5 Best Cameras For Filming Skateboarding | 2022 (Reviews & Guide) : Top For Video Recording, Photography And More

Best camera for filming skateboarding



  • One of the best cameras for filming skateboarding.
  • Full Hd 1080P video recording
  • This skating video camera offers 3.0 inch LCD screen.
  • slow-motion video recording.
  • Cmos Image sensor

AKASO Brave 4

  • Best budget camera for skateboarding.
  • 4k resolution action camera.
  • Loop recording and anti shaking feature.
  • Works Underwater and offers image stabilization.
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Your presence in this article shows that you love to do Skateboarding and also want to film it? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We can understand that filming yourself with Skateboarding would be the dream of your life; however, you are confused in selecting the best camera for filming skateboarding. Therefore, we created this article to let you know about the good cameras for skate filming.


Screen Size



1. Canon VIXIA HF R800

3 inches

FHD 1080p

2. Canon Digital SLR Camera

3 inches

FHD 1080p

3. GoPro HERO9

Touch Screen


4.AKASO V50 Pro

2 inches

4K 2160P

5. AKASO Brave 4 4K

2 inches

4K 2160P

So what are those beautiful cameras for skateboarding? Let’s discuss them in the below sections. Our experts have reviewed the top 5 best skateboard cameras.

List of 5 Best Cameras for Filming Skateboarding

1. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder: The best camera for filming Skateboarding

If we talk about Canon VIXIA, it's the HD camcorder with the lowest cost in the market. Despite such lowest rates, there are lots of features you can consider in this video camera for yourself. First of all, This skateboarding camera provides you with a 32X zoom, which is optical. Apart from that, it also offers you to take 57x pictures without worrying about the image detailing or quality.

At the time of Skateboarding, things will never remain steady for yourself due to lots of movements. Therefore, this camera's optical image stabilization quality keeps the environment steady for you, primarily when you use the long zoom lens.

Besides that, the sound quality of this video camera is also outstanding for you. Why? Because it comes with the option of an external microphone jack where you can easily mount a good quality microphone for yourself. You can use an external microphone with this feature. Meanwhile, you can also monitor the voice with this same feature. An external microphone allows you to produce great sound for videos.

You can easily upload the video or photographs on YouTube, Facebook, and any other social platform as the file usually record in the mp4 format. This device offers fantastic picture quality thanks to its CMOS image sensor.

The frame rate of this video camera is outstanding for every type of skateboarder. Usually, it comes with an outstanding 60p frame rate speed, which is considered suitable for any category of sports filming. This high-definition camera enables you to record slow-motion skateboarding videos. We also have a buying guide on best high speed camera.

DV4 processor of Digic and a good life battery is another fantastic feature of this camera for anyone. Last but not least, the camcorder is outstanding as an HD video camera.


Image Stabilization.

Memory card Compatible.

Attached hand strap.

CMOS Image Sensor 

Easy to use.


Lacks Wi-Fi.

No SD card included.

Issues of Picture quality in low light.

2. Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit [EOS Rebel T6]

IF we talk about EOS Rebel T6, it comes as the entry-level DSL camera in the market introduced by Canon. If you want to upgrade from a smartphone to a professional camera, your first choice should be this camera. 

The camera comes with an APS-C sensor and 18 MP feature, making it pretty much outstanding for all the users looking for the best camera for filming Skateboarding. The T6 series offer you NFC and Wi-Fi Feature to share the photos and videos without any hurdle or connect it with the TV screen. Besides that, the processor speed is way faster as compared to the previous version T5.

Some features are borrowed from the previous version in the rebel series, which is not a bad thing. However, the features they have included are from the higher-end models; Therefore, you will have excellent support at the end of the day.

You can easily use this video camera after taking 500 shots, which is an outstanding thing. Besides that, you will get a 9-point AF module, which is another fantastic feature of this good camera for skate filming. You will get a 1080/30p video feature to document everything in better quality and steady free experiences. Last but not least, it has a 920k-dot LCD screen and 3 Fps burst shooting.


Good Battery life.

Lightweight Camera.

Simple control.

Built-in NFC and Wi-Fi.


Low-Quality Kit Lens.

No Touch Screen.

Minimal ISO range.

