8 Best Cameras For Makeup | 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top For Artists, Instagram And More

best camera for makeup Artists

Woman Wearing White Tank Top Holding Black Camera
  • Full HD 1080P recording of makeup Videos.
  • Offers Intelligent viewfinder and CMOS image sensor.
  • Image stabilization for makeup vlogging.
  • WiFi and NFC for easy sharing.
  • Best camera for makeup tutorials
cANON g7 x MArk II
  • Full HD 1080p video recording.
  • DIGIC 7 image processor ensures quality fantastic images.
  • WiFi makes it easy to share videos on YouTube.
  • One of the best cameras for makeup artists.

Are you looking for the best Camera for makeup for professionally recording your next video? If so, this article will help you in choosing the best Camera for makeup artist by reviewing some of the best cameras. If you don't have the right Camera for your makeup tutorial, you will fail to get more exposure for your tutorial.

Being a YouTuber or a makeup vlogger, or someone who makes videos and images a lot, you will need a highly stable camera, has excellent focusing capabilities, and provides high-quality videos and pictures. There are several options available for this purpose, which makes it a little hard to go for the right one.


Flip Screen

Mega Pixel



1. Canon EOS 80D SLR



FHD 1080p

2. Canon EOS 70D 



FHD 1080p




FHD 1080p

4. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II



FHD 1080p

5. Sony a5100



FHD 1080p

6. Nikon COOLPIX S6900



FHD 1080p

7. Panasonic HC-V180K



FHD 1080p

8. Nikon COOLPIX B500



FHD 1080p

Hey all you people out there, are you into makeup photography? If yes, then this is the right place to have a subtle guide about this passion or profession. Primarily makeup photography is the concern of makeup brands for promoting their makeup products. All the major makeup bands manage high-quality photographic sessions of their makeup products. The visuals are of course the biggest factor in appealing the customers. Makeup companies hire models for promoting their makeup products.

Many people have their beauty websites and beauty channels. There are thousands of beauty websites out there, some of which are for personal business purposes while others are beauty blogging. These types of web pages require eye-catching makeup photographs to make their content appealing.

best camera for makeup

Following is the list of best cameras for makeup artists. The pros and cons of some of the most desired cameras are discussed below to help you pick one easily.

1. Canon EOS 80D : The best camera for makeup artists

Makeup cameras need to capture a lot of details. Makeup tutorials on youtube are very common these days and, you need to have the best camera for makeup to stand out from the competition.
Canon EOS 80 is the best camera for makeup filming due to several reasons. This the best price-quality ratio camera for Instagram and youtube. 

This device comes with 24.2 Megapixels and can record makeup videos in full HD 1080P. The Autofocus of this camera is excellent. This camera is loved by makeup Gurus because it comes with a flip screen and can capture high-resolution quality images. The flip screen is essential for a makeup camera because you need to check pictures before uploading them to Instagram or youtube. The camera has 3 inches of screen and high-quality sensors. The battery life of this camera is also good..

  • First of all, this camera for makeup photography is ideal for those who fear damaging it by handling it wrong or simply dropping them.
  • The rugged body of the camera makes it very durable and gives it a longer life. Also, the weather sealing makes it resistant to water, dust, and other particles.
  • A sharp LCD with an easy-to-use menu makes it very easy for beginners as well as makeup vloggers to make high-end videos and pictures.
  • It has a pretty impressive low light performance with a high-quality autofocus system.
  • As long as the makeup vloggers are concerned, the camera has a continuous autofocus system and better sound quality.
  • 80D has a good battery life with built-in WIFI and NFC.
  • Full HD Video Resolution and Good burst speed with 7 fps makes it the best camera for makeup  tutoials.


