6 Best Cameras For Wedding Videography And Photography 2022 (Reviews & Guide )

best camera for wedding videography

When it comes to weddings, couples tend to spend a lot of money on making their day special. This special day remains a core memory and to capture those memories, a good and high performance camera is what they want for shooting weddings. 

Expert choice

Canon EOS 5D

  • Ultra HD 4k Motion Video recording 
  • Incredible image processor for wedding photos
  • Full touchscreen interface 
  • Best For wedding venues
  • Top Notch camera
Budget camera


  • Ultra HD 4k video resolution.
  • 60 FPS 
  • Best image processor in the price range
  • Image stablization
  • The advanced camera in a reasonable price

While the skills of the wedding videographer are important, the instrument through which he captures these precious moments also plays a vital role. The camera should be perfect for capturing the context of these movements.


Screen Size



1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

3.2 inches

4K UHD 2160p

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

3.2 inches

FHD 1080p

3. Canon EOS 6D

3 inches

FHD 1080p

4. Fuji Film X-Pro 2

3 inches

FHD 1080p

5. Sony a7r 2

3 inches

4K UHD 2160p

6. Olympus OM-D

3 inches

4K UHD 2160p

Are you the one who is looking to get into the wedding videography business and wants a camera? Are you the one who is looking for a wedding videography camera for personal usage? Whatever would be your needs and demands. Today, we will be going to tell you about the best cameras for wedding videography Buying Guide.

Picture of couple by wedding camera

Videography has a higher status than photography due to the delicate amount of effort required in recording a special moment. The background, tone, music, and environment, all of this matters more in videography. This is why, to ensure that couples get the best visuals out of their special day, we have made a list of the top 6 best video cameras for wedding videography.

1.   Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for wedding videographers

The Canon EOS 5D is first on our list due to the high-resolution of both stills and videos it is capable of producing. It has a 30.4 Megapixel full-frame sensor that captures even the tiniest details of a moment.

The Canon video camera also enables you to record DCI standard 4K videos with up to 30 frames per second. This beast also has DIGIC 6+ Image Processor that ensures high-quality images. According to experts, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the best camera for wedding videography. Take a look at its key specs below.

  • 30.4 MP full-frame with Dual Pixel technology
  • DCI 4K with Motion JPEG
  • ISO that can be adjusted from 100-102,400
  • 150,000-pixel RGB
  • Wi-Fi and GPS support
  • Dual Pixel AF system
  • Superb Image processing and battery life for wedding photograpy.
  • Continuous shooting for up to 7 FPS (Frames per second )
  • Enhanced Subject Detection
  • Excellent Dynamic range for Wedding Videographers  
  • One of the best cameras for wedding photography.

The focus of the Canon EOS 5D is what makes it an ideal and best camera for wedding videographyIt is versatile for both stills and videos. The focus usually locks on to where you initially aimed it towards, making it sharp and producing a beautiful result. The size of the Canon EOS 5D is small and it is lightweight too. Which makes it quite easier to carry around and capture both high definition photos and videos. Long story short, This high-end device is the best camera for wedding videography.

2.   Canon EOS 5D Mark III For professional Photography

The Canon EOS 5d Mark III is an older version of the Mark IV above. Despite being an older version, the Mark III still belongs to the iconic EOS Mark series from Canon. Which made us include this one on our list too.

The EOS 5D Mark III comes with a 22 Megapixel full-frame sensor and the battery life of this camera is also pretty good. The main features are as follows.

  • 22 MP full-frame sensor for wedding photography.
  • ISO standard 100-25000, can be expanded up to 50-100,000
  • 6 fps Video Shooting
  • 1080p High Definition
  • 61-point AF system
  • Dual SD-Card Slots
  • Digic 5+ Processor For bride and groom shooting

The Mark III might not be a match to its successor Mark IV, but it’s definitely a good choice for wedding videography. Due to its shooting rate of 6 fps continuous shooting and the 1080p definition, the Mark III can be used to produce high-quality videos. Not to mention its silent operation feature known mostly in the 1D series. Other features of the Mark III include recording multiple exposures and the Digic processor enables you to correct chromatic aberrations. These all make it a considerable choice when deciding on the best wedding videography camera.