3. GOPRO Hero 9 Skateboard camera

Are you the one who calls yourself an adventure or sports filmmaker? IF yes, then Go Pro Hero9 Black would be the best camera for filming skateboarding. Whether you believe it or not, action cameras are in the top demand to take pictures or record video of sports or adventure activities. Therefore, this action camera would be the best choice for you. First of all, it comes with an LCD Selfie screen that is front mounted. Therefore, its way competitive with all the same category of cameras offers by other brands. You have the option to take photos with 20MP camera specs and video with around 15 MP.

The image stabilization of this video camera is outstanding, helping you take perfect shots for your adventurous skateboarding rides. The video resolution is up to 5k, which is the best thing about this camera for action filming.

The long-lasting battery options offer you better support in this action camera. Therefore, you can easily cover the skateboarding filming for hours without worrying about battery life. Besides that, the time-lapses are also improved in this camera compared to the previous model released by this company.

Talking about its lenses, so It contains linear (19-39mm) and wide (16-34mm) in this camera. Moreover, it offers you digital zoom options of 2x along with (27mm) fixed narrow mode. All these features make it worth it to use for filming skateboarding.


Easy to use App.

Advanced Front Display.

Good Image Stabilization.

Better Rear Display.

Digital zoom options

Better connection with the phone.


Lag in touchscreen.

Larger physical size.

Non Backward compatible Batteries.

4. AKASO V50 Pro Video camera

AKASO V50 Pro has launched by the company by partnering with Leave no Trace. This skate camera is specifically created with a mission to provide enjoyable features while shooting or recording outdoor videos or photos. Therefore, it comes out as the best action camera that a person can use for filming skateboarding.

The V50 Pro comes with a wrist strap, three batteries, and a 4k60 ultra HD video feature inside the accessory kit. Therefore, it’s a complete package for anyone who wants to purchase the best camera for filming skateboarding.

You will have steady and smooth footage with a guarantee due to the perfect EIS electronic image stabilization with automatic motion change and position detecting feature. Shakiness and tilts are the common things at the time of skateboarding; however, this skateboarding camera will provide you with excellent support throughout the time.

You can take still photos with its 20 MP feature and record better videos with its 720/240p video features. Therefore, the entire image quality will remain superb for you.

Another great feature of this camera is the remote control. This action camera offers wireless remote control. You can attach the remote control to your wrist and can shoot skateboarding videos with convenience but you have to be careful with the remote control as it is not waterproof.

Besides that, this Budget-friendly video camera comes with an adjustable camera angle option. You can set it for narrow, medium, and wide-angle. Therefore, it can fulfil all types of requirements and preferences for you. Last but not least, the camera comes with a built-in HDMI and Wi-Fi Support. All you need is to download the Akasa Go app and share Skate boarding’s adventures on different social media platforms and devices.


Touch Screen.

Good Photo Quality.

Easy to use.

4k Capable.


Wi-Fi Capabilities.


Spotty Wi-Fi connection.

No Live stream.

Poor Microphone.

5. AKASO Brave 4 4k

Another one of the best skateboarding cameras is AKASO Brave 4 4k. AKASO Brave 4 4k comes with outstanding features, which makes it a complete package for shooting or filming at the time of Skateboarding. If we talk about its anti-shaking and view angle, this skateboard camera comes with adjustable angle feature sets with different angles like 70, 110, 140, and 170. Apart from that, the image stabilization and anti-shaking of this camera image and video taking feature remain smooth due to the smart gyroscopic feature.

If you want to buy a good camera for filming Skateboarding, you must require built-in HDMI and Wi-Fi support. Surprisingly, all of this is available in this camera with the help of its free App. You can download the App on your smartphone to connect the camera with the phone. Moreover, the HDMI port helps you to connect it with the TV or LCD screen easily.

I talk about its hardcore features, so this video camera comes with 20 MP and high-quality FPS video resolution. Therefore, the entire filming and shooting experience will remain outstanding for you at the time of Skateboarding. Why? Because you will easily record explicit and HD videos and see or show the beauty of Skateboarding to anyone.

This budget-friendly skateboard camera comes with 1050mah of 2 rechargeable batteries that even supports you underwater. Moreover, it comes with a control wrist band. Every batter you mount in the camera will offer you one and a half hours of recording time.

Last but not least, this video camera is also waterproof. Therefore, you can also take it for surfing, Diving, or swimming other than Skateboarding.

