8 Best Cameras For Concerts | 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top For Fashion Photography And More

best camera for concerts

best camera for concerts

The usage of cameras is not limited to one or two specific purposes. The camera is one of those gadgets that have remained an important part of human life all along since its invention.

Whether you are working with an event organizer as their cameraman to cover all the concerts or you are just doing it for personal reasons, in both cases, the use of the best cameras for concerts is very important.

Concerts tend to perform in a light sequence that may make lots of issues for the Full HD video recording and aesthetic photo shots. Therefore, the cameras for concerts come with their unique features.

In this article, we are going to tell you about a list of best cameras for concert photography. We have narrowed down the list to 6 cameras for concerts after performing a lot of research. So, let’s start to talk about the PROS and CONS of those six best cameras for concerts.


Screen Size

Mega Pixel



1. Olympus OM-D E-M10

3 inches


FHD 1080p

2. Canon PoweShot SX620

3 inches


FHD 1080p

3. Canon Powershot ELPH 360

3 inches


FHD 1080p

4. Canon PowerShot SX420

3 inches


HD 720p

5. Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

2.7 inches


HD 720p

6. Sony DSCW830 

2.7 inches 


HD 720p

7. Sony DSCW800

2.7 inches 


HD 720p

8. Nikon Coolpix S7000

3 inches


FHD 1080P

This wondrous invention has no comparison to many other inventions which came, rose to the peak of their usage and vanished soon from people’s lives. Cameras have special importance in their hemisphere. Moments, happy or sad have a huge impact on people's lives. The camera is the gadget that records the valuable moments of one’s life just by a click. Many people like to carry cameras with them especially when they are on a vacation or any other important event of their life.

Choosing the best camera for concerts is anything but easy. it is because Cameras come in various builds, designs, and functionalities. Camera manufacturing companies show close competition. The camera market is huge. 

The pros and cons of the best cameras for concert photography are discussed below.

1. OM Digital Solutions OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Micro 4/3 Camera

  • The best part about the camera body is that it works with almost every lenses. Therefore, you will have the best quality control over your Concerts with this camera.
  • The Dual-axis level gauge comes as a built-in feature. Therefore, you will have better visualization representation.
  • You can easily perform remote shooting, Live streaming, and many other things due to the Wi-Fi Connectivity support.
  • You will get the image quality of E-M5 even in the smaller limitations.
  •  Offers the best ISO range for concert photographers and works well in low light.
  • The Tripod can easily assemble with this camera due to its useful Tilting LCD screen.
  • You will easily get better and quality autofocus that works quickly in responsive situations.
  • You will get control of the AF system and other settings due to the Touch Screen feature.
  • The camera can automatically dim or gains based on the situation due to its built-in EVF feature. 
  • The Camera provides you with the raw format files, which are best for the post-processing of the videos or images you want in a camera for concerts.
  • You can get a wireless flash control in this camera as it comes as a built-in feature. Long story short, OM-D E-M10 Mark II is the best camera for concert photography.


  • As per the professional perspective, Full Video Quality is somehow mediocre. But, the beginners would find it good. Depending upon your camera usage skills, you will find fluctuations in the video quality.
  • The on/off button is placed in an awkward position.
  •  The user interface features are mainly hidden by default.
  • You have to use the Fn2 button to dial the rear command, as it's usually out of your thumb reach.

2. Canon Power Shot SX620: best Camera for concerts

  • The Canon Power Shot Sx620 comes with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature. It allows you to use the camera for concerts live streaming due to the Wi-Fi connectivity. On the other hand, you can also connect this point-and-shoot camera with other devices that support Bluetooth to share the data.
  • The Full HD video quality is another amazing feature of this camera. Therefore, you can record the video on 1080p at a 30fps rate. So, the color and tones of the video will remain HD despite the conditions.
  • The battery life of this point-and-shoot camera for continuous videos is around 45 minutes to 1 hour, which is more than enough. However, you can also use a backup battery to continue the video process. With Photo Perspectives, you can take more than 400 HD pictures in the standard battery life span.
  • The zoom of this point-and-shoot camera is very powerful.
  • The stabilization found inside the camera is pretty amazing and it also has CMOS sensor.