  • The arrangement of buttons on the body of the camera for makeup photography is not very impressive.
  • Too much similarity among the buttons for different purposes.
  • ISO performance of the camera lags behind the competitor cameras.
  • No option for shooting 4K videos, and restriction to 1080p videos is another disadvantage.
  • Cannot customize the use of buttons to easily find what you use most often.
  • One card slot makes it necessary to change cards regularly, which is a wastage of time.
  • Relatively costly when compared to the competitor cameras for the same specifications.

2. Canon EOS 70D: Best camera for beauty vloggers 

Another best camera for makeup videos recommended by our experts is the Canon EOS 70D. The Canon EOS 70D is loved by Youtuber Vloggers because you can use this camera as CamCorder. This device comes with an APS-C CMOS sensor. The battery life of this device is also great.

This camera lets you shoot amazing quality videos. One of the best features of this camera is the DIGIC 5+ image processor. With the help of this feature, the camera can process data much faster. Canon EOS 70D enables us to shoot continuously up to 7 FPS and has a good image stabilization. This device has a flip screen and you can record videos in full HD 1080P.
If you are someone looking for the best camera for a makeup artist that is priced right and has all the necessary features, then you should consider buying this camera.

  • The polycarbonate and aluminum constructed body design of the camera is a nice touch.
  • The touch screen LCD with remote shooting with a smartphone app makes it even more desirable.
  • Manual button control is awesome.
  • The fast and continuous autofocus system is ideally suited for live YouTube videos.
  •  Customizable lens corrections make taking photos and videos very fun.
  • Noise reduction during photo and video shoots is very impressive.
  • Exceptionally good and varying ISO range.
  • 1080p full HD videos at 30fps are desired by makeup vloggers and YouTubers.
  •  The live view of the 70D can compete with mirrorless cameras.
  • Easy to use and offers Longer battery life.
  • All these features make it the best camera for makeup photography.


  • Image and video quality is pretty much the same as 60D.
  • The dynamic range of the sensors of 70D cannot compete with other models in the same price range.
  • Confusing and hard to control white balance system due to unavailability of a dedicated button.
  • The viewfinder doesn’t provide 100% coverage.
  • Undesirable Anti-aliasing effect during recording videos.
  • Although it has good Wi-Fi connectivity, it can only shoot images through a smartphone app but not videos.
  • The single card slot poses a lot of storage problems.
  • No headphone jack.
  • Although it depends on one’s choice, the price of the 70D is higher than other models with the same or even better specifications.

3. Sony Alpha A6100: The best Mirrorless camera for Makeup shots 

  • Weighing in at just 396 grams, a6100 is a very compact and lightweight camera with a beautiful design and highly anticipated durability.
  • It has a very fast hybrid AF system installed with real-time eye AF and Animal eye AF. One of the best cameras for youtube makeup.
  • The electronic viewfinder is the best feature of the camera as it tells you how your picture is going to come out before even shooting.
  • Use any lens at any shutter speed; you will be able to get very sharp and very stable images and videos.
  • For people who want full-frame videos, the eye autofocus feature of the camera does the job very well.
  • This camera is ideal for shooting makeup videos because of the sharper and high-end results.
  • Despite the size of the camera, it is very fast and accurate when compared to other models.
  • Best Entry-level camera for a makeup artists.


  • You would have to own multiple batteries, and extra chargers as an a6100 drain the batteries relatively fast as compared to a DSLR.
  • The lag time after starting or replacing the batteries can be annoying.
  • Shorter battery life combined with one card slot equals time wastage.
  • The prices of the lenses for the camera are very high as compared to others.

4. Canon EOS Rebel T6 for instagram pictures

If you need High quality and details in your pictures then Canon EOS Rebel T6 is for you. This device has an excellent accurate viewfinder. This camera is very beautiful and elegant in design. You can record videos in Full HD 1080P with the help of this camera.

This makeup camera performs very well in low light as well as bright light. The autofocus of this device is excellent. You can share pictures easily with help of NFC and WiFi technology. This camera has a number of features that help in providing your audience with excellent quality and experience. This makeup camera is very popular among makeup artists. This device is easy to operate and is not that expensive.

