6 Best Cameras For Scuba Diving | 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top Including Underwater And Waterproof

Best Camera For Scuba Diving

The world above us is ‘space’ and the one on which we live is the earth. The scenes in both the levels are amazing, but have you ever thought what kind of world down there in waters?

Man Snorkeling

Isn’t it amazing to explore the underwater world? Yeah… …it would certainly be! But how can we see down there everyone cannot be a deep-sea scuba diver so what the technology did for us ???, it designed specialized scuba diving cameras with all the best possible features and qualities so one can get a full picture as it is.


Underwater Range

Mega Pixel



1. Olympus Tough TG-6



4K UHD 2160p

2. Fujifilm FinePix XP140



4K DCI 2160p

3. GoPro Hero7 White



FHD 1080p

4. AKASO Brave 4 4K



4K UHD 2160p




4K UHD 2160p




4K UHD 2160p

There are varieties of domains where cameras are being constantly in use. If we talk about underwater photography and videos than It is not insane to say that there are enormous cameras designed specially to shoot underwater pictures and videos. The all-time questions arise in mind that how can an electronically operated or mechanical thing would work underwater. It sounds crazy because of what we feel. These sorts of gadgets are sensitive to water. Obviously, water is a universal solvent. it can easily deteriorate things. The specialty of underwater scuba cameras is that they can bear water pressure up to a great number.

best camera for scuba diving

This article would be helpful in this regard. We will discuss all the information about scuba diving cameras. Let’s see what this brings to us, so investing in the right kind of equipment would never disappoint you once you start using it. You will no longer judge the capabilities of that scuba diving device. We have already talked about a major tip or quality that will be the most useful in underwater photography which is “water resistance’’. Probably we will talk about the types of scuba diving cameras along with the functionalities. We will never forget to highlight the concrete features that should be noticed when to make a purchase of scuba diving cameras

Three People Diving On Body Of Water

types of scuba diving cameras

There are different kind of scuba diving cameras like;

  • Action dive cameras
  • Compact dive  cameras
  • Dslr scuba cameras
  • underwater camera
  • wide angle scuba divers camera with lenses

These are the varieties of best cameras universally but these are major classifications. Among these categories with the inclusive factor of water resistance and many modifications they are made as scuba diving cameras.

Action dive cameras

Person Grabbing Black and Orange Plastic Case Front of Calm Water

They are very popular and simply designed. They quickly become very famous. They are very compact. They have a whole range of mounting options. They are more designed to take an underwater video rather than photos. They have more options and features to get in and take those best videos. They simply point to shoot straight and usually featured with a built-in fisheye lens which is modified as a 360-degree lens that can rotate at every possible degree to shoot images. This is a primary feature that to look for because under waters there is no specific direction. You have to be easy with your gadget so that you can be able to shoot at every possible bent if you want to be a beginner in filming under waters then that would be a good option which can save your dive document.

Compact dive  cameras

Such cameras which without any supporting environment one can just point and shoot. They are widely in ranges available in markets but the shopping of it only demands a sense of awareness that what to look for. Price fluctuations are obviously there but if the focus is best quality photo then no one look on this attribute.

By means of compact, means that it has every possible feature that is required for a scuba diving camera. When it comes to underwater shooting, there is less capability to bring a lot of supporting materials. It is because when you have to go on a long and difficult excursion then you need to be less loaded. Imagine you have a big bulky scuba diving camera along with tons of flashlight equipment and cords. This all in the underwater scenario and on the top of that you luckily encounter……a sharks…. ops!!!.......by this analogy you can understand how a compact scuba diving camera is worthy. Compact digital scuba diving cameras may provide you a great deal of underwater photography. It will make you skilled by depending on, only one gadget.

camera for scuba diving

DSLR scuba cameras

They are the best type of contemporary camera which one can get. Scuba diving DSLR cameras specially designed for diving purposes. They have each and every good attribute which one can demand. The lag between pressing the button i.e shutter time up to capturing an image is very less so one should never wait to pause still for the very few seconds after the click. However, one thing is to be noticed that they are huge. They weigh a lot of unlikely the compact scuba diving cameras. They need many more facilities in order to give you the best underwater shots. Scuba diving DSLR camera is highly dependent on professional rigs

Underwater cameras

Between the compact scuba cameras and DSLR scuba version diving cameras a simple scuba diving camera somewhat may stand between. Because it is an option on middle ground bases, they do have alternative interchangeable lenses, large apertures, and sensors, best image quality ultra-high definition, and the most important one is the illuminating flash factor because underwater there is very dark and sometimes there is turbidity in waters to shoot clearly

underwater camera

wide angle scuba divers camera with lenses

They are great for scenic pictures and racks by distorting the edge of the picture just to stretch it out a little bit wider, so you can get the whole image. It makes it wider so you can take a full picture. Sometimes there happens a sudden incompatibility due to wide-angle lens potential in scuba shooting. 5 times is zooming in and out functioning of these lenses. Another fact is that, Long ports lenses for housing design may cause long zoom underwater photography. It would be a great feature for topside photographers.