3.  Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera for shooting Videos

The Canon EOS 6D comes featuring a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor and a variety of other features. But one thing that makes it stand out is that it is the lightest full-frame DSLR camera, according to canon.

The EOS 6D also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS support, allowing you to connect with other networks and transfer data to other devices without any hassle.

This device can record videos in Full HD which helps in shooting quality wedding videos. Below is a list of main features of the Canon EOS 6D.

  • 20.2 Megapixels full-frame CMOS senso
  • ISO Sensitivity normal 100-26500 and 50-102800 expanded
  • 4.5 fps video shooting
  • 1080p Full HD Video Recording
  • External Mic
  • 11-point AF system
  • Wi-Fi and GPS
  • One of the best camera for wedding photography

The core specialty of the EOS 6D which makes it one of the best wedding videography cameras is its ability to focus on extremely low light exposure of -3 EV. Video shooting through this phenomenal DSLR is as smooth as it gets. With its 1080p shooting and 4.5 fps continuous shooting feature, the art of videography just got better. Similar to the Mark III, the EOS 6D also comes with a discreet shooting feature in which you can enjoy no shutter noise during capture.

4.  Fujifilm X-Pro2 Mirrorless camera

Up next on our list of best cameras for wedding videography is the Fujifilm X-pro2. The X-pro2 is a mirrorless camera that is a better and upgraded version of the X-pro1. It comes with a 24MP APS sensor and has a variety of innovative features. The X-pro2 is famous for its color correction. It improves the overall texture of the image by enhancing it and improves dull colors. Other than that, the Fujifilm mirrorless camera for wedding photography has a long list of features that made it worthy to be on our list of wedding videography cameras. The best ones are listed below.

  • 24.3 MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor
  • Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
  • List 273 Autofocus points
  • ISO standard 200-12,800, expandable to 100-51,200
  • Super-fast image production
  • Grain Effect
  • 1080p Full HD Video Shooting
  • Focus Lever
  • Good Image sensor for wedding photography

Based on all of these amazing features, it would be unfair to not count the X-pro2 as one of the best cameras for both photography and videography. The quality that we liked most about the X-pro2 is its ability to produce high-resolution images in the blink of an eye. The X-pro2 lets you get your hands on its outstanding features such as the focus lever which allows you to adjust focus during shoots. And of course, the tons of film producing modes are worth mentioning too.

5.   Sony A7R II full frame camera 

Another best camera for wedding videography is sony a7r II. This piece of art is a brilliant instrument for capturing moments and recording movies. The Sony A7R II is a 42MP full-frame camera featuring the world’s first-ever 35mm BSI CMOS sensor. This is the complete package for both photography and videography.

The A7R II has some solid features such as the super-precise auto-focus and Wi-Fi support. This professional photography camera lets you shoot excellent wedding photos. Take a look at its main specifications and see for yourself what makes this camera unique.

  • 42.4MP for bride and groom shooting 
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • List 4K Video Recording
  • 5 fps Shooting
  • Good ISO range
  • Silent Shutter
  •  Magnesium Alloy Body
  • Twin control dials
  • best wedding camera

The video shooting capabilities of the A7R II are unparalleled. This full frame camera can record 4K UHD videos internally with no pixel binning in full-frame format. Talk about all-in-one videography features! The high-speed AF and 5-axis image stabilization just take the video quality to another level. The A7R II also comes with a 3 inches LCD screen that can be tilted up and down for better angles. Wedding videographers love this camera because it can perform very well in low light conditions.

6.   Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless camera

The Olympus Mark II is a mirrorless camera that features a 20MP Live MOS sensor. The boatload of special qualities of this amazing mirrorless camera is just something that camera enthusiasts look for in every camera.

The Olympus has a dual quad-core processor which makes some seriously high-quality frame production. If you are a wedding videographer or a wedding photographer then you must consider this camera for weddings. Check out its key specs for yourself.

