6 Best Cameras For Podcasting | 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top For Recording, Cam Recorder And More

best camera for podcasting

Close Up Photo of Gold-colored and Black Condenser podcasting Microphone
expert choice
Sony FDR AX100/B
  • 4K UHD video quality 
  • CMOS sensor for fantastic shots
  • High-speed podcasting videos.
  • Legendary image stabilization
  • Best video podcast camera 
value to money
Panasonic HC-V770
  • Full HD 1080P video recording
  • Clear and brighter videos thanks to HDR
  • Fixed LCD
  • Remote Shooting
  • One of the best video cameras for podcasting

Are you looking for the best video camera for podcasting? This article helps you in this by reviewing the top 6 amazing cameras for podcasting that are top-rated. Choosing the best podcasting camera is important to record high-quality audio along with the video to attract more viewers. If the quality of your audio is not good or your voice is difficult to hear, your viewers may lose interest in your videos. The most common mistake that many first-time users make is that they fail to focus on audio but put all their energy into the video. As a result of poor audio, they lag behind in winning greater exposure and likes for their videos.
Therefore, if you are planning to start shooting videos or recording audios, make sure to buy the best camera. Here are some of the best cameras for podcasting that you may consider.


Screen Size



1. Sony FDR-AX100/B

3.5 inches


2. Sony Alpha a6400

3 inches


3. Panasonic HC-V770K

3 inches

FHD 1080p

4. Nikon D5300


FHD 1080p

5. Canon PowerShot SX740

3 inches

FHD 1080p

6. Canon PowerShot SX730

3 inches

FHD 1080p

What is a podcast? What is the role of a camera in the podcast? Which type of camera should be bought by the podcasters? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this article. We all know that entertainment exists in various forms in the world today. One of how people interact with the audience and viewers is through podcasting.

best camera for podcasting

6 best cameras for podcasting

Podcasts are a brilliant way of getting people to share their thoughts and opinions about certain topics. Traditionally, podcasts used to be mainly audio-based but thanks to the constant development of technology, video podcasts are on the rise and are easily accessible. Getting the best video camera for podcasting as a content creator can go a long way in how you captivate your audience. A podcasting video camera is one of these items that require a lot of attention before buying. Here are some video cameras you can look at to decide which is the Best camera for podcasting.

We will be discussing the Pros and Cons of Best Cameras for Podcasting. You would get to know about the one that will suit best as per your podcasting needs.

women doing podcasting

1. Sony FDR-AX100/B: Best Video Camera for podcasting 

The most interactive feature of this amazing podcast video camera is that it comes with a 3.5 LCD display that is good enough to review everything. Even if you want to watch the video that you are currently recording, this LCD display is the best choice.

You can keep an eye on the screen to see what is recording. Additionally, you can also use this large screen for editing or to choose various other option. Not only this, but this fantastic podcasting camera comes with a 20 megapixel still image capture feature and a 14 megapixels resolution video making ability. By using it, you can easily shoot the best and high-quality video and audio.

This is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a camera that can shoot in high definition. What’s better about this camera is that it can also shoot in 4K Ultra HD(3840 by 2160).

It has a deep field of depth which helps keep its images sharp. However, its price might deter you. Most people think that this is the best camera for podcasting because it offers best possible iso range.

The thing that makes it best to buy is its 4k/30p video capture ability with quality audio. These features result in creating a video that is far better than an ordinary HD resolution video. Additionally, the body of the camera is very interactive, stylish, and comes in elegant black color. Along with all these features, the presence of a 1-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor that comes with direct pixel readout makes this camera highly effective for podcasting. This beast has a BIONZ X image processor that delivers incredible image quality. However, this camera is relatively expensive as compared to other similar podcasting cameras, so you may have a good budget to buy this one. Long story short, Sony FDR-AX100 is the best video camera for podcasting.

why you should  buy this best camera for podcasting ?