  • The Camera Doesn’t Provide a microphone input option. Therefore, you can not insert a better microphone and bear the built-in one.
  • The Camera does support JPEG format, but not RAW. Therefore, those who want the cameras for concerts supporting raw format might not buy this one.
  • The ISO performance is also limited in this camera.
  • The Zoom lens is also fixed.

3. Canon Power Shot ELPH 360 Digital Camera:

Next on our list of best cameras for concert photography is Canon ELPH 360. Let's discuss why a concert photographer would want to buy this camera.

  • This point-and-shoot camera is easily portable and can also carry in your pocket without any hurdle.
  • It comes with a sharp LCD screen and CMOS sensor.
  • The image stabilization is amazing for both professional and beginner perspectives. A beginner concert photographer would want to buy this camera as it is inexpensive.
  •  Camera does come with various special and fun shooting effects and modes. So, you could do a different twist with this point-and-shoot camera for concerts.
  • It comes with an ISO range of 80 to 3200, including the Auto mode.It can detect eight faces at the same time.
  • You will have a dynamic range of shooting tips in this point-and-shoot camera. It’s the best feature for the beginner.


  • The Batter life is below average, which means you can’t run the concert games for a longer time.
  • Comes with no Tilting LCD and a Touch screen option.
  • While using the flash, you will see the camera quality wasn’t up-to-the-mark.
  • No manual options to control the concert photography.
  • The image quality gets poor with flash or low light situations.

4. Canon Power Shot SX420 Digital Camera

One of the best camera for concert photography is the Canon Powershot SX420 due to the following reasons.

  • The Canon Powershot SX420 comes with a Built-in Wi-Fi Feature. It helps you consider it the best cameras for Concerts that provide live streaming and remote shooting concerts options.
  • The Camera does provide you with a large zoom feature, which is good to capture the entire event at any angle. You would easily consider a 42x zoom lens, which is a pretty good thing.
  • The Camera is Easy to Use by a Professional and Beginner. Therefore, you don’t require any extra skill to operate it in the right way.


  • LCD screen sharpness is not up-to-the-mark, just like the one that is adequate for Concerts photography. 
  • Image quality is not as promising in low light situations.
  • You may experience Shutter lag issues.
  • Battery life is not compromised able.

5. Canon Power Shot ELPH 190

  • The Canon Power Shot ELPH 190 has a 10X Zoom Lens. So, you can easily take photos or videos by standing at any angle in the concert venue. 
  • The optical stabilization feature is another amazing treat in this camera for concerts.
  • It offers you automatic options for shooting concerts
  • You only need to pre-set the proper settings, and it will take the photo or video for you.
  • List You can easily record around 50 minutes with this concert camera, which is more than enough. 
  • DIGIC 4+ image processor and CCD sensor combine to provide you with the Best image stabilization and HD quality. 
  • For Video, it offers full HD video quality with the same feature.
  • It comes with three different color options.


  • It provides a rear LCD screen in low-resolution.
  • You will not consider a high ISO performance in this camera for the videos.
  • Offers a limited 720p for videos.

6. Sony DSCW830 20.1 MP Digital Camera

  • ISO range from 80 to 3200 available in this camera.
  • It comes with a 25mm Wide-angle feature, which is good enough to capture or shoot the concerts.
  • The image stabilization for Optical needs is outstanding.
  • You will also have the Face-detection focusing sensor in this camera that works well.
  • The camera is lightweight and handy. So, the video and photographs can be taken easily in the concerts without any issues.


  • It has a limited 720p recording option for HD video.
  • The CCD sensor does contain some issues.
  • The camera body construction is plastic, so the damage chances are higher.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity lacks most of the ties.
  • It offers 1.0 frames per second, which is considered a slow continuous shooting.
  • You will have to use an external flash shoe. It provides a manual focusing and exposure feature.

Buying Guide on the best camera for concerts

What to look for in a camera for concerts 

In this modern era, many people like to adopt photography as a passion, and the youth is especially observed to have interested in photography. Now photography is an art in itself and requires attention, skills, and ability to perform well. In this digital age many people are fond of photography for their collection. Many people like to engage their time productively with vlogs. Vlogging requires a good camera setup and good content. Uploading videos on social media platforms is a popular source of earning these days.

