7 Best Cameras For Apartment | 2022 (Reviews & Guide) : Top Including Security, Outdoor And More

best camera for apartment 

Security is one of the main concerns in every home, apartment, and office. So, To maintain security we need something that guards our home, offices, buildings, apartments. 

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  • Best home security camera for apartments
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor security 
  • Wi-Fi and color night vision
  • 6 months of battery life
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Wyze Cam

  • best budget camera for apartment security
  • Offers Wifi and free cloud storage 
  • works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Wyze cam offers motion detection and Night vision

For this purpose, technology makes our life much easier and made the security cameras. Security cameras are the best solutions to provide the best guard against these unwanted activities. Also due to security cameras our minds feel very safer and relax as our apartments and homes are well protected.


Two-way talk




1. Arlo Pro 3


Color Night Vision


2. Ring Peephole Cam


Night Vision

FHD 1080p

3. Nest cam Indoor


Night Vision

FHD 1080p

4. Blink XT2


Night Vision

FHD 1080p

5. Wyze Cam pan


Night Vision

FHD 1080p

6. Y1 Home Camera



FHD 1080p

best camera for apartment
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1. Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight: The best Apartment security camera

Our First pick in this list of best Apartment Security cameras starts with the Arlo Pro 3. The company holds a lot of value in the market due to its highly reliable and versatile cameras options for the customers. Yes, this one also has all of the capabilities that would never raise issues for you.

If you want a good night Vision camera, Arlo 3 would be a better option for you. It comes with an HDR along with a 2K display whose primary aspect is to provide you with a clear and undistorted picture in both day and night time. In addition, the zoom feature used in this Camera will make the details of the picture sharper for you. Hence, everything will look good to you. Also, the night vision will remain as colorful as possible, so you can easily watch whatever is happening.

The Arlo Smart feature is another blessing for the person who is purchasing this fantastic Camera. It comes with cloud storage capabilities for you that are also for one month. First, however, you would need to buy the plan that will cost around $3 per month. You will get the Cloud activity zones, rich notifications, and object detection functionalities in the plans. If you don't want to buy the plan, you can also store the data with the local storage option, the USB method.

The installation procedure of this Arlo 3 Camera is pretty simple and hassle-free. Yes, you don't have to use the Wires for the installation of this Camera. Everything is wire-free, and you can easily install it to wherever place that looks good to you. Due to the same reasons, everything becomes quite flexible for you. Meanwhile, you would easily make the best angle to better view what the Camera is capturing with its eyes. Also, it comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity Protocol, which makes a lot of things advanced and convenient for you.

It's a battery-powered camera; however, you won't have to face any issues with its charging procedure. On average, this Camera would quickly provide you the coverage facilities for up to 6 months on a single charge. Hence, you only have to charge it twice in the whole year.

One major thing you need to know about this Camera is the security without a Security plan. If you consider the Security plan, it will come up with Live 4K video streaming, Object detection (Animal, Vehicle, and Person), 30 Day Cloud Storage, Alarm detection, Emergency response, Friend Calling, Package Detection, and other important notifications. On the other hand, without the Security plan, you will get the services like Motion alerts, Live 4K Video Streaming, App Controlling, Two-Way Audio, and Talk.

Another fantastic feature of this apartment security camera is the working capabilities with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. It's a wondering feature that you can consider from it.


  • Smart Platform Integration.
  • wI fI and 6 Monts of battery life
  • Good Quality Video.
  • Improved Night vision.
  • Quality Construction.
  • Multiple Options including local video storage option.
  • Wire-free Installation.


Premium Subscription required to use the Advanced Features.

Camera for apartment

Why you Should buy this Camera?

Arlo Pro 3 is the #1 camera for apartment recommended by experts. It offers 2K video quality that is excellent for a security camera. Arlo Pro 3 is a battery-powered camera, and it works without a power cord.

It supports two way-talk and night vision. It can record explicit videos, and it is very easy to setup. Arlo Pro 3 is a bit expensive because of all of these fantastic features it has to offer. If you want the best camera for an apartment with all the security features and fantastic video quality, the Arlo Pro 3 should be your first choice.

Even in the nighttime, the Object that would be a person, animal, or anything else will remain colorful because of color night vision. Hence, it will help you to understand who is around you and what their intentions are.