  • The Sony FDR-AX100 podcast video camera is one of the best cameras for anyone who is a beginner. You can easily get help online to do all the settings best for your podcasting. Therefore, nothing will remain complicated with this camera.
  • The video podcast camera provides you with a very light experience due to its limited weight. Apart from that, it comes in a convenient size, which helps you to hold it anywhere in the room easily.
  • The quality of taking footage is outstanding, along with the best zoom feature. Therefore, you can utilize different zoom angles to make your entire podcasting brilliantly.
  • The 4k Ultra HD Video Recording at the rate of 30 FPS(Frames per second) is one of this camera's best features. Therefore, the camera focus remains outstanding throughout time.
  • The image stabilization of this podcast video camera is brilliant. You will experience that taking videos in 4k will always look good whenever you play it on the Big Sony LCD screen or Television.
  • The Camera comes with a Wi-Fi, One memory Card Slot Touch screen, and microphone feature.
  • Suitable for video podcasting as video quality is excellent.
  • Offers good battery life, BIONZ X image processor and performs well in low light.

Reasons to avoid

  • In most cameras, you will see the batter usually charges individually. However, the Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K only charges when it’s fixed inside the camera. Therefore, you will face lots of issues at the time of doing longer podcasts.
  • The hot shoe design tends to be not up-to-the standards.
  • The memory card slot is only one; therefore, you have to face lots of memory issues.
  • At the telephoto mode, you will experience a considerable amount of rolling shutter.

2. Canon Powershot SX740: Best Podcast camera 

This camera happens to be one of the more recent devices from Canon and is an excellent choice for beginners.

It is small, compatible, and has a slim body that makes it really easy to use. This device has a 3.0 LCD screen and the zoom lens is also pretty good. According to podcasters, this is a good camera for podcasting as it offers excellant battery life. Auto mode allows you to capture amazing pictures. This device offers a fast processing speed that ensures image quality at a reasonable price.

By being one of the best cameras, canon PowerShot Sx740, it allows you to enjoy 40x optical zoom. With this highest optical zoom, you can capture a number of sharp and high-quality still images for professional use. Not only still images, but it allows you to record your podcasts and high-quality videos whenever you want Thanks to its CMOS image sensor. it enables you to record 4k Ultra HD high-resolution and full HD videos with stunning details with a range of realistic and beautiful colors. With these features, you can take countless pictures of distant or far away objects with clarity and record them using the video mode.

To get started with this camera, you don't need to get any photography or video-making skills. It is very easy to use and its autofocus allows you to make high-quality videos with no prior experience. The weight of this camera is approximately 10.5 oz that makes it easy to carry and easy to use for hours. Additionally, its slim design with a beautiful and interactive black body makes it a favorite podcasting camera for many people. Long story short, your recording studio needs this camera.

Reasons to buy this podcast camera

  • The image stabilization feature is outstanding, so you could also better detail videos even considering the 40x zoom effect.
  • The controls are manageable with both manual and auto exposure. Therefore, you can easily rely on the exposure that suits you depending upon the podcast.
  • The camera does provide you with a 4k Ultra HD video feature which is outstanding video quality.
  • The battery life of this camera is outstanding. Therefore, you can record longer Podcasts without any hurdle.
  • The usage of this camera is easier for anyone. So, it will be the best podcasting camera for both professionals and beginners.
  • The Flip Forward screen feature allows you to check out everything is perfectly recording on this camera.
  • One of the best camera for podcasting

Reasons To Avoid

  • The camera does provide the Images or video to shoot on JPEG, but the Raw Format is not available. It will be a harder decision to buy for those who prefer the RAW format.
  • The camera doesn’t provide you with the EVF and touchscreen Feature. Therefore, you have to perform everything through its buttons.
  • Most of the time, taking photos or video would be sluggish on this camera.
  • The camera has a limited low-light and ISO feature.
  • You will not see any viewfinder feature in this camera.

3. Nikon D5300: best Camera for video Podcasting

#3 on our list of the best camera for podcasting is Nikon D3500. If there is a thing like a standalone best camera for podcasting and vlogging, then this is it. This DSLR camera might be small, but its capabilities are unmatched hence why it is commonly referred to as an advanced beginner’s device. The video resolution of this camera is incredible. The background noise of this camera is very low. In addition, the AF system of this camera is also pretty good.