If the lenses are employed for more zooming, they should mount on the ends of these ports that are given already in cameras body if they never attached to these measurements. They could cause dark corners when the camera gets zoomed out, for clipping the dark corners the scuba camera operator can zoom in. Subsequently excessive zooming will result in loss of the function of a wide-angle lens.

Factors to look when buying camera for scuba diving

If one is in search of the best quality diving camera then several points should be kept in mind before any deal. Otherwise it would be the insane to fire aimlessly. There should be a proper survey or a guideline that save your time and make you jubilant. One can utterly be lost if you get exposed to a pile of scuba diving shooting cameras all of a sudden. This is because it needs a lot of pre-research kind of stuff.

waterproof camera

Full manual mode shooting

Besides it is good to be a digital scuba diving camera but an external strobe at some point is worth considering buying one. Firstly, it should be manual controlled because in a manual system sometimes it is good to rely upon rather than digital ones. This is due to the fact that manually scuba shooting diver can have full control over the exposure over the ambient entry of lights in the scuba diving camera which is in manual mode.

Spare parts availability

Do we get lenses when we break it somehow? What about when a camera needs professional service? Is the maintenance can be meet? ……besides these questions many queries arise in mind when having a sound purchase of scuba diving cameras. So, we must clear these things before dealing. It is not good to buy limited edition scuba diving cameras because their accessories will never be available in the future. So, somehow it may become useless in case of any disaster.

I remember once I got a mini ultra-slim laptop notebook ASPIRE but, in my country, there are no dealers that deal in the spear parts. So once my laptop met an accident, due to the non-availability of the ASPIRE motherboard, later it became a “Piece of junk”. By giving this example I want to clarify the need for such warranties and guarantees before any purchase in scuba diving cameras.

Photo of Two People Snorkeling.

Scuba diving cameras and accessories

Well there are plenty of dive cameras in the market but you never know which one to buy? And which one may suit you. Now they are a lot of accessories in the markets like points and shoot cameras are great for entry-level cameras. They are typically factory sued. They have underwater modes, snorkeling modes, and a diving mode that compensate for the wide-angle balance change they are very simple in use. You can recharge the batteries and everything is built inside. They often have Wi-Fi to download any picture, anytime, anywhere directly on phones and tablets

perfect closure of subject

Underwater scuba diving selfie shot with selfie stick. Deep blue sea. Wide angle shot.

On a distance to look at the close-up of the subject, zooming in to such a clear point of visibility underwater is a big task. So, one important tip to keep in mind the zooming in and zooming out ranges in the scuba diving cameras which often are used is 5 cm in case of compact scuba diving cameras. Macro lenses allow you to much closer to the smaller organism underwater. This means you can take a picture of them closer look. They allow you to much closer so that you can take pictures normally where your camera loses control it allows you to take underwater pictures.

Dark mode of best camera for scuba diving 

There should be an ability to shoot in raw because underwater deep seas it is hard to see clearly. So, there is always have to a great option especially on is planning to shot in deep seas. The red filter sits in front of the lenses of your dive camera that compensate for the blue coloration by physically putting the reds back into your videos and photographs but when you shallow up in the shallow depths i.e. waters above 5 meters then everything really turned up red so its best to clip them off. Maranda (purplish) filters are also for scuba diving purposes they do much as the red filters but they are prepared to dive and shoot in freshwaters so they can eliminate that green tint especially when you are in freshwaters.

housing adjustments

It’s not easy to manage the aperture and shutter pace with ease in water, so here works the housing that manage all these two for the photography in waters. So when purchasing any scuba diving camera one must look for housing of it.

Clam shell scuba camera or coverings for water resistance

These clamshell scuba cameras are tending to be a little bit larger and bulkier. They do have a wide range of adjustable features. The buttons on the back come through and they control the camera inside. The clamshell case on the outside is what gives it a waterproof but you can under it to get access to the internal camera which is doing the actual works they tend to have better control over the lighting and functions so draw out better photographs underwater.

Go pro diving camera

High resolution of images

You should never confuse with megapixels and sensor size. Megapixels are not the scale to measure the worth of any scuba diving camera it’s the sensors CMOS that cause indicative image resolution.