2. Ring Peephole Cam with Ring Chime

Are you looking for an apartment security camera that provides the best services and support as an indoor camera to you? If so, then buying the Ring Peephole cam would be the best option for you. The peephole of your Homes door is not worth it if you can’t adequately use them for anything. You can easily make it an intelligent option by just considering this Camera as a replacement.

It would help if you opted for this convenient and secure option because it comes with compact and smart solutions. For example, the Camera comes with a Motion sensor where anyone when presses the Bell or knocks on the door will get the notification on your mobile. From there, you can easily verify who is behind the door and whether it's good or not to open the door. So yes, that kind of security is available with this Camera, positively impacting a lonely lady at home.

You can efficiently perform Two Way talk with this fantastic apartment security camera. The Camera comes with 1080P HD video quality where you can easily monitor the other person on to the Video. Meanwhile, the on-demand live Audio and video functionalities make everything pretty easier for you to get in touch with the other person standing outdoor.

The Mobile Notification is an amazing feature in this Camera where the Motion detection of the person standing outside will send you a message on to the mobile phone. Based on that, you can quickly look out for the person standing outside and opening the door.

The Ring Peephole comes with a voice controlling system, making this home security camera the smartest option. It happens due to the fact of connecting with the Alexa-Enabled devices. Based on that, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone. Also, you can then perform different things with your voice, which is quite impressive.

The Ring Peephole camera comes with a removable battery pack. Here, the charging of the Camera is an easy thing to understand. You simply need to remove the battery from the camera and then plug it into the charging outlet. Based on that, the entire thing will be relatively easier for you.


  • Easy to Install.
  • Two Way Audio.
  • Night Vision
  • Sharp Video results in 1080p HDR.
  • Motion Detection.
  • Comes with the Amazon Alexa integration feature.


Barrel Distortion.
Video Recording feature is paid.

Why You Should Buy this Camera?

As the name suggests, Ring peephole cam adjusted to the door peephole. It records in 1080p video, which is impressive for a peephole cam because they are usually of low quality. The Ring Peephole camera is very easy to install by anyone. It would take only 5 minutes of your time to install it. So, for anyone looking for a camera that provides the same type of assistance, choosing this one would be the ideal option for you.

Apart from that, it comes with the motion detection feature that quickly helps you get the notification of the person standing outside whenever they knock on the door. Also, you can talk to the person standing outside with the help of its audio and video feature. Therefore, all these things make strong security surveillance for you. So, considering them would be an outstanding option for you to buy it.

The best feature of this camera is no drilling is required. If you live in an apartment and want to get alerts whenever someone is at the door or press the doorbell button, this camera is for you. Ring peephole cam can be connected with Amazon Alexa. You can record videos with a ring protect Plan, which separately sold.

3. Google Nest Cam Indoor

Google Nest Cam Indoor Camera would be a fantastic option for those looking to make the Indoor areas of their homes and offices secured from the Co-workers or Servants. There would be many things in your absence that need to be looked at; therefore, this Camera can quickly help out for special purposes.

First of all, this Camera comes with a 1080P HD Video Display where everything will look as apparent to you as possible. Moreover, the live stream that will happen 24/7 will also come with the same result for you with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. This feature will allow you to check out the Live video by sitting anywhere in the world and at any time.

Whenever it spots any vital activity, the Camera will capture the moment for you and then send you the notifications and alerts to the mobile phone. You can also set up automatically to save these moments depending upon your needs and demands. Moreover, Google nest cam keeps the snaps for at least 3 hours so you can check them in the same threshold to not miss a single update for any reason.

Even in the Darkest Conditions, the Camera will provide you with night vision as clear as possible. Why? Well, it comes with the built-in eight high-Power Infrared LEDs for you. Hence, the vision in the night times will remain as clearer as possible for you.

You can get the Premium Nest Aware Services of the Google Nest Camera, where $6 will be charged per month. In this Premium service, you can get intelligent alerts, video history, and check-and-balance of all the activities in different zones. So, everything will be under your hands to check everything without any hurdles. Also, you can easily enjoy the free trial for 30-days. Then, based on your experiences, you can further opt or not for the same service. But, there would be limited services that you can get in from the trial version.

The Mounting of this Google Nest camera is very easy. Along with that, its connectivity options with the nest app are free for you. The developers of Google nest cam have designed it to either mount it to the wall or place the Camera on the shelves. Of course, it all depends upon your necessities, which make the difference. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.