Long story short, its the best camera for makeup photography.

5. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II for beauty photography

Among all of the cameras for recording videos, this one is my favorite. The best thing about this makeup Camera is that it focuses on miniature details while shooting videos. It comes in many shooting modes such as hybrid auto, self-portrait, star portrait, star nightscape, time-lapse movie, and many others.  This camera is very popular in the beauty industry.

It comes with a 1 inch large CMOS sensor that is 20.1 megapixel that powerfully records high-quality shoots. Not only videos, but you can also use this camera to take thousands of photographs in a wide dynamic range. The recommended temperature to operate this Camera is approximately 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. Within this temperature range, this Camera effectively shoots high-quality videos and photos with a deep focus on minor details. 

This is the best Camera for makeup because it comes in a very slim, sleep, and stylish appearance with a Wi-Fi feature. Its black color is very engaging and makes it look very trendy. The 3.0 inches LCD enables you to view your recorded videos or photos. The availability of Wi-Fi offers you even more flexibility to share your favorite photos or videos with others. However, this Camera is somewhat expensive to buy for many beginner vloggers and new makeup artists.

6. Sony a5100 for makeup Artists

Sony a5100 is also a highly effective and highly-recommended camera for recording videos and taking photos. Out of all, the fantastic features of this Camera is its auto-focus ability. With this Camera, even if you record your videos while moving, you won't get the blurred results due to its auto-focus feature. Thus, the quality of the video comes out fantastic, and you can notice a clear focus to even minor details of the recorded shots. Additionally, it comes with 24 megapixels’ high-resolution cameras with an APS-C sensor that guarantees high-quality shooting results. 

The reason why this is the best Camera for makeup artists is that it allows you to record high-resolution videos/photos with autofocus and instant sharing. You can share your recorded stuff with your smartphone or over the internet by using Wi-Fi and NFC. Additionally, another good reason to choose this Camera is that it is very lightweight and easy-to-carry. While recording your videos, you can easily carry this smart and sleek design camera in your hands without any discomfort. If you are a professional makeup artist, then you would want to buy this makeup camera.

7. Nikon COOLPIX S6900 

#7 on our list of best cameras for makeup Vlogging is Nikon Coolpix s6900. This one Camera from Nikon comes with the telephoto, wide-angle Camera with 12x optical zoom and 24x fine zoom. With such a detailed zoom feature, you can easily capture the far away objects with clarity and focus. Additionally, this Camera also includes the intelligent autofocus that automatically sets its focus even on the moving objects. Along with all these features, the thing that makes this Camera the best among all for everyone is its vari-angle display. For vloggers and makeup artists, this vari-angle display, as well as a built-in kickstand, makes this Camera a perfect pick.

Another compelling reason why this Camera is the Best Camera for makeup is its highly-effective multiple shooting moods. No matter whether it is a day or a night, you can continue shooting your videos or photos with clarity and quality. Some of the most effective and widely used shooting modes of this Camera include fireworks show, landscape, portrait, pet portrait, easy panorama, sports, close up, food, and scenes autofocus, etc. Another most impressive feature of this camera is its price. As compared to other cameras available in the market, it comes at a very economical price so that anyone can easily afford it. If you are a newbie makeup artist, then this camera is for you.

8. Panasonic HC-V180K for YouTube makeup tutorials

The last camera on our list of best cameras for makeup vlogging is Panasonic HC-V180K. This one is the professional-looking HD videos camcorder camera that comes with incredible features. With its 50x and 90x optical zoom feature, you can make a range of high-quality videos of the distant objects as well. Unlike other camcorder cameras, it comes with a 2.7 inches LCD screen that is touch-screen.

You can use your fingers to choose various options on the screen and enjoy using this Camera for unlimited recordings. Its optical sensor size is approximately 1/5.8 inches that make it a perfect choice for makeup artists and vloggers. 