Slave TTL is a system that is newly designed which is an automatic revealing system. When any underwater camera with this function set to this strobe mode what it does? It actually imitates the camera's coiled flashlight so that it may create an automatic strobe exposure. This strobe is a function which is only can be understood by a highly professional underwater scuba photographer. So, this system slave TTL strobe is such an advanced supplementary feature that helps the beginner scuba diver photographers to click few best shoots down in waters without nay curbs. Strobe attachment is not so easy one way is that, few cords get synchronized, and sometimes scuba cameras by means of batteries can give a popup flashes at the moment but it is not quick to recycle.

Classification of Specific users

Scubadiver Near Brown Turtle
  • If we talk about the beginners, as a scuba diver in order to take the best photos down there, they must want super easy gear to do so. They want an easy to the point scuba diving camera with growth potential.
  • If on commercial scale we criteria Advanced underwater photographer would prefer a high degree well equipped compact camera.

Camera features requirements

  1. 1
    Image quality should be excellent to get the best results.
  2. 2
    A camera should be handy not so heavy to lift.
  3. 3
    There should be an amalgamation of point- at -shoot, plus several technical controls and facilities …in other words not so difficult to operate and fully technical.
  4. 4
    However, our purpose is under water shooting so there should be wide angle high potential for underwater housing.

Reviews top 6 best cameras for scuba diving

1. Olympus Tough TG-6

Olympus is a very famous camera brand. According to users, Olympus Tough TG is the best camera for scuba diving. It is because of its amazing features. Many users nicknamed this camera as the tank camera. It is the most reliable, most effective, and most stunning camera.

This camera can endure almost anything that can happen to you while scuba diving. It is a waterproof, dustproof, and freeze-proof camera. Olympus Tough TG can record in 4k. It offers 5 underwater shooting modes. If you are into scuba diving and want the best camera system, this camera is for you. Olympus Tough TG has lots of control for optimal shooting. It is easy to use and has 3 underwater white balance modes. You can get amazing shots even at low light. Due to these reasons, It was rated 4.4 out of 5.5 on Amazon.

2. Fujifilm FinePix XP140

Our pick for #2 is Fujifilm Finepix XP140. If You are a scuba diver and want the breakneck shutter speed, then Fujifilm Finepix XP140 got you covered. It records video in 4k quality to provide the best results. If you want to transfer images from the camera to your smartphone, you can easily do that with Bluetooth's help.

The camera is very compact and is waterproof up to 82 ft. Another fantastic feature of this camera is the Smile Shutter, which automatically takes the photo. 5x optical zoom, 16.4 megapixels, and eye detection feature make it the best camera for scuba diving.

3. GoPro Hero7 White

Go Pro is known as the best action camera company. The company produces affordable cameras. If you want to records smooth and steady videos, then this camera is for you. GoPro Hero7 records beautiful HD videos to share with friends and family. Scuba divers love this camera because it is inexpensive and has all the features a diver needs.

You can get 15 photos with this camera, thanks to Brust mode. If you are a scuba diver who uses Snapchat and Instagram, then you can shoot vertically with the camera. A photo timer makes it easy for a selfie when there is no one around. GoPro Hero7 has an intuitive touch screen, and you can efficiently operate the camera.

4. Akaso Brave 4

Akaso Brave 4 4k can take incredible photos and videos. Videos can be recorded in 4k at a Fantastic 24 fps. You can take superb shots with this camera that looks pretty real.

Akaso Brave 4 4k is waterproof up to 100 ft, which is very good for a scuba diving camera. This camera supports wifi and HDMI. The 2 IPS screen allows you to monitor your shots. You can easily share and edit videos with Akaso Brave 4 4k. Anti-shaking allows you to record steady videos that look professional.


If you want to record your favorite and exciting moments in full HD, then you should consider buying this camera. This camera is best for sports and scuba divers. According to experts, Apeman A80 is the best stable 4K camera. This camera offers various video and photo recording modes.

You can get anti-shaking mode, HDMI output, and wifi at a reasonable price when buying this camera. You can download the OK cam or FN cam App and can fully control the app from the phone. It offers 4 view angles to provides the best results

6. Akaso EK7000

Akaso EK7000 is most suitable for professional scuba divers who want to record videos in ultra HD. Longer battery life and low price makes it the most affordable camera for divers. Akaso EK7000 is a 100 ft waterproof camera and offers remote control. If you are a social media guy, then you can easily share videos with this camera. This camera can withstand extreme weather.

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