It has a 24-megapixel sensor that allows users to film full high definition videos as well as a stereo sound feature that can provide high-quality sound, making it a great option for recording podcasts. 

Reasons to buy 

  • The Nikon D5300 comes with a sophisticated and useful Auto ISO system. Due to these reasons, you don’t have to decide the ISO decision through your hands as the camera is automatically capable of it.
  • Image Stabilization or its quality is outstanding. Therefore, you can have fine quality at any file you record or shot with this camera.
  • The camera provides you with good quality sensors. Therefore, it will become easier for you to have a better dynamic tone range, better image quality, and better background blur.
  • The 39 point AF system array is another amazing thing that helps you better frame coverage in your Camera.
  • The built-in Wi-Fi option helps you use the camera for live streaming, remote screening, and update every possible feature for the camera for better results and exposure.
  • The LCD is fully articulated, so you can easily frame the Full HD videos even at odd angles. Moreover, it also helps you to protect it against the camera due to the LCD reversing abilities.
  • The full HD video resolution up to 1080/60p.

Why avoid this camera?

  • You can instantly operate the on-screen info due to the dense menu options.
  • The master functions tend to lacks a lot due to the built-in flash.
  • You can’t perform the aperture changes as it doesn’t provide any facility in the live preview.
  • The FN button is only available for WB and ISO like Shooting Settings direct access.
  • The AF system view is very slow on this camera and it does not offer Ultra HD video recording.
  • The magnified live view is not up-to-the-mark. You will have to face extreme lags in this feature.

4. Panasonic HC-V770K Camcorder

This is a fantastic camera for anyone starting out on their podcasting journey. It is super affordable and can shoot high definition video at 60 frames per second.

You can also connect your smartphone’s camera to it wirelessly to have it serve as a sub-camera for a picture-in-picture video look. One of the best features of this camera is noise reduction.

It is one of the best cameras to enjoy quality video making, video editing, quality sound, and audio quality. This full HD video camera gives the high-end video quality with the best podcasting feature. With this fantastic camera, you even don't need to worry about low light, image stabilization, audio interfaces, or editing software for making basic edits. Instead, this camera automatically sets and fixes all these things to give you the best quality video and quality audio after video/audio recording. Even you don't need to put on your headphones to listen to its quality sound due to its high-quality audio. It comes with a primary lens type and professional features to capture high-quality video and audio. The availability of wifi aids in live streaming that you can enjoy without having the best headphones due to video and audio quality.

Along with these outstanding features, the reason why you buy this camera is 20x optical zoom, 1080 video capture resolution, and the remote shooting/view. one more compelling reason for buying it is its wireless twin camera for easy connectivity and easy use. Even though it has such amazing and high-end features, its price is very low so that beginners can buy it easier to enjoy their video shooting time.


  • The HC-V770 Panasonic camera series comes with the best image stabilization feature.
  •  It helps to provide you with impressive image quality and fantastic video quality.
  • It comes with a wide range of Wi-Fi Capabilities, which helps you do live streaming, Remote shooting, and many more.
  •  Easily connect with PC, Laptop, or smartphone
  • Comes with better audio features and full HD video effects.
  • It’s the best camera for both beginners and professionals. 


  • It doesn’t come with a lens ring; therefore, you will find hurdles to achieve a perfect focus in your podcast. Therefore, you have to do all the things manually.
  • The camera doesn’t provide you with 4k Shooting features, which is also a major drawback.
    Comes with zero built-in memory.
  • You need to give a separate power source to the external microphone.
  • The majority of the Adjustments are done through the touchscreen.

5. Sony a6400: Best Mirrorless camera for podcasting

This is a mirrorless camera that has a very compact body. It provides 4K resolution in images. It has good autofocus and a large image sensor.

This mirrorless camera provides a beautifully blurry background and a video with good effects. Although this camera doesn’t have battery life like any other DSLRs it supports HDMI and other slots allow it to be connected to a power bank.