Its 50c and 90x zoom features and creative controls make it the best Camera to buy. With this amazing camera, you can't only make high-quality videos but also record high-quality audio with its two-channel zoom microphone. Along with all these features, this camcorder camera comes at a very cheap price as compared to other models with the same features.

So here, Our list of best cameras for Youtube makeup artists comes to end. We have reviewed the top 8 best cameras for Youtube makeup artists.

What to look for in a camera for makeup pictures

Photography is an Art and there are many makeup artists and experts out there, who are into beauty vlogging or simply run channels. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the most popular platforms for running a channel. Along with all the major setup and makeup itself the most important thing required is a suitable camera for high-quality shots.

Types of camera for makeup artists 

There are many types of cameras available in the market. Major categories are

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Point and shoot

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are best for professional and high-quality images. These types of cameras are very versatile technically. Both mirrorless and DSLR cameras provide the same functionality with minor differences. These types of cameras provide a range of camera settings and have the option of an interchangeable lens.

1. DSLRs are the best cameras for makeup artists 

For professional brand and makeup, photography DSLRs are best suited. However, if you are purchasing a camera for makeup and beauty vlogs then the choice of camera depends on your priority. If you want professional quality in your vlogs, then go for DSLR ranges.

If you do not know much about how DSLRs operate then you may know now. DSLRs are the acronym of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. .

DSLRs are quite bulky and difficult to handle. High-quality images can only be produced by large and high-quality sensors. Big sensors, mirror, and others make DSLRs bulkier. If money is no issue, the DSLR is the best camera for makeup photography.

2. camcorders for beauty Vlogging

Another major type of camera is camcorders. Camcorders are designed for long video shooting. These cameras are used in journalism and filmography.

The makeup artists who are into YouTube and other social media would want to buy a camcorder. You can record great videos for YouTube using a good camcorder. A camcorder is an excellent choice if you want to record high-resolution makeup tutorials. According to some professionals, Camcorders are the best cameras for youtube makeup if you are a youtube makeup artist.

3. Point and shoot cameras for makeup  artists

If you like something easy to carry and compact then you can choose a point and shoot camera.

Point and shoot cameras are the relatively cheaper and outdated category of cameras. These cameras have been replaced by smartphone cameras in general. Anyhow some people who are just fond of random photography still like to stick to these small cameras. Point and shoot cameras offer limited functionality, but they are lightweight and easier to carry. The biggest constraint with point and shoot cameras is that they have lower performance than any other camera types.

The latest models of compact cameras have features of the flip-up screen and this flip-up screen is quite suitable for taking selfies or vlogging purposes.


4. mirrorless camera for makeup video recording

Mirrorless has the benefit of being less bulky and still has advanced features. Mirrorless cameras are very similar to DSLRs but these are without a mirror.

Mirrorless cameras are also used for YouTube makeup tutorials and beauty vlogging. If you are a beginner makeup artist you would want to buy a mirrorless camera.

5. Always choose the camera with wifi support 

In these types of scenarios where someone is into regular makeup vlogging, it is good to have wi-fi supported cams. The pictures can be directly imported to smartphones rather than connecting cam with a laptop via cables.

As a beauty vlogger, you need to upload a makeup tutorial on Youtube or other social media platforms. Built-in Wifi makes it easy to upload the makeup tutorial on YouTube. If you are looking for the best camera for makeup photography, then you would want to buy one that offers WiFi support.

6. Typical Mic input for external microphone

One important feature to consider for buying a camera for makeup vlogs is to look for typical mic input. The audio quality of the makeup camera should be good. External microphone jack support should be incorporated into the camera.  External microphone jack is very important. In case someone wants to interact via headphones. So always go for a camera for makeup photography that offers External microphone support.

7 . HD quality for makeup tutorial

When talking about picture quality, HD quality will do fine but if you find 4K with the above-mentioned camera traits then it’s better to buy one. The best thing about using a DSLR for makeup videos is that high-quality videos with different effects. These can be a blurry background and certain focus points. If you want the best camera for makeup shots, then you have to buy DSLR Camera. DSLRs make it very easy for makeup artists to get the best makeup shots.