Buying Guide for the best camera for filming Skateboard:

Looking for good cameras for Filming Skateboarding is not an easy thing. You need to be more technical at the time of purchasing such gadgets for yourself. Why? Because Skateboarding is like action sports, where things will remain harder for you. If you opt for a camera for skateboarding that didn't provide you with perfect results or support, then you might end up juggling with lots of issues. So what are those technical preferences? Let's discuss it in the below sections.

1. Set up the Budget

Whether you believe it or not, setting the budget should prioritize when purchasing the best camera for filming Skateboarding. There are lots of video cameras that come in better quality and would also attract you. However, you would not purchase it later due to the high amount of rates.

Instead of wasting time on cameras that provide good quality and support but didn’t compatible with your budget, you should first set up the price you will invest in any camera. Depending upon your needs and budgets, you can quickly narrow down the camera list for yourself. You should consider buying a camera that provides 4K Recording for quality videos, the highest optical zoom, good video stabilization, Voice control, and high dynamic range.

2. Why choose DSLR/Mirrorless cameras for filming skateboarding?

After setting up the budget to purchase good cameras for skate filming, the next thing should be to go with the preferable camera type. In general, there are two types of action cameras DSLR and Mirrorless.

If we talk about mirrorless cameras, it comes with better point-and-shoots efficiency, less weight, more imaginative choices, and perfect picture consistency than the DSLR camera. Apart from that, a mirrorless camera Is a technology where you would not see any mirror mounted inside the camera. Also, there is no optical viewfinder, as well. A mirrorless camera is also a good camera for skateboarding.

On the other hand, DSLR comes with an electronic viewfinder, picture versatility, better image quality, and many other advanced features compared to mirrorless cameras. According to experts, high-end DSLRs are the best skateboard cameras.

Girl setting peacefully after skateboarding

Therefore, it all depending upon you to select the preferable one and come in your budget. Both the camera type have different capabilities and features. Therefore, it all depends upon you to choose the one that can fulfill all your needs and demands regarding your preferences for filming Skateboarding.

3. Better Performance and Speed

When looking for the best camera for filming Skateboarding, you need to see the performance and speed. In general, you should go with the video camera that offers five frames per second to you. Skateboarding is a speedy and shaky experience; therefore, you must need something that provides a faster and better performance, which is outstanding with five frames per second camera.

4. Outstanding Megapixels for shooting skateboards 

Megapixels also play an essential role at the time of taking pictures or recording video during Skateboarding. Therefore, you need to understand that the image sensor's actual size is essential for a perfect picture compared to pixels. Always buy a camera for skateboarding that has a greater number of megapixels.

When you are purchasing a Skateboarding camera, you need to look upon this feature to better your experience and outcome. In other words, big image sensor cameras provide good efficiency and help out for absorbing the sunlight. Therefore, the distortion in photos and videos remain minimal.


5. Interchangeable lenses 

When you are filming the entire skateboarding experience, it would be necessary thing for you to change lenses for a better experience and quality of video or photos. Therefore, you need to go with a camera that provides you with the options of interchangeable lenses. Therefore, you can go with innovative choices at the time of taking photos or recording videos. In other words, you will get extra support to play with different lenses to range at the same time. You can use either a wide-angle lens or a telephoto lens. A wide-angle lens is recommended as a wide-angle lens offers high resolution.

A wide-angle lens allows more coverage in your photography. When looking for the best skateboard camera, always go with the one that allows an interchangeable lens. Read reviews of buyers before you buy a wide-angle lens. In this way, you would be able the buy the best wide-angle lens for skateboarding videos.

6. Ergonomics for high quality images

Ergonomics is one of the most under-rated things that most people don’t think about a lot. It would be best if you always went with a good camera for filming skateboarding to provide better ergonomics to you. Why? Because you can’t take better shots or recordings when the camera does not easily fit on your hands.

Apart from that, the camera for skateboarding needs to provide you with an interface that you can easily toggle, understand, and clear between the settings. In general, the camera ergonomics should be easy to use for getting better results and easy usage properties.