We observe that major categories of cameras that are dominant in the world market today are three. These three categories are point and shoot, digital single-lens reflex(DSLR), and mirrorless cameras. A mirrorless camera does not have an optical viewfinder. In other words, A mirrorless camera is without a mirror. All of the cameras that fall in these categories have specialties of their own. DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are best for more professionally-oriented photographers. However point and shoot cameras can be used by anyone who likes to carry some lightweight and easy to use gadgets around. A Point and shoot camera is cheap and can be used by beginner concert photographers.

people in concerts


1. DSLR vs mirrorless (which is better for concerts photography?)

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are quite popular due to their high-quality picture formation. DSLR cameras have a shutter that captures light from the lens and passes it to a mirror fixed in the camera. The light on the mirror then reflects the camera sensor. The camera sensor finally saves the picture in a digital format. There is not much difference between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras except for one. The mirrorless cameras are relatively compact because a mirror is missing in these. The mirror is used for reflecting the light to the image sensor in DSLRs. However in mirrorless camera light directly falls upon the image sensor. Both cameras have relatable qualities but generally DSLRs are better than mirrorless. Nowadays mirrorless can be said to be getting even too. These digital cameras generally have their specialties and weaknesses.

2. Personal choice of individual buying camera for gatherings

canon camera

What to buy for concert photography? Well this depends on the choice of person and his expertise. However this choice will also depend on the role someone has in a concert. Professional photographers affiliated with the concert management are allowed to carry high-quality professional cameras for official photography. However in well-organized concerts the attendees don’t have the permission to carry a professional level camera like DSLR or mirrorless cameras. According to recent trends most of the general public attending the concerts use their smartphone cameras to click some shots. However, many people like to carry a proper camera for recording happy moments. The preferred cameras for attendees is a point and shoot camera. A point and shoot camera is budget-friendly with good image quality and a compact camera body. Both professional and nonprofessional attendees of a concert should look for a camera that has good low light performance as their priority. This is because many of the concert events are set up in darker times.

3. best camera for professionals 

The professional photographers of a concert need cameras that have very quality and excellent features. Good options are to choose from amongst DSLRs and mirrorless. DSLRs are advanced cameras that work on a mechanism. The mechanism of DSLR operation is that when the shutter opens light falls on a mirror. The mirror then reflects the light to an image sensor which leads to the final procedure of making a digital picture. DSLRs are generally heavy, big and have technically advanced controls. The most promising feature of these cameras is that they are adaptable to various types of lenses. Lenses play a major role in picture quality. These cameras can support both company provided and third party lenses.

Similarly the other class of cameras that is best suited for professional usage is mirrorless cameras. Much of the mechanism and features of mirrorless cameras are the same as DSLRs. As the name shows mirrorless cameras don’t carry any mirror in them. When light crosses the shutter it falls directly on the image sensor. The rest of the functioning is similar to DSLR. Pros of mirrorless cameras are that they are quite compact as compared to DSLRs and provide support for multiple lenses. Cons can include some missing functionalities and some effect on performance.

4. ISO for concert photography

You must look for cameras with ISO output for the concert. ISO output is needed for a good shutter speed that is required in the low light setup of a concert. What is ISO? ISO is described as the sensitivity of the camera. If the camera sensor is more sensitive, then the picture formed will be grainier. It is recommended to buy a camera with less sensitivity for a better picture. So the best camera for concert photography will be the one with good ISO range and output.

5. sensors to get amazing shots in events 

Bringing the camera sensor into consideration, there are two kinds of sensors out there. Full frame sensors and crop sensors. The full-frame sensors are expensive and they higher ISO output. The image is less grainy with frame sensors. However the crop sensors are relatively cheaper, and the picture is grainy and low quality. You should buy a camera that has a Full-frame sensor because a full-frame camera is best for concerts.

6. Auto mode Vs manual mode

Most cameras generally have an auto mode which can be used for auto ISO settings these days. Whenever required these cameras shift to higher ISO output. ISO output can be controlled manually as well. In lowlight or concert shooting the camera should be adjusted to higher ISO output. Everything in cameras is not built-in, the manual and auto control settings affect a camera's performance. ISO noise feature is the most important one to consider for night time and low light photography. Professional concert photographers should always go for a camera that has the highest level of ISO noise specification. The grainy effect in the pictures is controlled by higher levels of ISO noise.