8. Dual pixel and Great white balance 

Another good thing to look for in a makeup camera is the dual pixel AF system. Similarly look for a camera with great white balance, this is an essential feature for makeup vlogging. These factors are extremely important if you want the best camera for makeup videos.

9. Flipping screen and lens of best camera for makeup Tutorials 

When looking for other features in a DSLR it is good to have one with a flipping screen. The flip screen will show you all your actions and you may adjust accordingly. The lens to be used for makeup cameras can be a zoom lens. In makeup tutorials, full-face coverage is necessary and too much detail is not required. This requirement can be fulfilled by any medium level zoom lens. When considering the best camera for high-quality professional makeup photography, there are certain aspects to especially look into. If you want to buy the best camera for makeup tutorials, then you must consider this feature. In this way, you can record high-quality makeup tutorials.

A woman sitting down while holding a camera

The flipping screen also helps in recording a makeup tutorial. If want to shoot a makeup tutorial then you would want buy a makeup camera that offers a flipping screen.

10. Look for mic support

The most important feature to consider when buying a compact camera is to look for mic support availability. Most of these cameras generally don’t carry any external mic support. However, if you are interested in picking up a graceful camera for makeup vlogging and recording purposes other than simple random photography then you must go for the cameras with mic support available in them. The latest models of these compact cameras have this feature easily available. The mic support feature raises the price of these cameras just a little. Mic support is a must have feature in the best camera for makeup artists.

If you are someone who wants to shoot a makeup tutorial then you should look for a camera that offers mic support. With a good mic, you can record a makeup tutorial with great sound.

11.  size of sensor for high quality pictures  

A prominent feature I would recommend looking for when buying a best compact camera for makeup artists of your choice would be to determine the size of the sensor embedded in the camera. Many of these cameras available nowadays have sensor sizes proportional to the DSLR cameras. The camera with better sensors will ultimately have better image quality. So, I would recommend you always go for a camera with good sensor quality when looking for a compact camera. 

Shallow Focus Photo of Woman Wearing Costume

12. Other features of camera for makeup artists

For makeup shoots it is good to go with a camera with megapixels ranging from 20-24 specs. CMOS sensor-based cameras are good to go but still it's better to go for CCD sensor-based cameras as they are more advance. The next feature to look for in a camera is dual pixel support as mentioned before, these cameras provide high quality. Another major feature that should not be missed in a camera is an intelligent viewfinder. Optical viewfinders are quite supportive in providing proper and balanced focus. Other important features include video snapshots mode, target finding AF, high frame rates, and excellent autofocus points.

how to get best makeup shots ?

Professional model makeup photography requires many other factors along with the camera itself. So, let's talk about some major factors that will influence the best makeup shots. 

The most important factor is to hire a professional model with top-notch confidence. Next is to hire a professional makeup artist for really fine makeup details of the model. The makeup should be highly creative and tempting in itself. A common term associated with makeup shots is glamorous photoshoots. Glam models are quite appealing for masses and this investment brings huge profits to the company and model itself. 

Lightning techniques to use best camera for makeup properly 

For high-quality makeup vlogs lighting techniques play a very important role. If lighting is not good then the tutorials may not be that worthy. You can buy a ring light for makeup videos and photos. Using a ringed light around the camera enhances the videos much more. Ring lights provide a diffused and natural look of the subject. Halogen bulbs are recommended for the natural and stunning look of the makeup. 

Always buy a ring light that has LEDs. Buying a LED ring light won't break your bank. If you are a makeup artist who wants to takes his videos to next level then you should consider buying a ring light. If you are confused about buying a ring light then go for the one having a greater number of positive reviews.