7. Image stabilization

Image stabilization plays a vital role at the time of filming adventurous or sports type videos. Therefore, you need to purchase a camera that provides perfect image stabilization to you.

skateboard on ground

Optical image stabilization cameras are the ones that can easily remove the distortion for you whenever you are planning to take the objects inside the frame by moving the camera manually. You need to understand that every lens doesn't provide you with the image stabilization properties. Therefore, you need to take care of it a lot when purchasing the best camera for filming Skateboarding.

Other Important features to look for in a skate camera include a flip screen(Touch screen display) for a good viewing experience, a motion recording feature, and remote control function. All the features will make your skateboarding memories worthy. In addition, the camera should be user-friendly and should offer loop recording.

It's a hectic task to find the best skateboard camera as there is a massive range of cameras in the market. I suppose that you have gone through the best skateboard cameras. You can buy a 4k camcorder or a DSLR camera for shooting breathtaking videos. In the end, It all depends on your skateboarding skills. A 4k video camera is a bit expensive as compared to a 1080P video camera. Make sure you buy a camera that has a touch panel for easy navigation. If money is not an issue, buy an external microphone for high-quality sound. Go for a Go Pro Hero if you don't want to spend too much on the camera.

How to make a skateboarding video?

Producing a good skate video is not an easy task; therefore, you should learn everything about it. Chances are higher that you want to make the videos a passion or refer to attain a better opportunity or sponsorship. 

Whatever your reason is to make a skateboarding video, we are here to tell you about the comprehensive guide that will teach you every possible aspect of making a good quality skateboarding video. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Purchasing the right action camera

If you prefer the camera specifically for making skateboarding videos, we suggest you go with the type of camera that provides better support or functionalities specifically for the Skateboarding video.

You would want to buy a camera that offers a brilliant Frame rate for your convenience. In general, experts suggest that a professional camera with at least 60fps would be an ideal selection for skateboarding videos. 

Apart from that, skateboarding video tends to produce in a continuous environment. Therefore, you have to go along with a lighter camera in weight and tends to be compact. Meanwhile, better image stabilization is another outstanding thing that you can consider from the camera as it will bring you brilliant results. 

2. learn to operate the slow motion camera

You have finalized the camera that will be ideal for skateboarding videos. But, you don’t know how to operate it? Well, that would be a very daunting experience that will make the whole experience worse. In such cases, you need to learn about the essential things in the camera for skateboarding. The learning process needs to be done before you make the purchase. However, implementing the practical is possible after purchasing the skating video camera.

3. Buy preferable lenses for skateboard cameras

Lenses play an essential role in making a good skateboarding video. Therefore, you need to consider a fisheye lens for this purpose. These types of lenses are pretty good for making good-quality videos. Also, make sure to consider a wide scene adapter as well.

4. Plan everything

Before starting the shoots, it’s essential to idealize everything you want to attain from a skateboarding video. In other words, you need to go with a perfect plan where every thin like the shoot scenes type along with the footage needs to be mentioned. Then, based on that, you can consider the final results of the video.

For idea planning, you can either use a software planner. Else, the use of paper and pen would be as effective for you. Because you have to demonstrate everything and it will come out ideally with a better plan.

5. Setup the skateboard camera

Setting up the camera is very important while you are shooting a skating video. Therefore, everything you will be going to perform should not work on one particular thing. While you set up the camera, make sure to consider the lighting, background, and the whole ambiance of the video. 

The final setup of the camera should be based upon trying the different angles. You can also consider other skateboarding YouTube videos to get an idea to set up the camera. Based on that, try everything that can generate the best results for you. When you do it, it’s time to start filming.

6. Take help of others

You would probably have a best friend in your family or outside; therefore, it’s good to take them along to the shooting spot to hold the camera and record you. But, they should be experienced enough to capture skateboarding videos. 

7. Consider the best editing Tool

Editing is the key to making the best skateboarding videos. Therefore, you should not need to compromise on that. Several paid editing tools are available in the market that can provide better support to edit skateboarding footage. Therefore, you need to consider similar tools for editing your videos.

8. Make it emotional

Emotions are what drives traffic to whatever you post online. So when it comes to skateboarding videos, and you need sponsorship, making the whole video as emotional as possible is the key to attaining good views. 

Introducing a story framework in the videos will help you better make it more emotional and meaningful. The story would be quite different; therefore, you need to be fully aware of the type of story that will be good for your skateboarding video.