  • Flexible Mobile Application.
  • Color Night vision
  •  Google Nest Cam Works with Hey google and amazon Alexa. 
  • 1080P HD Crisp Video.
  • WI FI
  • 24/7 Live Streaming.
  • Setting google nest cam is easy.


Limited notifications.

Why you should buy this Camera?

Another best camera for an apartment is google Nest cam indoor. It is from google. This camera can be placed on a shelf. It offers 1080P Video quality. It can record videos of the apartment even at night because of its night vision feature.

Google Nest cam lets you share video clips with your family and friends. You can get alerts when the camera detects some motion. It offers 2-factor authentication, which makes your account more secure from hackers.

The Google Nest Camera comes with two years of Warranty. It's a good option for anyone who is not good at judging the quality and reliability of the Products. Buying this Camera would give you the reasons that you can use it for longer times. If any of the issues occur, you can replace them with a new one without wasting money. Therefore, it will be a very fantastic thing for you to consider within the Camera.

Nest cam security camera

4. Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera:

Blink XT2 is the type of Home Security Camera that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. So, that's one of the primary factors you should consider when buying the Camera. Typically, all of the cameras that we have discussed here either come with indoor or outdoor purposes. But, this one comes with both options, which is quite impressive.

The second fantastic thing about the Blink XT2 is the Video storage available in the cloud technology. Yes, you can easily store them to cloud technology, which is secure and convenient for you. But, typically, keeping them saved on to the devices is riskier for you as well.

The two-way audio functionality in this apartment security camera makes it easy for the females to talk with the other person standing right next to the door and talk with them without any hurdles. The conversation is possible with the help of the Blink app that usually connects with the Camera and is then pretty easy to use on your tablet or smartphone device.

The installation procedure of this Camera is relatively easier for anyone to do. Neither it requires wiring nor a tool; along with that, you don't have to be a professional for installing the indoor security Camera onto the Wall. Everything is relatively easier.

The fantastic Design of this indoor security Camera, along with the quality construction, makes it a must-go-to option. Whatever would be the conditions to use this Camera, it will never lose the quality. The humid weather or direct sunlight on this Camera won't make any issue at all for you. These things are blessings with such a price tag as you can expect to use them for longer periods.

The Video making Capabilities of this Apartment Security Camera are amazing in both day and night times. You will get a better appearance or vision at night due to the Infrared HD night vision capabilities. Therefore, it will make a stronger impact. On the other hand, daytime recording is almost available in 1080p HD, which is also an amazing thing for you in terms of viewing or recording the video.


  • Wireless Mounting.
  • Good video quality.
  • Night Vision
  • WI FI
  • Non-Subscription services.
  • Quality Construction.


Real-time views get failed sometimes.

Why should you use this Camera?

This Camera is ideal for those who don't have any technical background to use the Home Security Cameras. This is the easy setup for the user where you need to create an account for the Blink app. After that, you need to simply Plug-in the Camera with an Electric Outlet. Then, when it's open, you have to connect it with the Wi-Fi. In the last, just put the batteries into the Camera and then sync it. That's it, now all you need is to use the Camera.

Blink XT2 is a smart security camera. The best thing about this is it offers free cloud storage. You can use this camera for both indoor and outdoor.

You can keep an eye on your apartment with this camera and talk to visitors with the help of 2-way audio.

 You can record and view the videos in full HD 1080P. Blink XT2 is easy to set up and works with Amazon Alexa. The battery life of the camera is two years.

Apart from that, another primary reason to use this camera is that it can easily withstand any situation or experience. Yes, the Camera comes with Quality Construction, where you won't find any issues regarding its outdoor or indoor usage.

5. Wyze Cam pan: Home security camera

Wyze cam pan is also a Budget security camera. It works with both google assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Wyze cam record videos in Full HD 1080P, and you can watch videos from anywhere in the world through the Wyze app.

Wyze offers free cloud storage. This indoor smart home camera has 2-way talk and motion detection features.

There is a newer version of this home security camera that offers color night vision.

6. YI Home security Camera for apartment 

If you are home or apartment owner and want to keep an eye on your home with clear video quality, this camera is most suitable.

It has enhanced night vision and can record videos in HD 1080P quality. It has options for both local and cloud storage.

 It only works with Amazon Alexa.

So here, our list of best home security cameras for apartments comes to an end.

