the safety of the passenger and the driver.

What is the most affordable camera for uber drivers.

Pathinglek Dual dash cam most affordable camera for uber drivers. Pathinglek is an excellent budget dashcam for beginners uber drivers. It has 3 IPS screen and records in 1080P video quality.

This driving recorder is one of the best options for uber drivers.
This uber dash cam is widely used by rideshare drivers. If you want to secure inside and outside of your car on a budget, then you can buy dash cam.

Do you need a dash cam for Uber?

A dash cam needs to be installed in the car as Uber demands it. There is no getting around it. It is for your own safety. You can show the video recording as proof if some mischief happens.

In the past, there have been a lot of issues that happened from the customer's side who have lodged wrong complaints against the uber drivers for harassment or many other problems. However, in that case, the ones who have installed the dashcam in their cars have managed to escape from those filthy allegations and managed to secure their jobs.
If you want to keep yourself safe from such issues, you need to look for the best dash cam for Uber drivers.

Can Uber drivers make 1000 a week?

If your Uber rating is good and the cancellation rate is normal, then you can easily make 1000$ a week. You have to keep your riders happy to achieve this milestone. You can make form 17$ per hour to 20$ per hour by driving Uber.

What are the best hours for Uber drivers?

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on the country and city you are driving. You can find the best hour for Uber drivers on the internet by searching your city.