  • 20MP Live MOS Sensor
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • 60 fps burst shooting
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Waterproof Body and good ISO range
  • 50 MP High-resolution shot mode
  • Silent Mode.
  • Good wedding camera

These were some of the most remarkable features of the E-M1 Mark II. In conclusion, this camera is also ideal for wildlife photography. To assume that this 5-axis image stabilization system and 4K video recording packed in one camera is just for weddings would be absurd. Simply combine these two features in one camera and that alone is enough of a reason for a camera enthusiast to buy the E-M1 Mark II. Those were some of the highest-rated cameras for wedding videography. This list was carefully compiled for camera enthusiasts after thorough research. We hope this list was enough to give you an idea of which camera is the best for you. You can read about the Best video camera for musicians here.

Buying Guide on Best cameras for wedding videography 

The buying guide will cover all of the major to advance factors in the guide, which will help you purchase a new wedding videography camera without any hurdle. 

Before we start anything about the wedding videography buying guide, Let’s tell you that wedding videography is not an easy business module. You must require a lot of good networking to get perfect leads. Moreover, you have to start it for free at scratch. Why? Because no one will be aware of your wedding video taking skills. Therefore, they will never pay you a single amount.

For that reason, you have to start taking wedding video projects for free with your relatives or friends. It will become a good option for you to show the best video making skill related to the wedding. So later, other people who come to the wedding will get to see your work.
In the future, you will be the first one in their mind for their wedding videography booking. So, for the rest of your life, you will get clients to make a good profit.

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List of Equipment for wedding video cameras

Without getting to know about the essential things required for wedding videography, it will be hard for anyone to consider a good camera for the big day. So let's elaborate on everything that is required in search of the best wedding video camera. Amateur wedding photographers, as well as professional wedding photographers, should consider reading this buying guide.

1. Good Wedding videography camera

First of all, a good quality camera should be the number one priority for you whenever it's about the wedding video for personal or business purposes.
When considering a camera for wedding videography, it's very important to understand that the body type needs to be outstanding. Because the wedding videos tend to make in a flow and it also takes a lot of your time. Therefore, you need to be very serious about the camera body type and never go with the cheaper one. Why? Because the entire wedding videography quality is based upon it. The right camera for shooting wedding videos is extremely important.

Therefore, you need to verify the wedding video camera body type by considering various platforms that bring you a full review of the camera. Based on those reviews, you can narrow down the cameras, which provides you with the best camera body type.
Secondly, Wedding venues are not with the same theme or lightening effect; therefore, you want to look for the best performance wedding videography cameras that are suitable in any lighting environment without any issue. If you go with a camera that provides good videography results in the lighting, then you will miss out a lot. Also, the investment will go waste.
Thirdly, the Frames per second or FPS also plays an essential role at the time of selecting the best camera for wedding videography. Therefore, you have to consider the most Updated FPS results providing by any camera to you. 

4k Ultra HD Video performance is the most important task in the field of Wedding videography. Therefore, you would never go with the camera buying procedure that doesn’t support this feature. 
Apart from that, the slow-motions and all other luxurious are also important within the camera. Why? Because every couple has their own needs and demands for the wedding videography. So, you need to have a well-equipped camera that fulfills all the requirements.
The remaining things include ISO range, Wi-Fi support, Good battery life, Flash support, USB support, Mechanical shutter, Slow Motion Capabilities and many more things that also need to be considered. Although considering all these things makes it an expensive investment for you, you will have a good edge to satisfy customer needs.

2. Lenses for wedding video camera

Whether you believe it or not, but the wedding videography business module is not an easy job. You will always have to experience a lot of stress. If you are doing the solo shooting, then things get worse.
Therefore, the use of lenses is very important to you. Not only that, but you have to be fully-equipped with a number of good-lenses in your bag. So later, you would not have to face any kind of difficulties with the videos or shots.
For those reasons, there are three different types of lenses you need to always keep along in your bag, including Zoom lens, Wide lens, and Prime 55mm.