Black Camera on Gray Stand in music event

7. Manual Adjustment for concert photography

Certain features should be looked upon before buying a camera for professional concert photography. However manually adjusting the camera provides better qualities then auto adjustments. The exposure of the camera should be manually adjusted because concerts have a variety of lightening adjustments. Concerts can have very bright or some times very faded lightening adjustments. Therefore the camera user should manually adjust the best exposure setting for a camera according to the scenario. Make sure to buy a camera with tilting LCD.

8. Aperture of best camera for concerts 

There are a variety of cameras available in the market. The price ranges vary according to the features. Cameras with 4k resolution have the highest price these days. If you have a reasonable budget for buying a camera for concert photography then you must go for a camera with a high aperture as a priority. 

The aperture of the camera lens should be set to a maximum. A maximum aperture setting is best for concert photography because it captures maximum light. This setting is useful because most of the concerts happen to be at night-time. The lighting of concerts is very dim as compared to daylight. To get professional high-quality shots in such setups the aperture has to be set to maximum.

Person Holding Turned-on Camera in a gathering

9. shutter speed

Concerts are places where people come to enjoy. Concerts are full of people and motion. People may be moving here and there. Some might be jumping, waving, or dancing. The performance artists have their engagement moves. So in such kinds of events the shutter speed of the camera should be set to a value between 1/100-1/200. This range of shutter speed in a camera will capture balanced shoots of people in motion. However at shutter speed like 1/250 or higher the pictures will become blurry. Similarly, it is recommended many users to set the picture saving format to raw.

10. lens of best camera for concerts

Another important thing not to miss out on concert photography is to choose the best-suited lens. Essential features to look for are to consider ones with a wide-angle lens and good zoom adjustments. Even some lens are available for night time sky shooting and provide very high quality. If you are very fond of detailed photography then do some research on these kinds of high-end lenses.

Person Hoding Camera Taking Photo of People in festival

The lens is where you may need to spend. Yes because a cheap lens will let to both lower zoom capabilities and lower aperture specifications as well. These features can’t be compromised for a medium quality concert shoot. Lens of the best camera for concerts is also the best.

11. Full frame and CCD sensor cameras

If you are looking for cameras for high-end photography then get ready for spending some money. You can go for a full-frame, CCD sensor cameras with other high-end specs and a high-quality lens for best pictures. CCD sensor camera combined with a high-quality lens will certainly improve the quality of your photographs beyond imagination.

Person Holding Black Dslr Camera

12. Compact cameras are somehow best for cameras for concert photography

Concert attendees simply don’t have to go for the high-performance mirrorless or else. Mass attendees are generally recommended to buy point and shoot or compact cameras. Low price point and shoot cameras are no use and they are no better in quality than the cameras of the smartphones of this age. However the better point and shoot cameras have results close to those of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. A lightweight camera that is compact and easy to use is the best choice for an attendee. The point and shoot cameras are expected to have a high aperture for good low light performance and good zooming. The zooming feature is required because concerts have a lot of attendees. The people taking pictures from far away need a good zoom camera for clear and best pictures.

Photo of a man holding a camera

Similarly in the case of compact cameras for concert photography the basic features to look for are good zooming, high aperture, and good ISO output. The pictures maybe not be as detailed as produced by professional cameras. Neither that is the requirement of a commoner. These cameras as CMOS sensors as their best and prices vary based on certain factors. These factors are zoom ranges, lens quality (lower to higher apertures), and the picture quality. I would also like to recommend that you look for a compact camera with good megapixels and balanced ISO output. Too much ISO output can make the picture quality low and it may look grainy. So the megapixels of the camera is very important.

1. Olympus OM-D E-M10 for concert photographer

Olympus OM-D E-M10 is called one of the best cameras for concerts due to its excellent features. This camera provides perfect image accuracy. It has a silent mode that disables all the shutter sounds. In addition, it can perform video Recording in Full HD 1080P. That being said, you can record clear videos.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 offers burst shooting mode at 8.5 frames per second. It lets you capture sharper images thanks to its 5x image stabilization. You can take high quality pictures of concerts as this camera performs very well in low light. 