9. Avoid irrelevant effects or filters

Your skateboarding video would look amateur if you included goofy effects or filters into it. Remember, the reason for making the skateboarding videos is to provide fun and lesson to others. Therefore, keeping the quality of the videos poor by introducing something that is not ideal will make it a worse thing for you.

FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are GoPros good for Skateboarding?

Go Pro is one of the best cameras for filming Skateboarding. If you have one, you will use all the required equipment used for filming Skateboarding on this camera. Apart from that, they come in compact and small sizes, which will never affect your entire skateboarding gaming experience at the time of filming. Go pro is considered one of the best skateboard cameras as it is cheap and provides optimal image quality.

What Cameras Are Used For Skate Videos?

Following cameras are used for skate videos.

  • Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder: Offers High quality photos and videos 
  • Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit [EOS Rebel T6]: One of the best Video cameras for skateboarding. Offers Full HD video quality.
  • GoPro HERO9 .
  • AKASO V50 Pro.
  • AKASO Brave 4 4K.

Above are the best skateboard cameras recommended by experts. Some of these skateboard cameras allow you to record videos in 4K Ultra HD.

What Type of Camera is best for Filming?

The ones we have mentioned in this article are good for filming everything that you want in your life. Therefore, you can check about them in detail by reading the entire article. Every one of them offers unique and better specifications that can cater to your needs and demands that you look for in good cameras for filming Skateboarding.

If you don't want to buy these cameras then look for a camera that offers HD resolution, a rechargeable battery, high definition videos even from far away, and a COMOS image sensor. If you have the budget go for a 4k camcorder and make sure it offers an external mic for quality audio.

How Do You Shoot a Skate Video?

Before you shoot skate videos, you have to select a camera from the list of best skateboarding cameras.

  • Let It Distraction-Free.
  • Make sure to Bring Variety.
  • Do Experiments with The Lenses.
  • Include a story through Editing.
  • Keep shooting and remain Authentic.

Pro Tip: Make sure you buy a camera that offers wind noise reduction.

What is the best camera for Skateboarding Photography?

According to Experts, Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit [EOS Rebel T6] is the best camera for skateboarding photography. This camera is ideal for skateboarding as it offers COMS image sensor, 18 Megapixels, and WiFI. You can also use this camera as a webcam. Usually, you would want to buy a 4K video camera that offers remote control feature, good time-lapse along with CMOS sensor for high-resolution skateboard videos.

Another best camera for skateboarding photography is Nikon D7500. This device offers incredible ISO ranges and image processing. It allows you to record UHD 4k video that is legendary video quality. You can easily share videos with family and friends thanks to its built-in WiFi and NFC. If you are a photographer who wants to take high-quality photos and videos, then you should consider buying this beast.

Should I buy a 4k camcorder for skateboarding?

4k camcorder allows you to shoot slow-motion 4k Ultra HD videos and offers plenty of video modes for skateboarding moments. You can use a camcorder to shoot both videos and photos. If you want a 4k recording of skateboarding then you should consider buying a 4k camcorder. According to some professional photographers, a camcorder is one of the best cameras for skateboarding because camcorders offer excellent time-lapse

How Do You Take Good Pictures for Skateboarding?

  • The first thing you need to consider is to capture the motion.
  • Go For multiple Shots.
  • Remain Unconventional.
  • Let the culture understandable.
  • Use of unique angle.
  • Make sure to work with the skateboarders.

What app do skaters use to edit?

For editing purposes, you can consider the Quik video editor. This app comes with outstanding features that can make a normal skateboarding video into a much better and professional video. 

How do you make a skate video on your iPhone?

You can easily make a skate video on iPhone by considering the right camera settings and a tripod stand. Whether you are making the video on your own or someone else is making it, a tripod stand will work better. On top of that, consider a better ios photo editing app so you can bring value and feel in whatever you have shot on the iPhone.

How do you edit a skateboard video?

For editing the skateboard video, you must need a top-notch video editor. IF you can afford, then go with the paid ones. Otherwise, the free ones are also good. Besides that, don’t try to include goofy filters or effects into the videos. In the end, try to bring the right amount of lighting in the videos for better results.

Has anyone died from skateboarding?

There are hundreds of skateboarders who have died due to major accidents on roads. Yet, surprisingly, the fatality rate is similar to the deaths caused due to bicyclists or pedestrians.