The reason why I had chosen to review this mirrorless camera here is its fastest autofocus with 0.02 second time and its excellent object tracking. These two features are the must-have for a professional camera that you can use to shoot highly interactive, high-quality, and focus-to-details videos with clarity to audios. Due to its next-generation speed feature, it is a highly demanded camera in the market for YouTubers and bloggers. Not only the fastest autofocus and deep object tracking, but it also offers enhanced subject capture that makes it everyone's favorite. It assures 425 phase/425 contrast detention points over approximately 84% sensor.

It has a screen that rotates at 180 degrees. It can support many lenses from third party companies. This camera is perfectly suitable for a podcaster who wants to have good effects and high resolution in his podcast. Another feature of this series of Sony cameras carries is that these cameras can be operated from a mobile application. The stat/stop and many other adjustments are available at the click of the screen of the app and the camera adjusts according to it. This feature is quite feasible for video podcasters as they can easily control the camera from their mobile gadgets.

These features make it a top choice and a reason to buy this brilliant podcasting camera. Whether you want to use it to podcast anything or for post-production, you will be amazed at the results. Another impressive feature of this mirrorless camera is that it has the wifi connectively option that enables you to share your recording videos with others. Moreover, its 24.2-megapixel camera makes it best to record high-quality videos with the best audio quality. As compared to the above podcasting video camera, This slow motion camera comes at a relatively economical price.


  • The Image Stabilization is pretty good with Sony Alpha 16400 due to its good image quality, RAW, and JPEG Format.
  • Equipped with the Industry Standards Auto Focus implementation to record a quality podcast for you.
  • The design of the camera is compact along with a lightweight feature.
  • The burst rates are faster and video quality is fantastic.
  • The battery life is better as compared to the previous models. Therefore, you would enjoy recording longer time videos.
  • The Customizations options are good.
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth options.
  • Provide a better over-heat resistance feature, so you will never experience slow or steady performance.
  • Comes with 1080p slow motion and perfect 4k video detailing. (best for video podcasting)
  • One of the best mirrorless cameras for podcasting


  • Most of the time, the exposure setting between video and stills forgets by this camera.
  • You have to open the menu again and again to enable or disable the tap-to-track video.
  • The Ergonomics are missing in this camera.
  • You may experience low-light shooting and video limitation due to the poor body stabilization.
  • The unnecessary and redundant settings may provide you with confusing auto-focus system experiences.
sony camera for recording

6. Canon PowerShot SX730: Best budget camera for podcasting 

Another good camera for video camera podcasting is Canon PowerShot SX730. The focal length of this device is 24-960mm that allows you to capture epic moments. You can take great shots using this device. This camera allows you to record true to life videos thanks to its 1080P video capturing resolution.

Canon PowerShot SX730 has a DIGIC image processor that ensures noise reduction in image quality. In addition, It performs pretty well in low lighting conditions thanks to its CMOS image sensor. Built-in wifi and NFC makes it easy to transfer videos and photos to Compatible devices. You can easily upload these podcasting videos to YouTube.

What to look for in a camera for podcasting 

Podcasts sessions are usually based on long hours of interactive sessions. Podcasters usually pick a topic or idea upon which they have extended discussions. In these sessions most of the time the cameras are self-operated. Sometimes an assisting hand is available but most of the time it is not the case. The typical DSLR and mirrorless cameras can operate for a limited period even when fully charged. These cameras stop recording after half an hour or so automatically. Therefore, there is a need to start them again to resume the recording. This interruption is not accepted by most of the podcasters. The reason is that podcasters usually have long discussions over a plotline. Although the interruption that not a big problem but still it is a flaw that comes along with DSLRs to record podcasts. Lets read about what features make a camera best for podcasting.

Moreover, video podcasters also need audio production equipment, a face detection camera, sd cards for storage, and a mic stand, etc. Video Podcasting also requires an image processing engine for the best results. 

Note: You can read about best camera for moms by clicking this link. 

Now let's read a buying guide on video cameras for podcasting.

1. Microphone for quality sound

The most important aspect of podcasts is the audio quality. A good microphone is necessary. It is best to look for a camera with high-quality built-in microphones. Most of the cameras don’t have good quality built-in microphones so always examine this feature of the camera before buying. To examine the sound quality most podcasters use headphones to listen back to their sounds and take action in case of a flaw. Viewers will certainly lose interest in the content if the audio quality is not good. If your camera has not a mic then you can buy a budget mic. Long story short, the quality of the mic is extremely important for video podcasting.