  1. 1
    Zoom Lens: You always have to buy a zoom lens as it provides you with the perfect support to take close-up shots while standing back for a wedding video. Especially, it plays an important role when the stage is full of people doing dance, speeches, or vows throughout the wedding time.
    In the zoom lens, you need to buy the one that provides the best quality from long distance. Otherwise, buying the cheap and limited zoom option lens would lower the image quality, whenever you go wider with the zoom. Therefore, it’s better to consider a 28-300mm or 28-70mm zoom lens.
  2. 2
    Wide Lens: The wide lens is also a good backup for you to cover the Speeches and other parts of the ceremony. In general, these lenses are good for the exterior part of the venue. Therefore, you just need to keep one for yourself.
    While Considering a Wide range lens, make sure to consider important things like weight, size, mount, filter compatibility, image quality, Focal length, AF/MF mode, and feature set. All these things need to be up-to-date for high quality wedding video.
  3. 3
    Prime 55mm: For a better bokeh background, the prime 55mm lens would work the best for you. Why? Because it provides you with a beautiful and outstanding crisp shot opportunity.
    When considering the 55mm prime lens for yourself, make sure to find the one that provides you with the perfect focal length along with greater reach.

3. Lightening for high quality wedding videos

Lightening is another important piece of equipment that helps to provide the best wedding video experiences to the grooms.
You can use the lighting on the dance floors and on the stage for better wedding videography results. Make sure, to get the lighting setup that is updated as per the current time, and it also needs to be compatible with the camera you have purchased. In this way, You can shoot high-quality wedding videos.

4. Audio Gear for high quality sound

When you consider the audio gear, it needs to be totally dependent upon the type of camera you are using. DSLR is the most advanced and preferable videography camera as DSLR cameras are high-end cameras. Therefore, you must need different audio sources for it.

There are lots of options available in the market for you regarding the Audio Gear of a camera. Based on your expenses, you would need to go for the one that is the latest and compatible with the camera choice. So, the audio effects will come out naturally, and the entire wedding will be done with lots of crisps, natural, and amazing experiences.

5. Gimbal for wedding camera

Gimbal is another amazing piece of equipment that you never need to miss out on in your wedding videography Equipment Bag. With the help of this equipment, you can easily achieve tricky angles in the most important videography sessions, especially when the wedding couple arrives from the entrance to the stage.
With the help of a gimbal, you have the full-freedom to handheld the filming process. Therefore, you will get blur-free and steady footage without any distortion. 

At the time of selecting a gimbal, it’s essential to have the one that is light in weight. Therefore, your arms will not face a burden throughout the wedding videography. If you are buying a heavy-weight gimbal, then the reason for buying vanishes. 
Apart from that, the gimbal needs to provide a maximum amount of payload. Why? Because the lens and DSLR combo tend to be heavier, therefore, it's better to buy the one that can easily handle the rig for you.

6. Tripod for shooting videos

Believe it or not, but you may also have to spend a lot of your time with the tripod stand at the time of filming or shooting people on stage. Why? Because everyone tends to get tired to some extent, that’s where the use of a tripod brings you flexibility.
Tripod would be the best option for anyone at the time of ceremony or speeches on the wedding day. However, the use of the tripod needs to be stable and nimble and at the same time while shooting wedding video. That's how you would easily achieve the right usage of it.
When considering the Tripod or mono pad for the videography, it’s best to look upon various important features such as stability, quick-release system, material quality, weight, height, legs design, head, weight rating, and many more.

Apart from that, you must need backup batteries, Memory cards for shooting a wedding video. Moreover, the cases are also required to keep the equipment safe from damages while shooting wedding videos.

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Is it Worth it to Make Investments in Videography cameras for a wedding?

It all depends upon the preferences of a single person. If you are buying a videography camera just to cover all the family and relative wedding ceremonies, then you can go with the normal wedding camera. However, considering it as a business would make all the things different.
Your top priority should be to provide the best results that would easily satisfy your customer to any extent when it comes to a wedding. Therefore, investing a considerable amount of money would not make a big deal.