You can easily connect this camera with your smartphone that lets you share photos with family and friends. Battery life of this device is pretty good. Due to these reasons, Olympus OM-D E-M10 is the best camera for concert photography. 

2. Canon PoweShot SX620

Another best low light camera is Canon PowerShot SX620. This device is the perfect option for concert shooting. It performs great in low light thanks to its CMOS sensor. In addition, DIGIC 4 image processor ensures the best processing of high ISO shoots.

Canon PowerShot SX620 is one of the best cameras for concert photography and it lets you capture shake-free images thanks to its 25x optical zoom, and Intelligent IS. You can capture the shots of fast-moving musicians and celebrities easily. It has 20.2 MP and records in full HD 1080P.

Built-in Wi Fi and NFC lets you share pictures with your loved ones. Another best feature of this camera is it is compact. If you are looking for the best camera for concerts that is slim and easy to carry, has manual focus option, then you would love Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital camera.

3. Canon Powershot ELPH 360

On our list of the best camera for concerts, Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 is at #3. This camera has a beautiful design and records in full HD 1080P. The image quality of Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 is best even in low light situations.

As most of the concerts are in low light, this camera is suitable for concert shooting. In addition, it has 20.2 Megapixels and 10x optical zoom. It also has image stabilization that helps to capture clear shots.

This camera is also suitable for open-air concerts because it is small and easy to carry. Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 has the creative shot mode that lets you shoot amazing pictures with artistic flair.

4. Canon PowerShot SX420 concert camera

If you are looking for the best camera for concert photography, then you should pay your attention to Canon PowerShot SX420. This camera is one of the most beautiful cameras for concerts.

This device can capture excellent shots of shows thanks to its 42x optical zoom. It also offers image stabilization that lets you take lovely and exciting moments of concerts. Canon PowerShot SX420 has 20.0 MegaPixel and excellent AutoFocus.

This camera allows you to record live shows in HD 720P. The drawback of this camera is it does not record in Full HD 1080P.

5. Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

If you are looking for the best stylish camera for concerts, you will love Canon PowerShot ELPH 190. There are many distractions in concerts, but image stabilization of this camera lets you take superb shots of fans and musicians. It's not hard to see that this camera is a low light performer.

The 2.7 inch LCD enables the photographer to the quality of photos. One of the most convenient features of this camera is it's straightforward to use. It records in HD 720P and has 20MP CCD sensors. Long story short, if you are a beginner in concert photography and want the camera that is priced right with all the necessary features, Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 is for you.


What is the best camera for concerts?

According to professional photographers, Canon Power Shot Sx620 is the best camera for concert photography. This device lets you record in full HD 1080P and has image stabilization. In addition, This camera offers stunning image quality thanks to its 25x optical zoom. 3 inch LCD makes it easy to monitor images and videos. Long story short, Canon Power Shot Sx620 is the best camera for concert photography.

What is the best camera for event photography?

According to professional event photographers, The best camera for event photography is Olympus OM-D E-M10. The camera comes in elegant design and works with almost every lens you find on earth. In addition, it offers incredible image accuracy and allows you to shoot events in high resolution.

Can you bring cameras to concerts?

It depends on the concert you are going to attend. Some allow it while others prohibit it. You can find this by reading your ticket. If there is no mention of the camera, then you would want to contact the concert management.

What is the best video camera for school play?

The best video camera for school play is Panasonic HC-V770. This camcorder allows you to record school plays in Full HD 1080P. Moreover, it has a 20x optical zoom and offers a number of WiFi functions. Long story short, If you want to capture school play videos in Full detail, then you should consider buying this camera.

What is the best camera for recording concerts?

The best camera for recording concerts in Canon Power Shot Sx620 due to excellent image quality, incredible battery life, and best image stabilization.

What is the best video camera for stage performance?

According to professionals, the best video camera for stage performance is Canon PowerShot ELPH 360. This device comes in a beautiful design and allows you to record stage performance in full HD 1080p. In addition, it offers image stabilization, 10x optical zoom, and easy to carry design for stage shooting.

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