Pro Tip: Always buy a camera that can be used as a webcam and has an optical viewfinder. In addition, temperature and brightness adjustments are also an important feature to look for in a Vlogging camera.

high end camera

If you are a new podcaster and looking for relevant stuff for a podcast setup. If the camera does not has a good microphone the first thing you should buy is a good microphone having a pop filter. However, the price ranges of microphones vary from $20 to $12500 all depending upon the quality and features available. The microphone is the most basic need for podcasting because ultimately in podcasting it’s a good voice that matters the most. USB microphones are usually not recommended by experts. XLR microphones are better in quality than their USB based counterparts. Condenser microphones are most popular for an audio input because of their ability to absorb sounds and avoid any harp sounds. Reflection filters are attached to these microphones to avoid any echoes. Next up comes the video camera. Always go with the USB microphone.

2. Battery timing of best camera for podcasting

Some cameras are available in the market which has good recording time. The choice of camera is all yours and, in this article, we will talk about all the relevant features. Still it is the choice of the buyer because everything is not available in a camera. The major feature that should be considered before buying a camera for the podcast is good battery timing for at least two hours of shooting. 

Two Black Bridge and Dslr Cameras

3. DSLRs are the best cameras for podcasting.

Most DSLRs have a recording time limit of 12-30 minutes which is a great drawback. There can be other solutions like taking a small break every 30 minutes or just assign someone to stand by the camera. Although many other things are required to set up a good podcasting environment, we will just focus on the relevant topic. The recording limit constraint comes with most of the DSLRs and mirrorless cameras of this age. Here I would like to discuss that the problem of the recording time limit is relevant for live podcasts. However non-live podcasts can be managed by digital cameras like mirrorless or DSLRs. 

One of the prominent advantages that camcorders have over digital cameras is that camcorders generally have even set. So, when using a camcorder there is nothing to worry about things being in focus or so. However, DSLRs provide a good picture definition using focus and blur but if not set properly then the picture loses even the basic quality. These features make camcorders the best cameras for podcasting.

Another flaw that most DSLRs have is that they usually don’t have a jack for the external microphone to be plugged in. This support is the ultimate need for a podcaster because he needs to monitor his voice. Whereas this feature is easily available in the camcorders. According to experts, these video cameras are best for podcasting. 

4.  why you should consider cam recorders for podcasting 

podcasting microphone in front of computer

Camcorders generally offer better accessibility than their counterparts i.e. digital cameras. They offer most of the things in a single package. Camcorders are relevant for more professional use and they offer professional audio connections. Similarly, their build composes of support for large sensors and full manual control. Large sensors produce the best quality video and a variety of manual control allows for better video adjustments. The biggest advantage camcorders have over their counterparts is that they have support for long recordings.

The first thing that comes in light when talking about any camera is its picture quality and resolution. These days 4k resolution video cameras are considered a good standard. Camcorders generally have good zoom ranges and in-camera crop features. Most of these features are relevant to mainstream filming but they can be used in video podcasts to enhance quality. Built-in wi-fi accessibility is found in almost all camcorders of this age. It is suggested to buy a camcorder with a wide-angle lens because it captures more areas in the frame. This feature will help in good indoor recordings which are essentials of a podcast

Professional level cam recorders 

Camcorders come for both simpler and professional level usage. More professional level camcorders have many input and output slots for various purposes. Professional level camcorders are generally designed for long hours of live streaming, so they have many support options. These types of facilities are not available in the DSLRs. They have XLR inputs and SDI outputs. XLR is good for a live mix from a soundboard and a professional microphone. Camcorders have AC power adapters so they can be plugged to recharge battery anywhere near.

photo of a man with headphones

Camcorders are best suited for times when you want to record some plain video for long hours. Camcorders generally don’t cover many areas. They can generally stick up to your face if you are in front. Fully functional and high-end camcorders have high zooming options far more than the DSLRs. However, DSLRs generally have better wide-angle coverage. This problem can be solved by adjusting a wide-angle lens to the camcorder which provides less coverage.   According to some professionals, camcorders are the best cameras for podcasting.