With the great investment, the quality and stability of the results will be in your hand. Moreover, you will also get safe from any kind of hassles that come your way. Last but not least, when you provide better quality in videos due to good equipment, you can also charge lots of money from the client who is intended to let their event cover by you.

What to look for when buying the best camera for wedding videography and photography?

Buying the best camera for wedding videography is a hefty task due to enormous cameras in the market. This guide will help you whether you want a full-frame mirrorless camera or DSLR camera for weddings. Let's discuss important factors and features to look for in a wedding camera.

1. Sensor size of best camera for wedding videography

The first thing you need to look for in a wedding photography camera is sensor size. The picture quality of a camera depends on the size of the sensor. Sensor size is the most important feature to look for in a camera. The greater the sensor size the better. Sensors are measured in mm. If you are into videography of weddings then You should always buy a camera with a larger sensor size. 

2. Low light performer for wedding photography

Weddings usually take place in low light environments. Wedding photographers should buy a camera that performs well in low light conditions. You should buy a device that is optimized to perform in low light because the lighting conditions are not ideal in weddings. Wedding photography requires skills and a good camera. When buying a camera for wedding photography, always buy a camera that performs well in low-light situations.

3. Lens of wedding camera

The lens can make or break wedding photos and videos. You should always choose the lens carefully. A lens with a minimum aperture is best for wedding videography. A good lens can be expensive but it is necessary to buy a good lens for the best results. Lens also helps in wedding photography.

Pro Tip: You should go for a camera that offers the best FPS Continuous shooting speed.

canon eos 5d mark wedding video camera

The Canon Eos 5d mark is a good camera option that provides the best results to anyone who wants it for wedding business or personal use. The 30.4-megapixel CMOS sensor full-frame feature helps you to take photos or make videos at any lightning.
It does contain all other necessary features, which is required in a professional DSLR video camera required for weddings.

Sony Alpha a7s: The best camera for wedding videography

The Sony Alpha a7s ii is another full-frame CMOS sensor camera that can be considered the best video camera for wedding videography. You can get a built-in Wi-Fi option, along with that, Ultra High-quality dimension videos, image stabilization, and other important features in this camera for weddings.

Wedding photographers who are obsessed with details should consider buying this wedding camera. Most Wedding photographers recommended this camera.

Nikon D 500 camera for special moments

Nikon D 500 is another amazing camera for weddings that comes with a good quality 4k video option, Brilliant Raw Image quality, Automated AF calibration, subject tracking, leading autofocus, and many more things.
Apart from that, it's dual memory cars support helps you to have longer videography at weddings. Therefore, you need to consider this Budget friendly camera as well. You can also use this camera for wedding photography as buying this camera will not break your bank.

FAQs(Frequently asked questions)

Which camera is best for wedding videography?

According to wedding videographers, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the best camera for wedding videography. It is loved by professionals videographers because it offers Full HD video recording, 6 Frames per second video shooting, and an optical viewfinder. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is easy to carry and weighs 2.09 lbs. The only con of this camera is its price. It's a bit expensive for beginner wedding videographers. Professional wedding photographers should go for this camera as it offers incredible image quality and the best AF system.

What equipment do you need for wedding videography?

You don't need a number of equipment for wedding videography. All you need is a good DSLR camera, a tripod, and a lens. You can also use drones for videography but using a drone is not necessary. Some professionals also recommend using good audio devices. Professional photographers recommend DSLR cameras for wedding videos.

If you are into wedding photography then you would want to educate yourself about wedding photography essentials before buying a camera. Wedding photographers should buy a camera that offers a great AF system and a full-frame CMOS image sensor.

How much should I pay for a wedding videographer?

There is no specific answer to this question. Some wedding videographers charge a high amount while beginners may charge you a lower amount. Newcomers may charge you around 1000$ to 3000$. Professional prices vary from 10000$ to 20000$. If money is not the issue, then go for professional videographers.