Features to consider before buying a camera for an apartment

So, now you know what the security cameras do Right? But you don’t know which security camera should I choose for my apartment that fences me against these malicious activities? Because there are so many options available out there. And choosing the right security camera for your house is frustrating. So, don’t worry this article is all about the different factors that you should consider before purchasing a security camera for your apartment. So, let's dive into it and find the best security camera for your apartment.

camera live streaming garage

1. why i need security camera?

This is the most important point that you should consider when thinking to buy a security camera. This is the main reason why you are here. You need to know what is the main reason I need security. Do you need to put an eye on your pet or children? Or do you need to protect your house from theft? Do you have some priceless things in your house that needs security? Something like these factors creates a hype in mind that you need security in your house. After considering these factors you are very well cleared that why you need security in my house. Is it critical (you need security badly)? or Is it just the advice of the friendly neighbor?

2. Budget

The second most important and concerning point to consider is to decide the Price that you want to spend on security cameras. It may include the number of cameras you need in your apartment. The quality of the camera performing at night? The field of view you want from a camera? or the wireless technology or wired technology camera you need? And many other features to consider before deciding a budget etc. Security cameras range between $120 to somewhere between $200 depending on the different features in the camera. So, to decide your budget the easiest way is discussed in point 1 that what is your main reason? If it is critical then budget doesn’t matter for security. Just go for it.

Old, brick wall two dirty old CCTV cameras, ontop, of a wall, wi

3. Home owner or a renter 

The third most important point to consider is that you are a homeowner or a renter? So, if you have owned the house, living there for a while and now planning to provide security to your property then you have to consider buying a permanent contractual based wired or wireless system. Because when you buy this system this will reduce the upfront cost Why? Because you have long-term contracts with the provider that provides you the service. Also, the company faces losses by reducing the price of the equipment because they will cover this loss by having you in a long-term relationship with them. Sounds Good? So, it is also beneficial for you and the company itself. 

If you are thinking about the lease system that offers you equipment for almost no cost and you are decided to live here for a long period? Then this will not be a good option for you. Because you are not moving from here. And also, when you are continuously paying for a month’s then it will cost you much higher than the original price of the equipment.

Cctv Camera On White Wall

But what if you are on a rental basis? You may consider buying a portable wireless DIY security camera system. It has some very interesting reasons:

  • Although, it is portable and you are on a rental basis. So, whenever you decide to move you can take it with yourself without any issue.
  • Since, it is wireless, So, you don’t have to put holes into walls and damage your rented house.
  • As you are not considering a lease system to provide security in your house, instead you choose to buy a portable wireless system. The benefit is, you will not find yourself stuck in a long-term contract with the company because you have owned the equipment and now it’s yours.

4. outdoor vs indoor security camera

Another factor is to consider whether you want indoor or outdoor cameras? So, First, discuss what are Indoor cameras? As the name suggests that these cameras are used to provide security inside the apartment, offices or buildings, etc. Like you want to keep an eye on your pet, children, or some other valuable asset inside then you need Indoor Cameras. There are a variety of Indoor cameras available in the market with a different feature set which are discussed below. Today’s cameras come with a plug and play functionality and you can easily control them with the easy and simple Mobile App provided by the company. Some indoor security cameras are

  • Yi Dome Camera
  • Arlo Pro
  • Nest Cam Indoor
  • D-Link

Now, what are outdoor cameras? As the name suggests these cameras are used to provide security outside the apartment, office or building, etc. Like if you want to define a boundary that if this boundary crosses you will get the first warning by the system that some malicious activity is performed by some stranger. These cameras also provide you the facility that goes in and out from your apartment. Some outdoor security cameras are:

  • Ring Floodlight Camera
  • Nest Cam Outdoor
  • EZVIZ Outdoor

5. video of best camera for apartment

Video is the main factor in security measures. Because it is the only proof of malicious activity when others are not watching. Security Cameras often provides you the best high definition video quality ranges between 480p to 1080p. So, if you are the type of person that needs clear videos to record then you can consider cameras that provide a resolution of up to 1080p but keep in mind that these cameras will costs you higher and sometime in the live stream you may face lagging in videos.it is because the quality Is premium and the internet sometimes not able to stream it smooth. And also, it will consume more storage and you have to pay extra charges for extra storage.