The picture quality of camcorders doesn’t come any close to the picture quality of the DSLRs. DSLRs have many options to maintain a high focus and blurry background. They give a very furnished look to a picture or a video. Camcorders generally just provide a reasonable picture quality without much effects and details. DSLRs offer large sensors than their camcorder counterparts. Large sensors in DSLRs lead to better performance even in the low light. Simply a larger sensor aids at pretty much better picture production from every aspect.

5.  Sensors for high quality footage

Nikon camera for streaming

Similarly, the camera should have the best and biggest sensors like CMOS image sensors or CCD sensors. The fact that high-quality sensors in a camera will generate high-quality videos. Ultimately the podcast shall have quality and audience attention. Although these features are available in most of the cameras but still mentioning them is important for the guidance of a new buyer. If you want the best video camera for podcasting then always go with the video camera having an CMOS image sensor.

6. Slots for Different purposes

Podcast cameras should have standard output slots and other relevant slots like for USB, HDMI, and FireWire, etc. Slots like USB are quite helpful especially in case if the gadget needs to be plugged into a power bank etc. One should also look for compatibility with the standard accessories like LANC input and a tripod screw. Similarly look for internal hard drive space and card slots for flash memory. It is recommended to look for manual white balance, focus, and exposure controls for good shoots.

7. Video cameras as Webcam

A webcam is used to stream videos on Social media but mostly it is used for YouTube videos. Some cameras can be used as webcams. Webcams are extremely important for podcasting videos because podcasting is all about streaming videos. You would want to make sure that the camera you going to purchase can be used as a webcam or not. You may need to adjust the settings of the camera to use it as a webcam. You can read the camera manual to adjust the settings.

Stick to these pints and, you would be able to find the best camera for podcasting. You can also check out our best cameras for podcasting. Hope this helps!

Fina Verdict on video podcast camera 

Podcasting is one of the effective ways to organize your brand, services, or anything. Later, you could use the same traffic in different other ways. Although podcasting depends on various important issues and trends, it requires much research and exceptional skills to work as a podcaster.

However, the best cameras for podcasting is another important thing that you always need to consider. Why? Because it’s the way to appear in the best way possible in front of the listeners. The time has changed now; people love to see the good quality in a full HD video, which is only possible with the best cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What cameras do podcasters use?

A large number of podcasters use Canon PowerShot SX740 due to its fantastic features, affordable price, and easy to carry ability. However, many others also use Panasonic HC-770K and Sony FDR- AX100B. All of these cameras are the best for podcasting and result in shooting high-quality videos with clarity of audio. These podcasting cameras are also suitable for slow-motion videos.

Usually, you would want to buy a podcasting camera that offers WiFi for live streaming, incredible video quality, CMOS sensor, and excellent ISO range. Stick to these points and you would be able to buy the best podcast camera. You can also check out our list of top best cameras for podcasting.

2. What is a good camera for recording?

For recording, Sony A6400 is the best to choose a camera. In contrast to other video cameras, it comes with the 0.02 speed fastest autofocus that automatically maintains its focus even during the movement. Along with its fast autofocus, its object tracking features boost the quality of the recording and result in creating high-end videos with sharp focus and highest clarity. Long story short, your YouTube gear needs this camera.

3. What equipment is needed for a video podcast?

In 2020, video podcast doesn’t require you to buy and have a number of things to get started with podcasting. Instead, you need only a video camera for podcasting as well as a microphone. You may also need a computer or a laptop to perform any deep editing in software after making the video. You can also buy a tripod stand and audio interface for your convenience.  It is also recommended to use a high-performance camera with having remote control feature.

4. Is Anchor good for podcasting?

For beginners, the anchor is a very good option for podcasting. This is because it offers the simplest hosting platform to the entry into the era of podcasting effectively and with no difficulty.

5. How to do video podcasting?

You need to capture high quality videos to standout in the competition. For video podcasting, you need a camera and a microphone. You would want to buy a camera having 1080P resolution. Build quality of the camera needs to be good and price should be reasonable.

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