Macro makeup photography for makeup artists

One type of makeup photography is categorized as macro photography. In this type of photography macro lenses are used.  Macro photography is quite popular in makeup shoots as well. Close shots from the macro lens make the makeup look so much more attractive. Every detail of the makeup item is visible with multiple levels of enhancement. This shoot is conducted for both the models wearing the makeup and the makeup products itself. The lighting setup should be close to perfect for the best pictures in this area of photography. It is recommended to use silver sheets to reflect the light at the required angles for the best output.

The macro lens is amazing for close up looks. They carve every detail of the face with absolute clarity and hiding the flaws. A macro lens which is 100 mm is the popular one. The macro lens offers a great depth of field which offers great compression to the photographs. It aids in providing a nice blurry background even in those close shots of the subject. The foreground remains quite distinct with its sharp look and effect. 

For example, you can peek into the grainiest details of eye makeup while the eyebrow and the outskirts of the eyes can be blurred well. For macro photography a high-quality lens and a high-quality camera both are necessary.

To make the videos hit among the public, your videos must be of high quality. It is especially required for all the makeup artists and vloggers that their Camera must be of high resolution. A high-resolution camera assures that all the recordings will be of high quality. However, there are many other features as well that any best camera for makeup must-have. Let’s read about the following Camera to see these features and learn why they are the best Cameras for makeup vlogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best camera for makeup photography?

The best camera for makeup artists and photography is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark IIA great number of vloggers and makeup artists use this camera for their makeup photography. The core reason for why they choose this camera over others is that it gives them very high-quality and clear recordings of images and videos. Additionally, its WiFi connectively feature makes it easy for the makeup artists to easily transfer the captures shoots form this camera to other devices. This device performs very well in low light conditions.

What Camera does YouTube Beauty Gurus use?

Whenever it comes to recording high-quality YouTube videos, many YouTube Beauty Gurus use Sony a5100. The reason why they pick this camera for recording their videos is the highest resolution and autofocus. Sony a5100 is a professional makeup camera with an excellent AF system. This device is best for beauty videos. Additionally, it also offers wifi connectivity to bring more ease for uploading or transpiring videos or images. Its simple and sophisticated design make it more demanded by people as it is stylish, lightweight, and easy-to-carry. As a makeup artist, you should consider buying this camera.

Which camera do most YouTubers use?

The most widely used cameras, but the YouTubers include Panasonic HC-V180K and Sony a5100. The details and the best features of the Sony a5100 have been discussed in the above answer. However, many YouTubers use Panasonic HC-V180K camera because of its surprisingly high-quality videos and the largest optical zoom feature. Moreover, its autofocus feature makes it more desired among YouTubers as it doesn’t let the video blur while recording and moving. 

What camera do beauty Instagrammers use? 

When it comes to Instagrammers, they have varying choices when it comes to recording the videos. All of the above-discussed cameras are highly used by various Instagrammers. However, the most widely used one is the Nikon COOLPIX S6900 due to its affordability, quality-results, auto-focus, and a number of shooting moods. It is a great camera for shooting makeup and easy to use.

You would want to buy a camera that offers at least FHD 1080P video resolution for great makeup videos, excellent low light performance, fantastic optical zoom, and an LCD screen for easy viewing.

What is the best camera for beauty Vlogging?

The best camera for beauty vlogging is canon powers hot G7 X mark 2 because it offers amazing features for beauty vlogging. This device is loved by beauty vloggers due to CMOS image sensor. This camera is elegant in design and offers incredible image quality. However, This device is a bit expensive for new beauty bloggers. If you are a professional makeup artist, you should consider buying this camera.

How to choose a video camera for makeup vloggers?

Choosing the best video camera for makeup vloggers is nothing but easy. You have to consider a lot of factors including continuous shooting, high video quality for makeup videos, CMOS sensor, Memory card support, and a reliable image processor. Beauty vloggers and makeup bloggers should buy a camera that performs well in low lighting conditions as usually makeup tutorials are recorded in low light.

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