6. Field of view

The field of view means that how much your security camera can see in its field. If you have a larger room and a larger backyard and you want to cover the entire place then this feature will prove very handy in your security cameras. Normally, the security cameras field of view ranges from 90 to 180 degrees. This feature widens the scope of the camera to grasp more things into its range. Field of View must be considered when buying best camera for apartment.

ring security camera for home

7. low light performer apartment camera

This is the most amazing feature used mostly in outdoor cameras. Low light performance feature allows the security camera to widen its aperture and able itself to see in dimly lit areas. Suppose If you want to use an outdoor camera on the front panel of your house then definitely the camera should have a low light performance feature. You will be able to see people at night very clearly using this feature. This feature allows individuals to provide more security at night when everyone is sleeping.

8. Storage for security camera

Storage is the main concern when we record something. We need some storage to store that recorded video or photo. The same is the case in security cameras they also need some storage capacity. For this purpose, we have two options to adopt:

local storage

Local Storage is used to store any recorded data into Memory Card or Local Hard Drive. This method is useful when you are not using security cameras for 24 hours monitoring or your video quality is not so premium So, you don’t need extra space instead your local drive is capable to store everything

cloud storage

Cloud Storage is very useful when you have a large amount of data to store and the local drive is not capable to handle these storage. It is sometimes included in your plan when you buy a security system but sometimes you have to pay to a vendor an extra cost to provide you this cloud storage service. You would want to buy a home security camera that offers cloud storage because cloud storage is hassle-free..

9. power source and connectivity 

Nowadays most of the wireless cameras are coming with the plug and play feature. This means you have to plug in the camera and an android or IOS app is used to control these cameras. But some cameras are wired and may require some extra median like IP tunneling to provide security requirements. If it is a wired system then you’ll have to focus the main spot from where you want to provide the maximum security to a particular place.

Most of the cameras like DIY wireless cameras have a built-in feature that they can easily connect with your WIFI network and start functioning. You just have to place them within the range of the WIFI network and there you go; they will work just absolutely fine. But if the WIFI signals drops or network is facing the issue then your camera may affect and you can feel some jitter and lag in your videos.

camera capturing apartment kitchen

10. Two-way talk must be present in apartment camera

It is a very amazing feature that uses a microphone and speaker located on your camera to communicate remotely with guests, intruders, and with your children, etc. So, this feature is may be useful when you see some malicious activity through your camera and then you can remotely convey this message to the security guards standing there that some malicious activity has been performed, etc.

11. App supported system home security camera

This is the must-have feature in any security camera. Some company provides the facility of Android or IOS app while others not. Like old traditional, Security cameras haven’t any app associated with the camera. This feature allows you to register in the app and then you can easily live stream the whole video on your phone. This feature is handy for those people who are busy and also want to check their children, pets, etc. again and again with a single Go. Some cameras have the facial recognition facility so that the person who belongs to your family can register in the app and whenever he/she enters the house the camera will recognize them and won’t give you a warning.

 security man

12. Motion Activated cameras are best for Apartment security 

This is the must-have feature of outdoor cameras. This feature allows cameras to record only when they detect some motion or movements in the surroundings and It will also save up to storage space and also saves a lot more time. If you are looking for specific evidence or event you don’t have to watch the whole video from start.

13. Weather resistant and waterproof 

It is the must-have feature in outdoor cameras. Because Outdoor cameras have to face different weather conditions like intense Sunlight, Heat, Rain, Freezing, Snowfall, etc. All cameras are not weather resistant. So, make sure to buy the camera and hardware that are weather resistance and also water resistance to save time replacing them again and again due to weather changes.

14. Live streaming of Apartment 

Beautiful Apartment

It is a very important feature in security cameras, Live Streaming allows cameras to record continuously. This feature is very useful at the places where you are not present all the time like goddamns, etc.

Pro Tip: Always buy a camera that offers color night vision and motion detection as these 2 features are extremely important in indoor security cameras.

15. Movable vs still security Cameras

Another  important factor you should have to take into consideration. Some cameras are still i.e. they are fixed in a position and don’t move. And they have a wider field of view and they don’t need to move as they cover the entire area. But some cameras rotate accordingly when someone passes nearby these cameras. This feature can be handy if you place the camera at the corner of the wall and the camera moves as it detects some motion.

Security can be critical. Don’t compromise over it. Read all the necessary information in this article and choose your best security system. Good Luck!!!